Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CS 86531

August 6, 2017
Data representation is the conversion of letters, sounds and images to electronic signals.
Using a search engine to locate a business's Web site is a way to avoid fake online
Dithering is a way to increase the resolution of a graphic.
There are many types of networks, classified by the geographic area they cover. Choose
three, and describe the scope of their access.
Pipelining is a technology in which the processor must complete all of the steps in the
instruction cycle before it can begin to execute the next instruction.
The ____________________ is the part of the operating system that controls memory
and file access.
The figure above is an example of a printed database report.
Graphics displays on screen-based desktops can be altered using "skins."
A(n) ____________________ is a concept that represents one end of an HTTP
HTML tags specify the colors of the text and background of a Web page.
Tim Berners-Lee wrote an article describing linked associated information, now known
as hyperlinks.
Dot pitch is the measurement of the screen from one corner to the diagonally opposite
A(n) __________________________________________ tool is a software application
used to document system requirements.
Access time is the average time for a computer to locate and read data on a storage
A head hunter works on behalf of employees.
A Rolodex is an example of an unstructured file.
Software licenses are provided by the manufacturer, but are not considered legal
contracts because they are unsigned.
LAN stands for Large Area Network, and is another term for the Internet.
A(n) ____________________ on a Web page connects you to a related document or
media file.

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