Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CS 74865

August 6, 2017
In the above figure, which numbered item is a CompactFlash card?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4
In the term CD-R the suffix "R" indicates that the CD is ____.
a. read-only
b. rewritable
c. recordable
d. reusable
Which of the following is NOT a feature of 3-D graphics software?
a. Creating wireframes c. Creating blueprints
b. Applying surface texture to a graphic d. Removing red eye
Compilers interpret instructions into machine language instructions, called ____ code.
a. object
b. source
c. interpreted
d. machine
PNG and JPEG are examples of ____ formats.
a. video c. graphic
b. style sheet d. XML
Which of the following is NOT true about recovery CDs?
a. Windows XP's backup software creates Automated System Recover discs. c.
Some will wipe out all of your data.
b. They contain only the operating system kernel. d.
They are sometimes included with a new computer system.
A computer that stores and distributes Web pages is called a ____.
a. hyperlink
b. home page
c. backbone
d. Web server
In 1623, ____ created a mechanical calculator that used interlocking gears.
a. John Napier c. Charles Babbage
b. Wilhelm Schickard d. Herman Hollerith
An expansion slot is located ____.
a. on the front of the computer
b. behind the monitor
c. on the motherboard
d. in the USB port
A computer system is a collection of ____.
a. hardware
b. software
c. peripheral devices
d. All of the above
If your hard drive crashes, first restore the files from your last full backup, then from
your last ____ backup.
a. partial c. differential
b. restoration d. registry
In Microsoft Access, a record type is called a(n) ____.
a. occurrence c. field name
b. field d. table
____ are checklists for a development project that are used at the end to determine if the
goals were met.
a. System Requirement Reports c. Data flow diagrams
b. Success factors d. JADs
The conversion of letters, sounds, and images into electrical signals is called ____.
a. digital imaging
b. data representation
c. binary code
d. storage
Which of the following is NOT true about RAM?
a. RAM connects the storage devices and storage media.
b. RAM is the same as hard disk storage.
c. RAM is volatile.
d. Data is usually copied from RAM to a permanent storage location.
In the above figure, which number indicates the Web server name?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4
____ allows voice conversations to travel over the Internet.
a. Internet telephony
b. Instant messaging
c. E-mail
d. E-commerce
A text editor creates a plain text ____ document with no hidden formatting codes.
b. HTML d. Web
A ____ operating system helps computers communicate with each other.
a. DOS
b. desktop
c. network
d. GUI
Which of the following is NOT another term for integrated circuit?
a. computer chip c. chip
b. microchip d. compuchip
Each storage medium contains its own ____ file, which lists the location of each file.
a. allocation c. sector
b. MFT d. index
A server-side program is another term for a(n) ____.
a. XML document c. HTML document
b. script d. Xform
____ files are stored in noncontiguous clusters.
a. Defragmented c. Displaced
b. Fragmented d. Clustered
____ planning involves anticipating a organization's long range goals.
a. strategic c. tactical
b. structured d. operational
Which of the following is NOT true about using a turnkey system as a software
a. It takes little time to implement.
b. It contains hardware and software.
c. It requires extensive evaluation.
d. It can be tailored to meet the exact system requirements.
The database shown in the above figure is an example of a(n) ____ database.
a. network c. cardinal
b. relational d. hierarchical
Utilities that can be used for backing up, securing, or recovering files are called ____
a. hard disk c. system
b. skins d. third-party
The figure above shows a sample of ____ code.
a. Extended ASCII c. character
b. Unicode d. numeric
In order to offer TV and Internet access, cable's bandwidth is divided among all of the
following activities EXCEPT ____ signals
a. outgoing data c. voiceband
b. incoming data d. television
In Windows Explorer, files or devices with a(n) ____ contain subfolders that can be
displayed in the left pane.
a. plus-sign c. backslash (\)
b. folder icon d. equals-sign
In the above figure, the item numbered ____ is the active cell.
a. 1
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
A ____ printer uses a grid of fine wires and can print multipart carbon forms.
a. dot matrix
b. laser
c. ink jet
d. photo
Windows filenames are case sensitive.
A logical address is built into the circuitry of a network device when it is manufactured.
A bitmap graphic is also called a(n) ____________________ graphic.
Vector graphics require more storage space than bitmaps.
A(n) ____________________ converts a computer's digital signals in order to transmit
them over phone lines.
The connection shown in the above figure can come in either digital or fixed-wireless.
A processor can only understand machine language.
Formatting a storage medium divides it into tracks and sectors.
HTTP is classified as a(n) ____________________ protocol.
Some worms can block users from accessing certain Web sites and can change the
home page settings of a computer.
____________________ is the science that focuses on the efficient use of human
energy during work.
A sign that dot-com stocks are regaining consumer confidence was the successful IPO
of ____________________ in August 2004.
Integrated circuits are made from semiconducting materials.
A keylogger is a program that records your keystrokes in order to steal your passwords.
An operating system contains a list of files, called a root.

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