Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CS 79739

July 20, 2017
Application service provider licenses specialty software paid for on a license basis or
per-use basis or usage-based licensing.
A backup is an exact copy of a system's information.
Data element (or data field) is the smallest or basic unit of information.
Corporate social responsibility is a company's acknowledged responsibility to society.
Maintainability means the system functions correctly and provides accurate
A network topology refers to the geometric arrangement of the actual physical
organization of the computers (and other network devices) in a network. Topologies
vary depending on cost and functionality.
A hot site is a separate and fully equipped facility where the company can move
immediately after a disaster and resume business.
Porter has identified three generic business strategies including focused, broad cost
leadership, and switching strategy.
Disk image is software for data recovery and relieves the burden of reinstalling
applications if a hard drive crashes or becomes irretrievably corrupted.
Many organizations find themselves in the position of being data rich and information
poor. Even in today's electronic world, managers struggle with the challenge of turning
their business data into business intelligence.
A minicomputer is designed to meet the computing needs of several people
simultaneously in a small to medium-size business environment.
Memory sticks provide nonvolatile memory for a range of portable devices including
computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs.
A zombie is a program that secretly takes over another computer for the purpose of
launching attacks on other computers.
Dumpster diving is another security breach for companies and is where people not
associated with the company jump into the company's outside garbage bins and try to
gather and steal any valuable company products they can resell on eBay.
Nearshore outsourcing occurs when organizations from developing countries are used
to write code and develop systems. In offshore outsourcing the country is
geographically far away.
A system is called available when it is not operating and cannot be used.
Loose coupling is the capability of two or more computer systems to share data and
resources, even though they are made by different manufacturers.
Augmented reality is a computer-simulated environment that can be a simulation of the
real world or an imaginary world.
Off-the-shelf application software supports general business processes and does not
require any specific software customization to meet the organization's needs.
Complex instruction set computer (CISC) chips is a type of CPU that can recognize as
many as 100 or more instructions, enough to carry out most computations directly.
An ebusiness model is a plan that details how a company creates, delivers, and
generates revenues.
Return on investment indicates the earning power of a project.
Procurement is the purchasing of goods and services to meet the needs of the supply
A social bookmark is a locally stored URL or the address of a file or Internet page
saved as a shortcut.
The physical view of information deals with the physical storage of information on a
storage device.
The design phase establishes descriptions of the desired features and operations of the
system including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudo code, and
other documentation.
Twisted-pair cable can carry a wide range of frequencies with low signal loss. It
consists of a metallic shield with a single wire placed along the center of a shield and
isolated from the shield by an insulator.
A firewall scrambles information into an alternative form that requires a key or
password to decrypt.
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electronic tags and labels to identify objects
wirelessly over short distances.
A data flow diagram (DFD) illustrates the movement of information between external
entities and the processes and data stores within the system.
MIS is a tool that is most valuable when it leverages the talents of people who know
how to use and manage it effectively.
What are keywords that advertisers choose to pay for and appear as sponsored links on
the Google results pages?
A. pay-per-click
B. pay-per-call
C. pay-per-conversion
D. adwords
Assume you are in the business of producing and selling cars. If you could produce
more cars with the same input, what would happen to your productivity and profits
assuming the price of your cars remains the same?
A. increase in productivity, decrease in profits
B. increase in productivity, increase in profits
C. decrease in productivity, decrease in profits
D. decrease in productivity, increase in profits
What refers to discarded, obsolete, or broken electronic devices?
B. energy consumption
C. carbon emissions
D. sustainable MIS
What is IT consumerization?
A. allows mobile voice calls to be made over broadband networks, creatingunder the
right network conditionsclearer audio and fewer dropped calls
B. remotely controls smart phones and tablets, ensuring data security
C. deliberately searching for Wi-Fi signals while driving by in a vehicle
D.the blending of personal and business use of technology devices and applications
What are static, routine, daily business processes, such as stocking inventory, checking
out customers, or daily opening and closing processes?
A. operational business processes
B. managerial business processes
C. strategic business processes
D. success business processes
An organization must identify what it wants to do and how it is going to do it. What
does the "how" part of this question focus on?
A. justification of the project
B. definition of the project
C.analysis of project risks
D. expected results of the project
All of the following are forms of ebusiness except ________.
A. subscription fee
B. content provider
C. infomediaries
D. online marketplace
What is social tagging?
A. represents the interconnection of relationships in a social network
B. maps group contacts identifying who knows each other and who works together
C. describes the collaborative activity of marking shared online content with keywords
or tags as a way to organize it for future navigation, filtering, or search
D. a keyword or phrase used to identify a topic and is preceded by a hash or pound sign
What is the portion of a computer's primary storage that does not lose its contents when
one switches off the power?
C. volatility
D. flash memory
When a company is the first to market with a competitive advantage, this is called a
first-mover advantage. All of the following companies were first-movers except
A. FedEx " online self-service software
B. Apple " iPad
C. Apple " iPod
D. Microsoft " Bing Search Engine
Ben works at a top accounting firm in Salt Lake City and his responsibilities include
developing individual and departmental goals, and generating financial analysis across
departments and the enterprise as a whole for the executive team to review. Ben's duties
provide value-added to his company and would be categorized as occurring at the
different information ________.
B. formats
C. granularities
D. levels
Trina works for Johnson Electric as a corporate lawyer, and part of her duties are to
ensure the ethical and legal use of information within the company. Which of the
following represents Trina's role at Johnson Electric?
A. Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
B. Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
C. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
D. Chief Information Officer (CIO)
What is the implementation phase in the SDLC?
A. Involves establishing a high-level plan of the intended project and determining
project goals.
B. Involves analyzing end-user business requirements and refining project goals into
defined functions and operations of the intended system.
C. Involves describing the desired features and operations of the system.
D.Involves placing the system into production so users can begin to perform actual
business operations with the system.
What is automatic call distribution?
A. automatically dials outbound calls and when someone answers, the call is forwarded
to an available agent
B. directs customers to use touch-tone phones or keywords to navigate or provide
C. routes inbound calls to available agents
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following is not considered a form of biometrics?
A. iris scan
B. password
C. fingerprint
D. handwriting
Which of the following asks users to write lines of code to answer questions against a
A.structured query language
B. relational query language
C. structured elements
D. data mining tools
Which processes would be found in the operations management department?
A. creating production schedules
B. communicating marketing campaigns
C. hiring employees
D. processing sales
Which of the following is a problem associated with dirty data?
A. inaccurate data
B. misleading data
C. nonformatted data
D. All of these are correct.
What is enterprise resource planning (ERP)?
A. the management of information between and among activities in a supply chain to
maximize total supply chain effectiveness and corporate profitability
B.the integration of all departments and functions throughout an organization into a
single IT system (or integrated set of IT systems) so employees can make decisions by
viewing enterprisewide information about all business operations
C. a means of managing all aspects of a customer's relationship with an organization to
increase customer loyalty and retention and an organization's profitability
D. information that connects the plans, methods, and tools aimed at integrating separate
enterprise system
What is it called when a company uses organizations from developing countries to write
code and develop systems?
A. in-sourcing
B. outsourcing
C. business process outsourcing
D.offshore outsourcing
Which of the following is a cost of downtime in addition to lost revenue?
A. legal expenses
B. loss in financial performance
C. damage to reputation
D. All of these are correct.
What are the three cloud computing service delivery models?
A. independent as a service, supportive as a service, partnering as a service
B.infrastructure as a service, software as a service, platform as a service
C. innovation as a service, server as a service, platform as a service
D. intuit as a service, storage as a service, programming as a service
What software organizes information on a hard disk in the most efficient way?
A. disk optimization software
B. safe mode software
C. crash-proof software
D. disk image software
Which gate ensures that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the proposed
system and what it will do?
A.gate one
B. gate two
C. gate three
D. gate four
Which of the following is not one of the three most common core ERP components
focusing on internal operations?
A. accounting and finance
B. production and materials management
C. business intelligence
D. human resources
What is designed to connect a group of computers in close proximity to each other such
as in an office building, a school, or a home?
A. local area network
B. wide area network
C. metropolitan area network
D. peer-to-peer network
Which of the following is an example of data?
A. Who are my best customers?
B. What is my best-selling product?
C. What is my worst-selling product?
D. Who is customer number 12345XX?
What is Real Simple Syndication?
A. a self-photograph placed on a social media website
B. the practice of sending brief posts to a personal blog
C. a web format used to publish frequently updated works
D. a magazine published only in electronic form on a computer network
Which domain is reserved for U.S. government agencies?
A. .info
D. .US
Which of the following statements does not describe the Zappos database?
A. The Zappos database was highly scalable.
B. The Zappos database was highly flexible.
C. The Zappos database was highly secure.
D. The Zappos database was highly redundant.