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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

COSC 91938

July 31, 2017
The header and footer in a function are identical to the header and footer in a sub
Variables declared with the Integer, Decimal, and Double data types can store numbers
Allowing more than one procedure to change the contents of a memory location can
lead to subtle errors that are difficult to find, especially in large applications.
To refer to the first variable in a one-dimensional String array named strFriends, you
use strFriends(0)read "strFriends sub zero."
A dataset is a copy of the fields and records the application can access from a database.
Updating refers to the process of either adding a number to or subtracting a number
from a counter's value.
When changing the Sub keyword in a header to Function, the Code Editor
automatically changes the Sub keyword in the footer to the Function keyword.
You can use either the FORMAT menu or the Formatting toolbar to format the static
text on a Web page.
Display, print, and store refer to a file on disk, the printer, and the computer screen,
The following syntax selects all of the records in the dataset:
Dim records = From employee In EmployeesDataSet.tblEmploy
Select employee
Most programmers pass a variable by reference only when a procedure needs to
produce more than one result.
Repetition structures use accumulator variables to tally information such as the total
dollar amount of a week's payroll.
You can enter one or more instructions between the Set and End Set clauses.
The member variables in a structure variable cannot be used just like any other
Whenever you make a change to an application's code, you should retest the application
using the test data listed in the test data chart.
A solution in Visual Basic cannot contain several projects.
You can use the Substring method to display only the string's first five characters.

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