Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CS 45721

July 31, 2017
You use the Private keyword to create a class-level array.
All computer programs are written using one or more of three control structures:
sequence, selection, or repetition.
The LINQ statement merely selects the records but does not assign them to the records
A repetition structure can be either a pretest loop or a posttest loop.
For a text box to contain scroll bars, its Multiline property must be set to True.
The last step in the problem-solving process is to rigorously test the program before
releasing it to the user.
Two or more procedures in an application may need to use the same variable or array.
You can use the Properties window to include a title on a Web page.
The selection structure is referred to as a single-alternative selection structure because it
requires one or more actions to be taken only when its condition evaluates to true.
Before you begin the desk-check, you first choose a set of sample data for the input
values, which you then use to manually compute the expected output values.
One advantage of static Web pages is that they are interactive.
After creating the StreamReader object, you declare a variable to store the object in the
computer's internal memory.
The two flowlines leading out of a diamond should be marked so that anyone reading
the flowchart can distinguish the true path from the false path.
The input typically is stated as nouns and adjectives in the problem specification.
You can display the data in a relational database in any order.

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