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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CS 47246

July 31, 2017
____ means that you can place one repetition structure entirely within another repetition
The syntax for determining whether a sequential access file exists is ____.
A(n) ____ variable is a numeric variable used for adding something together.
The Text property of a check box should be entered using ____.
A class can have only one default ____.
To pass a variable by value in Visual Basic, you include the keyword ____ before the
name of its corresponding parameter in the receiving procedure's parameterList.
You insert characters using the ____ method.
The rules of the Visual Basic language are called its ____.
A structure variable can be passed to a procedure or stored in a(n) ____.
____ data is data that the program is expecting the user to enter.
If an expression contains logical operators, comparison operators, and arithmetic
operators, ____.
a. the comparison operators are evaluated last
b. the arithmetic operators are evaluated last
c. the logical operators are evaluated last
d. the operators are evaluated in order
You may test an initial condition of a posttest loop by ____.
a. using a nested loop for the initial condition
b. placing the posttest loop inside a selection structure
c. resetting the counter variable on each pass of the loop
d. initializing all loop variables to zero
The optional ____ keyword in the syntax of the ReDim statement tells the computer to
keep the current array values when the size of the array changes.
You use the ____ operator ( \ ) to divide two integers (whole numbers), and then return
the result as an integer.
In the Error List window, ____ indicate that the Code Editor has some suggestions for
fixing the errors.
If a subscript is valid, it is said to be in ____.
a. order
b. value
c. index
d. range
In most structures, the member variables are defined using the keyword ____ followed
by the variable's name, the keyword As, and the variable's data type.
In a flowchart, a(n) ____ represents the condition in a selection structure.
The ____ method returns the Boolean value True if the file exists; otherwise, it returns
the Boolean value False.
The ____ tab displays the most commonly used items.
A class containsor, in OOP terms, it ____all of the attributes and behaviors of the object
it instantiates.
a. encapsulates
b. exposes
c. collapses
d. implements
An error in a program's code is referred to as a ____.
In the Clock Solution, the ____ and Sleep methods are required so that you can view
each of the minute and second values in the interface.
The code contained in the ____ block of a Property procedure allows an application to
retrieve the contents of the Private variable associated with the property.
A(n) ____ is an environment that contains all of the tools and features you need to
create, run, and test your programs.
When you start an application, each program instruction is placed in a ____, where it
awaits processing.
Within the individual ____ sections of a two-dimensional array, you enter one or more
values separated by commas.
Between the Structure and End Structure clauses, you define the ____ included in the
Each parameter stores information that is passed to an independent Sub procedure by
the ____ statement.
In a query, the ____ clause is used to specify the records you want to select in the
A variable declared within a statement block is called a ____.
Logic errors are the easiest to find.
The Structure statement itself reserves locations in the computer's internal memory.
You do not need to specify the name of the counter variable in the Next clause, but
doing so is highly recommended because it makes your code more self-documenting.
The Structure statement provides the pattern for a data type that can be used to reserve a
memory location.
The If...Then...Else statement is the only statement you can use to code a multiple-path
selection structure in Visual Basic.
Nested selection structures are often used when coding applications whose interface
contains radio buttons.
In addition to reserving (or declaring) variables in a program, you also can declare
named constants.
The Trim method returns a string that excludes any leading or trailing spaces.
You can only add static text to a Web page using a label control.
The value returned by the InputBox function is the same whether the user clicks the OK
button, Cancel button, or Close button.
In the Financial.Pmt method, if Rate is a monthly interest rate, then NPer must specify
the number of monthly payments.
When you select a check box, for example, its Checked property changes from False to
When entering data in a text box, it is not uncommon for a user to inadvertently include
a space character at the end of the entry.
In the order of precedence, an exponentiation operator has a precedence number of 1.
The items in a structure must have the same data type.
Unlike a flowchart, pseudocode uses standardized symbols to visually depict an

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