Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CS 29064

July 19, 2017
Outsourcing is a common approach using the professional expertise within an
organization to develop and maintain the organization's information technology
Capacity planning determines future environmental infrastructure requirements to
ensure high-quality system performance.
Interoperability is the capability of two or more computer systems to share data and
resources, even though they are made by different manufacturers.
Hybrid cloud serves a specific community with common business models, security
requirements, and compliance considerations.
Strategic business processes are static, routine, daily business processes such as
stocking inventory, checking out customers, or daily opening and closing processes.
Granularity refers to the level of detail in the model or the decision-making process.
A repeater receives and repeats a signal extending its attenuation or range.
The packet footer represents the end of the packet or transmission end. The packet
header and packet footer contain error-checking information to ensure the entire
message is sent and received. The receiving device reassembles the individual packets
into the original by stripping off the headers and footers and then piecing together the
packets in the correct sequence.
Determining if a name is spelled correctly is an example of an accurate characteristic of
high-quality information.
Egovernment involves the use of strategies and technologies to transform government
by improving the delivery of services and enhancing the quality of interaction between
the citizen-consumer within all branches of government.
Plunge implementation discards the legacy system completely and immediately
migrates all users to the new system.
A wide area network (WAN) spans a large geographic area such as a state, province, or
The scrum methodology uses small teams to produce small pieces of software using a
series of sprints, or 30-day intervals, to achieve an appointed goal.
Drones include a process that buildslayer by layer in an additive processa
three-dimensional solid object from a digital model.
Portability describes how well a system can scale up, or adapt to the increased demands
of growth.
Examples of static processes include running payroll, calculating taxes, and creating
financial statements.
A black personal computer (black PC) is built using environment friendly materials and
designed to save energy.
Core processes are business processes, such as manufacturing goods, selling products,
and providing services, that make up the primary activities in a value chain.
Denial-of-service attack (DoS) floods a website with so many requests for service that it
slows down or crashes the site.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows web browsers and servers to send and
receive web pages.
The network categories include LAN, WAN, and MAN.
A Gantt chart is a graphical network model that depicts a project's tasks and the
relationships between them.
Network convergence includes VoIP, UC, and IPTV.
Biometrics is the identification of a user based on a physical characteristic, such as a
fingerprint, iris, face, voice, or handwriting.
Accessibility refers to the varying levels that define what a user can access, view, or
perform when operating a system.
Information integrity is a measure of the quality of information.
Google glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD).
With the Five Forces Model, companies should watch the forces in the market. If the
forces are strong, competition generally increases, and if the forces are weak,
competition typically decreases.
Supply chain visibility is the ability to view all areas up and down the supply chain.
Enterprise application integration (EAI) middleware takes a new approach to
middleware by packaging commonly used applications together, reducing the time
needed to integrate applications from multiple vendors.
A universal resource locator (URL) identifies a URL address and in the previous
example, apple.com is the domain name.
Offshore outsourcing occurs when using organizations from developing countries to
write code and develop systems. In offshore outsourcing the country is geographically
far away.
The banking industry uses business intelligence to understand customer credit card
usage and nonpayment rates.
A protocol is the capability of two or more computer systems to share data and
resources, even though they are made by different manufacturers.
Social tagging is similar to taxonomy except that crowdsourcing determines the tags or
keyword-based classification system.
Product differentiation occurs when a company develops unique differences in its
products or services with the intent to influence demand.
The operations management department manages the process of converting or
transforming resources into goods or services.
The marketing department supports sales by planning, pricing, and promoting goods or
RSS allows a website to constantly feed information and news to consumers instead of
having the consumer search for it.
What measures network performance by the maximum amount of data that can pass
from one point to another in a unit of time?
B. frequency
C. access
D. protocol
_________ refers to devices that connect directly to other devices.
A. Internet of Things
B. Predictive analytics
C.Machine to machine
D. Flat world
What runs over the Internet or on a CD or DVD and is completed by employees on their
own time at their own pace?
A.online training
B. workshop training
C. help desk
D. corrective maintenance
What serves a specific community with common business models, security
requirements, and compliance considerations?
A.community cloud
B. private cloud
C. utility computing
D. hybrid cloud
Who is responsible for ensuring the speed, accuracy, availability, and reliability of the
management information systems within a company?
A. Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
B. Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
C.Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
D. Chief Information Officer (CIO)
What expresses the specific number of instances in an entity?
B. composite entity
C. business rule
D. null-valued attribute
The accounting and finance departments primarily use monetary data.
What is intangible creative work that is embodied in physical form and includes
copyrights, trademarks, and patents?
A. ethics
B.intellectual property
C. privacy
D. confidentiality
An RFID reader (RFID interrogator) is ________.
A. an electronic identification device that is made up of a chip and antenna
B.a transmitter/receiver that reads the contents of RFID tags in the area
C. a device that does not have a power source
D. a device that has its own transmitter and a power source (typically a battery)
What occurs when the ability of a company to operate is impaired because of a
hardware, software, or data outage?
A.technology failure
B. incident record
C. incident management
D. technology recovery strategy
Managers that must analyze data from 500 hotels to determine when to discount rooms
based on occupancy patterns would be placed in which category for managerial
decision-making challenges?
A. Managers need to analyze large amounts of information.
B. Managers must make decisions quickly.
C. Managers must apply sophisticated analysis techniques, such as Porter's strategies or
forecasting, to make strategic decisions.
D. All of these are correct.
What is a company's acknowledged responsibility to society?
A.corporate social responsibility
B. employees social responsibility
C. society social responsibility
D. government social responsibility
What are the primary business benefits of an ERP system?
A. sales forecasts, sales strategies, and marketing campaigns
B. market demand, resource and capacity constraints, and real-time scheduling
C. forecasting, planning, purchasing, material management, warehousing, inventory,
and distribution
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the choices below represents the definition of information governance?
A. the act of conforming, acquiescing, or yielding information
B.a method or system of government for information management or control
C. the category of computer security that addresses the protection of data from
unauthorized disclosure and confirmation of data source authenticity
D. examines the organizational resource of information and regulates its definitions,
uses, values, and distribution, ensuring that it has the types of data/information required
to function and grow effectively
Which of the following is an extended ERP component?
A. business intelligence
B. ebusiness
C. customer relationship management
D.All of these are correct.
Walmart and Procter & Gamble (P&G) implemented a tremendously successful SCM
system. The system linked Wal-Mart's ________ centers directly to P&G's ________
A. manufacturing; distribution
B.distribution; manufacturing
C. stores; distribution
D. distribution; stores
Which of the following statements is true?
A. The more complete an organization wants to get its information, the less it costs.
B. The more accurate an organization wants to get its information, the less it costs.
C. The less accurate an organization wants to get its information, the more it costs.
D. The more complete and accurate an organization wants to get its information, the
more it costs.
DreamWorks Animation Company used which sustainable infrastructure component to
complete many of its films, including Shrek, Madagascar, and Antz?
A. agile computing
B.grid computing
C. cloud computing
D. server computing
What guides users through marketing campaigns by performing such tasks as campaign
definition, planning, scheduling, segmentation, and success analysis?
A. cross-selling
B. up-selling
C. campaign management system
D. customer service and support
What measures the project time frame to ensure that it can be completed on time?
A. economic feasibility
B. operational feasibility
C.schedule feasibility
D. technical feasibility
What are the four wireless communication network categories?
A. private servers, company servers, government servers, and international servers
B. protocol, land lines, rates, and worldwide
C. personal, local, regional, and international
D.personal area networks, wireless local area networks, wireless metropolitan area
networks, and wireless wide area networks
A satellite is a space station that orbits the Sun, receiving and transmitting signals from
Mars-based stations over a wide area.
Which of the following describes how well a system can scale up, or adapt to the
increased demands or growth?
A. flexibility
C. reliability
D. affordability
What is wired equivalent privacy (WEP)?
A. a metropolitan area network that uses radio signals to transmit and receive data
B. a communications technology aimed at providing high-speed wireless data over
metropolitan area networks
C. a means by which portable devices can connect wirelessly to a local area network,
using access points that send and receive data via radio waves
D.an encryption algorithm designed to protect wireless transmission data
Which of the following would efficiency MIS metrics measure?
A. response time
B. system availability
C. transaction speed
D. All of these are correct.
What is the abuse of pay-per-click, pay-per-call, and pay-per-conversion revenue
models by repeatedly clicking on a link to increase charges or costs for the advertiser?
A. cyberbullying
B. cybervandalism
D. competitive click-fraud
What occurs if the system is failing and will load only the most essential parts of the
operating system and will not run many of the background operating utilities?
A. system restore software
B. safe mode software
C. crash-proof software
D. disk image software
Which of the following is not a feature of a neural network?
A. Neural networks can cope with huge volumes of information with many variables.
B. Neural networks can function without complete or well-structured information.
C. Neural networks can analyze linear relationships only.
D. Neural networks can learn and adjust to new circumstances on their own.
Which of the following is correct in reference to a database?
A. A database can support only one logical view.
B. A database can support many physical views.
C.A database can support many logical views.
D. A database can support up to 3 logical views.
What is it called when each transaction, entity, and event is represented only once in the
B. accuracy
C. consistency
D. timeliness
What type of revenue generation model is Google using when it generates revenue by
allowing advertisers to bid on common search terms?
A. awesome
B. analytics
C. applications
D. adwords
Which of the following is not considered an epolicy?
A. acceptable use policy
B. internet use policy
C. ethical computer use policy
D.anti-hacker use policy
What is a collection of related data elements?
A. field
B. table
D. key
What has moved beyond Excel graphs and charts into sophisticated analysis techniques
such as pie charts, controls, instruments, maps, time-series graphs, and more?
A. informing
B. infographics
C.data visualization tools
D. business intelligence dashboards
Identify the different departments in a company and why they must work together to
achieve success.
Describe Web 3.0 and the next generation of online business.
Describe the six major categories of hardware and provide an example of each.
Identify the environmental impacts associated with MIS.
Discuss the current technologies that organizations are integrating in enterprise resource
planning systems.
Identify the benefits of business mobility.
Identify the three primary areas associated with an information MIS infrastructure.
Describe supply chain management along with its impact on business.
Describe the characteristics of an agile MIS infrastructure.
List the common input, output, storage, and communication devices.
Identify the three technologies that are reinventing the supply chain.
Explain the difference between primary and secondary storage.
Define critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), and
explain how managers use them to measure the success of MIS projects.
Identify the challenges of a connected world.
Describe the six ebusiness tools for connecting and communicating.
List and describe the four components that differentiate networks.
Explain the ethical issues in the use of information technology.
Explain the difference between primary and secondary storage.