Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CS 14096

August 6, 2017
In Windows Explorer, the computer's hierarchy of storage devices and folders is shown
in the ____________________ pane.
______________________________ is the company whose processors are the chief
competition to Intel's processors.
DO...WHILE is an example of a loop command.
A ____________________ is applied to create shading and three-dimensional effects in
an image.
The object-oriented paradigm is inefficient for problems that involve real-world objects.
A graphic that contains both bitmap and vector data is called a(n)
Product announcement is the first stage in the life cycle of a new computer model.
CATV cable has enough bandwidth to support TV channels and data flowing up and
An IP address is a device's location on the Internet.
A report template is an interactive screen that walks you through data organization and
3-D computer game animation happens in real time.
Operating systems are a type of application software.
According to Netiquette, using all capital letters is a good way to emphasize an
important thought in an e-mail.
____________________ is a security feature that verifies that the person accessing the
data is the person who has the access.
Data ____________________ allows a single data management tool to be used to
maintain many different files and databases.

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