Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

CS 71363

August 22, 2017
What are "referential integrity constraints"? Give an example.
To represent a many-to-many relationship in the relational model, a(n) ________ table
is used.
To normalize a relation, the determinant of every functional dependency should be a(n)
Briefly describe PHP.
In Microsoft Access, tables are added to a QBE Query window by selecting the tables
from the ________ dialog box.
When using Microsoft Access and IIS, the connection to the Access database must be
provided by using a(n) ________.
Microsoft Access 2013 generates surrogate key values when the ________ data type is
What is a star schema?
SQL statements can be run individually or as part of a related group of SQL statements
known as a(n) ________.
To create a new SQL query, click the ________ button.
Describe how to create and run an SQL script in SQL Server 2014 Express.
There are cases where it is possible to normalize a table too far, in which case there may
be a need for ________.
SQL statements used to construct views cannot contain the ________ clause.
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards use ________ to place text on switchboards.
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards are built using a Microsoft Access ________.
Data warehouse data is often stored in a(n) ________.
SQL views can be used to hide table ________.
When an entity class has a relationship with itself, it is called a(n) ________
Explain the concept of an "atomic transaction."