Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

CS 61809

August 22, 2017
In Microsoft Visio 2013, when the Entity object is placed in a diagram, it is labeled as a
To create a new SQL query, click the New Query button.
Unlike application code, stored procedures are never distributed to the client computers.
In XML Schema, the default minimum cardinality can be overridden using the
minOccurs attributes.
With Oracle Database, data must be entered using SQL INSERT statements.
Microsoft Access 2013 uses a user-level security system.
Values of existing data can be changed using SQL through the CHANGE command.
The NetBeans IDE is installed using a standard Windows operating system installation
During the implementation phase of developing a database system, the data model is
transformed into a database design.
If a weak entity is ID-dependent but not existence-dependent, it can be represented
using the same techniques as a strong entity.
Business Intelligence (BI) reporting systems can analyze data using standard SQL.
SQL statements can be run individually or as part of a related group of SQL statements
known as a script.
HTML standards are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
The acronym DBA refers to either the office or the manager.
In the normalization process, it is necessary to identify all the determinants in a relation.
When applied to 1:N relationships, the term "parent" refers to the many side of the
relationship since a child may have many parents.
There is only one way to install PHP.
Microsoft Access 2013 uses the Access 2003 .mdb file format as the default file format
for database files.
In the MySQL Table Editor, the abbreviation NN stands for NOT NULL.
An entity identifier can be either unique or nonunique.
A digital dashboard is an electronic display customized for an individual user.
XML provides a standardized, non-customizable way to describe the content of a
In market basket analysis, support is defined as the probability that two items will be
purchased together.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, the Crow's Foot Database Notation stencil objects include a
Category object.
The key-value database uses columns.
In the relational model, each row of a table contains data that represents an attribute of
the entity.
In SQL, the IS NULL keyword can be used to select on records containing NULL
values in a particular column.
Microsoft Access 2013 databases can be secured by deploying databases packaged with
digital signatures.
To represent a relationship in the relational model, the primary key of one relation is
placed into a second relation.
Microsoft Access 2013 is only used to prototype databases where Microsoft Access
itself will be the final DBMS.
Candidate keys may or may not be unique.
Cluster analysis is a commonly used technique in supervised data mining.
A data mart differs from a data warehouse in that:
A) it has a smaller database.
B) it deals with a particular component or functional area of the business.
C) data mart users do not have the data management expertise of data warehouse
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
In the normalization process, it is not necessary to:
A) identify all the candidate keys of a relation.
B) identify all the foreign keys of a relation.
C) identify all the functional dependencies of a relation.
D) identify all the determinants of a relation.
E) determine if every determinant is a candidate key.
SQL Server 2014 Express requires the prior or concurrent installation of:
A) the .NET Framework version 2.0.
B) the .NET Framework version 3.0.
C) the .NET Framework version 4.0.
D) the .NET Framework version 4.5.1.
E) None of the above " the .NET Framework is not required.
After trying to open a connection, a PHP connection to a DBMS needs to:
A) open the connection.
B) test the connection.
C) query the database.
D) process the query results.
E) close the connection.
The Java JDK is installed directly from the Java download page at:
A) www.java.com.
B) www.jre.com.
C) www.jdk.com.
D) www.sun.com.
E) www.oracle.com.
The SQL statement used to delete a view from a database is:
E) DROP VIEW ViewName.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, the cardinalities of the Relationship connector object end
points are formatted using:
A) the Set Begin Symbol command.
B) the Set End Symbol command.
C) the Set Non-primary Key Unique column.
D) the Set Non-foreign Key Unique column.
E) A and B.
According to the ODBC standard, which of the following is not part of the specification
of a data source?
A) The associated DBMS
B) The database
C) The driver
D) The operating system
E) The network platform
We have obtained access to the company's operational data. We examine 50 records for
customers with phone numbers that should use the current area code of 345. Of these 50
records, we find 10 that still use an older area code of 567. This is an example of:
A) dirty data.
B) inconsistent data.
C) non-integrated data.
D) a "wrong format" problem.
E) a "too much data" problem.
Every DBMS product has an API, which stands for:
A) All Program Interpreter.
B) All Program Interface.
C) Application Programming Interpreter.
D) Application Programming Interface.
E) None of the above
Databases are created in a DBMS during the ________ step of the SDLC.
A) system definition
B) requirements analysis
C) component design
D) implementation
E) systems maintenance
When SQL Server 2014 is installed, the SQL Server 2014 ODBC client is:
A) installed automatically as part of the installation.
B) installed manually as a separate part of the installation process.
C) not installed, and must be downloaded and installed manually.
D) not installed because there is no ODBC client for SQL Server 2014.
E) Either A or B
Refer to the table above. What is the definition of confidence for Drug B with reference
to Drug A?
A) The probability that Drug A will be purchased
B) The probability that Drug B will be purchased
C) The probability that both Drug A and Drug B will be purchased
D) The probability that Drug A will be purchased given that Drug B has been purchased
E) The probability that Drug B will be purchased given that Drug A has been purchased
In Microsoft Visio 2013, for a Relationship object relationship that is many-mandatory
on the child side of the relationship, the correct setting in the Symbol menu is:
A) 1 and only 1.
B) 1 or more.
C) Zero or 1.
D) Zero or more.
E) Range [At least][At most].
Given the below functional dependency,
MedicineCode(MedicineName, ShelfLife, Manufacturer, Dosage)
which of the following statements is not known to be true?
A) MedicineCode is a determinant.
B) MedicineName is a determinant.
C) Manufacturer is functionally dependent on MedicineCode.
D) ShelfLife is functionally dependent on MedicineCode.
E) MedicineCode is a candidate key of the relation MEDICINE (MedicineName,
ShelfLife, Manufacturer, Dosage, MedicineCode).
When Microsoft Access 2013 secures a database with just a password, the database file
will be a(n):
A) *.accdb file.
B) *.accdc file.
C) *.accde file.
D) *.mdb file.
E) *.mdw file.
Before running Web pages in Internet Information Server (IIS) against a Microsoft
Access database, we need to create a(n):
A) OBDC data source.
B) JBDC data source.
C) OLE DB data source.
D) LAMP data source.
E) WAMP data source.
When Microsoft Access 2013 creates a signed package with a digital signature, the
database file will be a(n):
A) *.accdb file.
B) *.accdc file.
C) *.accde file.
D) *.mdb file.
E) *.mdw file.
The authors recommend using which of the following folder structures with the MySQL
A) ..\MyDocuments\MySQL Workbench
B) ..\MyDocuments\MySQL Workbench\Schemas
C) ..\MyDocuments\MySQL Workbench\EER Models
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
The PHP installation in the text installed version ________ of PHP.
A) 5.2.13
B) 5.2.14
C) 5.3.0
D) 5.3.5
E) 5.3.28
Which of the following SQL commands cannot be used with a trigger?
E) Both B and D
Which of the following is not a source for user requirements during the requirements
analysis stage of developing a database system?
A) Business rules
B) User interviews
C) Forms
D) Use cases
E) All of the above are sources for user requirements.
Graph databases are composed of ________.
A) Nodes
B) Properties
C) Edges
D) A and C
E) A, B and C
In Microsoft Visio 2013, we can create data models using:
A) Entity and Dynamic connector objects.
B) Entity and Relationship connector objects.
C) Category and Dynamic connector objects.
D) Category and Relationship connector objects.
E) We cannot create data models in Microsoft Visio 2013.
In a relational database design, all relationships are expressed by ________.
A) creating a primary key
B) creating a foreign key
C) creating a supertype
D) creating a subtype
E) creating a line between entities
What is the least restrictive isolation level that will prevent dirty reads?
A) Read Committed
B) Serializable
C) Read Uncommitted
D) Atomic Read
E) Repeatable Read
An example of a graph database is ________.
A) Dynamo
B) Couchbase Server
C) Bigtable
D) Neo4j
In Microsoft Access, referential integrity constraints are created:
A) by setting a property value on the primary key in the table which contains it.
B) by setting a property value on the foreign key in the table which contains it.
C) by setting a property value on the primary key in the Relationships window.
D) by setting a property value on the foreign key in the Relationships window.
E) by checking the Enforce Referential Integrity check box in the Edit Relationships
dialog box.
Non-relational DBMSs associated with the NoSQL movement include:
A) Key-Value.
B) Document.
C) Column Family.
D) Graph.
E) All of the above
A data warehouse database differs from an operational database because:
A) data warehouse data are not stored in tables.
B) data warehouse databases do not have metadata.
C) data warehouse data are often stored in a dimensional database.
D) Both B and C
E) All of the above
An ACID transaction is one that is:
A) atomic.
B) consistent.
C) isolated.
D) durable.
E) All of the above
To access documentation about the MySQL Workbench, use the:
A) Help | MySQL Workbench command.
B) Help | Help Index command.
C) Help | MySQL Website command.
D) Help | MySQL.com Website command.
E) Help | Documentation command.
What relationship pattern is illustrated in the following schema?
VEHICLE (VehicleID, Cost)
CAR (VehicleID, NumberOfSeats)
TRUCK (VehicleID, CargoCapacity)
VehicleID in CAR must exist in VehicleID in VEHICLE
VehicleID in TRUCK must exist in VehicleID in VEHICLE
A) Association relationship
B) Intersection relationship
C) Recursive relationship
D) Strong entity relationship
E) Supertype/subtype relationship
What are the four transaction isolation levels?
What is the Oracle Database XE 11.2?
Explain the terms relation, tuple, and attribute.
Relationships with the degree 2 are often called ________ relationships.
After a 1:1 relationship has been created between two tables in Microsoft Access, the
Relationship Type of One-To-One appears in the ________.
Describe the use of Microsoft Access as a prototyping tool.
Apache Cassandra is an example of a(n) ________ non-relational DBMS.
MySQL ________ (version) Community Server Edition was generally available when
this text was written.
MySQL Workbench version ________ was generally available when this text was
What is the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, and what are the advantages and
disadvantages of using it to install PHP?
SQL is not a complete programming language, but is rather a(n) ________.
To create an OLAP report for an Access 2013 database, use the ________ tool in Excel
Use the database below to answer the following question.
Given that a view named CustomerSalesRepView that displays the customer name as
CustomerName and the associated sales rep name as SalesRepresentativeName has
been created for the GENERAL SALES DATABASE, write the SQL code to use the
view to display the customer name and associated sales rep name sorted by customer
What is an SQL script, and why are SQL scripts useful?
Distinguish between Char and VarChar data types.
What is a star schema?
A report that is sent to users on a predetermined schedule is called a(n) ________
Recursive relationships occur when an entity has a relationship with ________.
SQL views can be used to layer ________.