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Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills 8th Edition
Christine J. Schimmel, Ed E. Jacobs, Riley L. Harvill, Robert L. L. Masson
A. Cutting off
B. Drawing out
Members of the group are silent because they are intimidated by one member who
always attempts to dominate the group. This is what the leader should do for most of
the members of the group.
A. Building trust
B. Changing the format
C. Drawing out
D. Finishing a topic
E. Involving members
F. Processing exercises
G. Warming up members
After watching a film, the leader asks members to give a word or phrase that describes
their reaction.
The authors suggest using all of the following techniques to establish the group's focus
a. Use of comments
b. Use of lecture
c. Use of activities and exercises
d. Use of rounds and dyads
Individual counseling theory has no place in a group counselor or therapy situation.
a. True
b. False
One member is working on her need for approval from co-workers. The leader asks the
other members to help her to generate rational sentences that can help her to remain in
the "thinking chair", so that she can respond to her co-workers from her adult ego state.
In this example, the group is using which two theories together?
a. Adlerian and Reality Therapy
b. Gestalt and Transactional Analysis
c. Reality Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
d. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Transactional Analysis
A leader may shift the focus from a person to the topic the person is discussing if she
feels the issues may be relevant to most other group members.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following characterizes an advantage of group work?
a. Learning from others by listening to them
b. Receiving feedback from multiple sources
c. Feeling a sense of belonging with others who share similar concerns
d. All of the available choices
Which of the following is FALSE with regard to obtaining a contract to work with an
individual member on an issue?
a. The leader always needs to obtain a contract to hold the focus on an individual
b. Obtaining a contract is usually not necessary in counseling and therapy groups
c. Both of the choices are false.
d. Neither of the choices is false.
According to the authors, all of the following are important, but which is the MAIN
focus of the closing stage of the group?
a. Assessing growth
b. Finishing business
c. Providing feedback
d. Processing dynamics
An exercise involving a moral dilemma, such as a conflict between stealing food and
remaining hungry, may be helpful for members wishing to explore their value systems.
a. True
b. False
A. Counseling
B. Discussion
C. Education
D. Growth
E. Self-help
F. Support
G. Task
An office manager faced with forced budget cuts calls a staff meeting to discuss
strategies to decrease spending on, and maximize the use of, office supplies. Group
members are assigned to brainstorm together to generate money-saving solutions. The
manger oversees the group and intervenes to keep members on track, and to stop any
conflicts that arise.
In the middle stage of changing families support group for step-parents the members
choose to focus on the "here and now" to understand what it is like to ask for and to
receive support. Which leadership style is being utilized?
a. Group directed and interpersonal
b. Group directed and intrapersonal
c. Leader directed and interpersonal
d. Leader directed and intrapersonal
When two leaders are co-leading a group, it is especially important that they sit next to
each other so that they can communicate quickly should the group need a new direction.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of co-leading?
a. It requires less planning
b. It is easier than leading alone
c. It provides members with different points of view
d. It gives leaders a chance to get feedback from other leaders
When processing an exercise that involves a discussion of the past, such as growing up
in a family, it is often best to encourage members to relate their past experiences to their
present-day issues rather than merely telling stories about childhood.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following is NOT essential to pre group planning?
a. Determining when the group will meet
b. Determining who the members should be
c. Determining who should choose the rules for the group
d. Determining how many sessions the group will meet
The closing phase of a counseling group is a good time to check for any unfinished
business a member might have that might carry over to the next meeting.
a. True
b. False
It is best for the leader not to share any information about herself in order to avoid the
members becoming too familiar with her.
a. True
b. False
Available choices:
A. counseling/therapy
B. discussion
C. education
D. growth/experiential
E. self-help
F. support
G. task
The purpose of the group is to team build, however, members still begin to form small
cliques, struggle for leadership, and compete with one another as they enter a storming
An effective group leader must be able to cut off inappropriate, inaccurate, or hurtful
comments made by a group member.
a. True
b. False
Which is FALSE about using exit interviews during the closing stage of group?
a. They are necessary for every group
b. They provide a forum for members to give feedback
c. They may be used to suggest how members can spend the last session
d. They give the leader an opportunity to reinforce gains the member has made
Use of a gruff or critical tone by the leader when cutting off a member is helpful in
sending a message to all group members that inappropriate comments won"t be
a. True
b. False
List of theories:
A. Adlerian Theory
B. Choice/Reality Therapy
C. Gestalt Theory
E. Transactional Analysis
In an eating disorders group for women, the leader and members help one member to
dispute the thought, "I must look perfect in order to be loved." The leader helps all of
the members to understand that by changing their thoughts they can change how they
feel and behave.
According to the authors, it is usually good for the leader to let there be silence at the
beginning of each session to see what the members might do.
a. True
b. False
The main reason to vary the format of a group significantly is when the leader
determines that the members are bored or restless with what is happening in the group.
a. True
b. False
Available choices:
A. counseling/therapy
B. discussion
C. education
D. growth/experiential
E. self-help
F. support
G. task
New members are welcome at a weekly weight loss group started by a local counselor.
Before drawing a member out, the authors recommend considering which of the
a. How much the member needs to talk in group
b. The response other members are likely to give this member
c. Whether the member is committed to the group or is likely to be negative
d. All of the available choices
Near the end of the session, a member wants to share something deep and personal. The
leader should
a. poll other members for their thoughts before deciding what to do.
b. draw the member out and allow him or her to share for as long as needed.
c. cut the member off and ask them to share at the beginning of the next session.
d. none of the available choices.
According to the authors, each of the following is a reason to focus on a new member
during the closing phase of the member's first session EXCEPT to
a. give other members the chance to get to know the new member better.
b. let the member share what he or she has been thinking during the session.
c. decide whether or not the member is a fit for the group and should continue.
d. check in with the new member about how she or he is feeling about the group.
All of the following represent common mistakes made in middle sessions EXCEPT?
a. Moving group's focus to deeper, more meaningful content
b. Underleading or overleading the group
c. Allowing the warm-up phase of group to last too long
d. Focusing on only one or two group members
All of the following represent special skills that are necessary for leading groups of
children EXCEPT?
a. Ability to use a multisensory approach
b. Ability to cut off and hold the focus
c. Ability to discipline children
d. Ability to establish clarity of purpose for the group
Which of the following is FALSE about the use of rounds?
a. They locate energy in the group
b. They are a great way to kill time
c. They aid members in getting to know one another
d. They help members to learn about one another
Which of the following is NOT true regarding holding the focus when processing a
group exercise?
a. It is unwise to hold the focus too long on one individual
b. It is a good idea to hold the focus on the first member who speaks
c. Premature focus on one member may cause other members to lose interest
d. All members should be given a chance to react to an exercise
The effective leader cautions members during the closing stage of a personal growth or
counseling group that others outside the group may not share their enthusiasm for
a. True
b. False
Asking members to position themselves somewhere between two walls in the room that
represent their level of comfort in the group in an example of conducting a
_________________ exercise.
a. Trust
b. Movement
c. Group decision
d. Moral dilemma
A group leader can ___________________ both sides of an issue to help members to
see their conflict.
Why is planning too many exercises for a session a leadership mistake?
During the ______________ stage group members focus on the purpose of the group
and engage in personal sharing.
In a ____________ ________________ exercise, the leader has members form a
physical representation of their family as they see them now, or when they were
growing up.
In planning a second session of a group, the leader will want to give thought to what
she learned from the ___________________________.
According to the authors, a major advantage of co-leading is that it is often
____________ than leading a group alone.
When beginning a voluntary group, it is sometimes helpful if the leader has members
share their ____________________ for the group.
How can a leader evaluate the changes a group has made in members' lives?
What can the leader do to help the members have clarity of purpose?
Why is it important for group leaders using Gestalt Therapy techniques be experienced
and knowledgeable?
Organizations, such as the American Counseling Association and the American
Psychological Association, publish _________________standards that outline sound
practices when conducting group work.
According to Jacobs, Masson, and Harvill, the most helpful and important component
of any exercise is _______________________.
Some members are ________________ because they are forced to be in a group.
A leader who demonstrates effective use of the counseling skill called
_______________ _______________ can attend to all members of the group at the
same time, not just the member who is speaking.
Focusing on identity problems, friends, parents, school, and sexual concerns can be
helpful in a group for ____________________.
______________________is the attempt of a member to smooth over negative feelings
experienced by another member of the group.

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