Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

CS 98293

August 22, 2017
What are XML Web Services?
To deal with historical data values, dimensional databases use a(n) ________.
Distinguish between statement-level consistency and transaction-level consistency.
The recovery method in which we undo the changes that erroneous or partially
processed transactions have made in the database is called ________ recovery.
What is a Microsoft Excel PivotTable?
________ is an important business function whose purpose is to manage the database to
maximize its value to the organization.
An SQL data type of ________ means that values consist of seven decimal numbers
with two numbers assumed to the right of the decimal point.
________ is a way of analyzing and ranking customers based on their purchasing
One definition of ________ is knowledge derived from data.
Describe how to create and run an SQL query in SQL Server 2014 Express.
When using Microsoft Access and IIS, the Web pages that access the database can be
written using the ________ scripting language.