Book Title
Developing the Curriculum (Allyn & Bacon Educational Leadership) 8th Edition

EDUK 15608

July 13, 2017
Objectives in the psychomotor domain are best evaluated by:
a. oral exams administered to individuals
b. actual performance of the skill being taught
c. written tests given to a group
d. all of the above
The model presented in the chapter that is inductive and uses the concept of sources and
screens is:
a. The Anderson Model
b. The Tyler Model
c. The Vazquez Model
d. The Taba Model
An international exam that measures the literacy of fourth grade students in the U.S and
other participating countries is known as:
a. the PISA
b. the TIMSS
c. the PIRLS
d. the NAEP
Hollis L.Caswell and Doak S. Campbell viewed curriculum as:
a. school-directed experiences
b. a group of courses
c. a plan for learning
d. a set of objectives
Using technology to support individualized learning in the classroom is a form of:
a. whole group instruction
b. bellwork
c. differentiating the instruction
d. cooperative learning
The educator that was responsible for introducing the concept of a subject centered
junior and senior high school was:
a. Marzano
b. Havinghurst
c. Conant
d. Tyler
The two computer-based assessment consortia of the Common Core State Standards
a. the NAEP and PIRLS
b. the NGSS and SSS
c. the PARCC and SBAC
d. the NAEP and PARCC
According to Kurt Lewin organizations change when they are in a state of:
a. initiation
b. equilibrium
c. fatigue
d. disequilibrium
Which of the following is not characterized as a digital device used in mobile learning:
a. the smartphone
b. personal media players
c. tablets
d. desk top computer
Electronic differentiation is not designed to supplant strong instructional practices
carried out in the classroom:
a. but rather to enhance them
b. but rather to make the practices a thing of the past
c. but rather to bring attention to poor pedagogical practices
d. none of the above
A subset of social intelligence is known as:
a. spatial intelligence
b. bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
c. emotional intelligence
d. naturalist intelligence
An example of a federal law that requires schools to provide safe Internet access is:
a. The Digital Footprint Act
b. The Responsible Internet Access Act
c. The Safe Access to the Internet Act
d. The Children's Internet Protection Act
The federal initiative known as America 2000 was presented by President:
a. George H.W. Bush
b. Bill Clinton
c. George W. Bush
d. Barack Obama
Hilda Taba defined curriculum as a
a. plan for teaching
b. set of courses
c. set of objectives
d. plan for learning
A resource unit presents a:
a. year's plan
b. particular topic
c. course outline
d. fixed schedule
The reconceptualists look to the following field to support their position:
a. science
b. humanities
c. technology
d. business
Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District resulted from students
a. changes in the lunch menu
b. the Vietnam War
c. the wearing of uniforms
d. the banning of prayer
In criterion-referenced measurement:
a. a student's performance is measured by the mastery of the objectives and not on his
or her performance as related to others in the class
b. a student's performance is measured by criteria that were established in the
instructional objectives
c. a student's performance is compared to the performance of other students who took
the test
d. "a" and "b" are correct
Holding least weight in determining curriculum goals is the representative group of:
a. parents
b. students
c. teachers
d. nonparents
Content delivered online in various literacies is:
a. very different from what is presented in print
b. similar to what is presented in print
c. is better than what is presented in print
d. none of the above
Subjects contain certain essential areas or topics that, if the learner is to achieve mastery
of the field, must be taught at certain times and in a certain prescribed order. This is
known as:
a. the sequence of the curriculum
b. the scope of the curriculum
c. the standards of the curriculum
d. "a" and "b" are correct.
Norm-referenced measurement is the classic approach to assessment in which a
student's performance on a test is:
a. compared to the performance of other students who took the test
b. compared to criteria that were established in the instructional objectives
c. compared to performance of a particular group on a particular test
d. "a" and "c" are correct
The planning phase of the instructional model presented in this text features all the
following components except:
a. specification of instructional goals
b. selection of evaluation techniques
c. implementation of strategies
d. specification of instructional objectives
Mental discipline is another name for:
a. experimental psychology
b. gestalt psychology
c. faculty psychology
d. scholastic psychology
Of the curriculum plans listed below the least prescriptive is:
a. test-coding format
b. sequencing format
c. comprehensive format
d. course syllabus
Of the four philosophies below the most liberal is:
a. reconstructionism
b. progressivism
c. perennialism
d. essentialism
The Coalition of Essential Schools was founded by:
a. E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
b. John Goodlad
c. Theodore Sizer
d. James B. Conant
Wisconsin v. Yoder ruled in favor of the:
a. Sioux parents
b. Amish parents
c. Swedish parents
d. Mormon parents
Minorities are expected to comprise more than 50% of the U.S. population by:
a. 2020
b. 2030
c. 2040
d. 2050
Contestants in Lau v, Nichols were:
a. Spanish-speaking students
b. Creole-spreaking students
c. Chinese-speaking students
d. Vietnamese-speaking students

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