Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CS 95196

August 6, 2017
Random access devices have the slowest access times.
____________________ processing is a design option where processing tasks are
divided among servers and workstations.
Describe the differences between the following terms and technologies: listservs,
Usenet, and chat groups.
Each page on a Web page is embedded with ____________________ tags that specify
how the page will display in a browser.
MPEG is an example of codec software.
To make your video more interesting, ask the subjects to wear multi-colored patterns.
When you register online for a class or order items from an online retailer, you are
probably interacting with a(n) ____________________.
____________________ DVD technology can record over 2 hours of HDTV.
Star, bus, ring, and tree are all examples of network topologies.
Storage is an area that holds data temporarily until it can be processed or output.
The HTML document for a Web page is divided into two sections: the head and the
A ____________________ protector is an appliance that protects devices from voltage
Data in a wired network travels between devices using cables.
The figure above represents analog sound waves.
A(n) ____________________ report groups data and shows totals, and is used in
tactical and strategic planning.

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