Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CS 80646

July 20, 2017
Which of the following is not an example of an advantage to using the Web to access
organizational databases?
A. Web browsers are much easier to use than a computer based database.
B. The web interface requires few or no changes to the database model.
C.It is cleaner and virus-free.
D. It costs less.
How does a DSS typically differ from an EIS?
A. EIS requires data from external sources to support unstructured decisions; DSS
typically use internal sources to support semistructured decisions.
B. DSS typically use external sources, and EIS use internal sources to support
C. DSS never use external sources.
D. EIS always use internal sources to support structured decisions.
Which of the following represents the primary ebusiness revenue models?
A. email, instant messaging, podcasting, content management systems, and video and
web conferencing
B. content providers, infomediaries, online marketplaces, portals, service providers,
transaction brokers
C. B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B
D. advertising fees, license fees, subscription fees, transaction fees, value-added
services fees
What is a back order?
A.an unfilled customer order for a product that is out of stock
B. the time it takes to manufacture a product and deliver it to the retailer
C. the agreed upon time between the purchase of a product and the delivery of the
D. the frequency of inventory replacement
Telecommuting (virtual workforce) allows users to work from remote locations such as
home or hotel using high-speed Internet to access business applications and data.
A digital dashboard produces graphical displays of patterns and complex relationships
in large amounts of data.
What are costs that make customers reluctant to switch to another product or service?
A. support activities
B. switching costs
C. loyalty rewards
D. value chain activities
The Victory Wireless store in Denver is currently offering a fabulous marketing strategy
for potential new iPhone customers. Victory Wireless offers customers who purchase an
iPhone with a 2-year subscription a free Otter phone case, car charger, earphones, and
speakers. In terms of Porter's Five Forces, what is Victory Wireless attempting to
achieve with this marketing strategy?
A. increase buyer power
B. increase substitute products
C. decrease supplier power
D. decrease buyer power
How do TCP and IP differ?
A.TCP verifies the correct delivery of data in case it is corrupted, where IP verifies the
data are sent to the correct IP address.
B. TCP verifies the information is reliable, and IP verifies that the data is sent.
C. IP verifies the correct delivery of data in case it is corrupted, where TCP verifies the
data are sent to the correct IP address.
D. IP verifies connectivity, and TCP verifies the rate at which the data is sent.
How many layers does the OSI model contain?
A. four
B. seven
C. ten
D. eleven
What is a personal area network (PAN)?
A. means the technology can travel with the user; for instance, users can download
software, email messages, and web pages onto a laptop or other mobile device
B. refers to any type of operation accomplished without the use of a hard-wired
C. a wireless PAN technology that transmits signals over short distances among cell
phones, computers, and other devices
D.provides communication for devices owned by a single user that work over a short
What is advanced analytics?
A. a collection of large, complex data sets, including structured and unstructured data,
which cannot be analyzed using traditional database methods and tools
B. processes and manages algorithms across many machines in a computing
C.focuses on forecasting future trends and producing insights using sophisticated
quantitative methods, including statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining,
simulation, and optimization
D. extracts knowledge from data by performing statistical analysis, data mining, and
advanced analytics on big data to identify trends, market changes, and other relevant
Who are hackers with criminal intent?
A. crackers
B. black-hat hacker
C. hoaxes
D. cyberterrorists
Which of the following represents the types of data commonly found in the accounting
A. tax data
B. payroll data
C. transactional data
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following evaluates a project's position?
A. SWOT Analysis
B. The Five Forces Model
C. Value Chain Analysis
D. Three Generic Strategies
What segments a heterogeneous population of more homogeneous subgroups?
A. classification
B. estimation
C. affinity grouping
D. clustering
What outlines the corporate guidelines or principles governing employee online
A. social media monitoring
B. social media manager
C.social media policy
D. information privacy manager
Which of the following represents an internal KPI that indicates the earning power of a
A. market share
B. return on intelligent
C. sensitivity analysis
D. return on investment
An important customer who shows up at a hotel that is fully booked and the reservation
is missing would be placed in which category for managerial decision-making
A. Managers need to analyze large amounts of information.
B. Managers must make decisions quickly.
C. Managers must apply sophisticated analysis techniques, such as Porter's strategies or
forecasting, to make strategic decisions.
D. All of these are correct.
Which one of Porter's five forces is high when it is easy for new competitors to enter a
market and low when there are significant entry barriers to joining a market?
A. Threat of new entrants
B. Threat of substitute products or services
C. Threat of buyer power
D. Supply chain competition
What is the primary difference between a worm and a virus?
A. a worm must attach to something to spread, where a virus does not need to attach to
anything to spread and can tunnel itself into the computer
B. a virus is copied and spread by a person, where a worm takes a string of tag words
and deletes websites
C. a virus must attach to something to spread, where a worm does not need to attach to
anything to spread and can tunnel itself into the computer
D. All of these are correct.
What is McDonald's performing when it asks its customers if they would like to
super-size their meals?
A. campaign management
B. cross-selling
C. up-selling
D. down-selling
The lettuce, tomatoes, patty, bun, and ketchup are included in which category of making
a hamburger?
A. input
B. process
C. output
D. All of these are correct.
What is a graphical notation that depicts the steps in a business process?
A. business process model nation
B. business practice model notation
C.business process model notation
D. business practice management notes
Changing business processes with MIS outlines how to improve the three levels of
business processes: operational, managerial, and strategic. From operational to
strategic, what are the three major improvement strategies that the author describes?
A. automation " streamlining " reengineering
B. artificial intelligence " streamlining " reengineering
C. automation " workflow " reinvention
D. automation " consolidating " restructuring
What is the legal protection afforded an expression of an idea, such as a song, book, or
video game?
A. privacy
B. confidentiality
C. intellectual property
Which of the following is considered the output in the systems thinking example of a
B. calculate
C. reports
D. source document
An active RFID tag is ________.
A. an electronic identification device that is made up of a chip and antenna
B. a transmitter/receiver that reads the contents of RFID tags in the area
C. a device that does not have a power source
D.a device that has its own transmitter and a power source (typically a battery)
Social tagging describes the collaborative activity of marking shared online content
with keywords or tags as a way to ________.
A. organize it for future navigation
B. organize it for future filtering
C. organize it for future search
D. All of these are correct.
What is a reputation system?
A. an online marketing concept in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by
providing content in the context of the user's experience in terms of its content, format,
style, or placement
B. buyers post feedback on sellers
C. created and updated by many users for many users
D. refers to the wisdom of the crowd
What scrambles information into an alternative form that requires a key or password to
A. digital certificate
B. encryption
C. decrypt
D. cryptography