Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 90643

August 6, 2017
A basic way to use objects in an OO program is to manipulate them with ____.
a. attributes c. classes
b. methods d. subclasses
Which of the following is NOT true about computer keyboards?
a. They are not found on handheld devices.
b. They can be used to perform computer-specific tasks.
c. They are a primary input device.
d. The function keys are at the top of the keyboard.
____ is the notation system for algorithms that is less formalized than Structured
a. Flowcharting c. Procedural
b. Pseudocode d. Assembly language
In the URL www.course.com, the domain name is ____.
a. course c. course.com
b. com d. www
Which file extension indicates that the file was created in Microsoft Word?
a. .doc
b. .jpg
c. .xls
d. .word
____ programming languages became available for second-generation computers and is
still used today.
b. C++ d. Both A and C
A(n) ____ language consists of commands represented as 1s and 0s that correspond to
the processor's instruction set.
a. machine c. second-generation
b. assembly d. declarative
The main system board of a computer is called the ____.
a. integrated circuit c. processor
b. motherboard d. microchip
A(n) ____ is a group of people working together to accomplish a goal.
a. business c. nonprofit
b. organization d. corporation
____ is a software utility that can indicate whether a site is up, or if a packet was lost in
a. Bluetooth c. Traceroute
b. POTS d. Ping
A facility that contains its own power grid and security features in order to safely house
computer systems and information is called a(n) ____ center.
a. data c. recovery
b. information d. disaster
Software that helps users analyze large sets of data to determine relationships and
patterns is called ____ software.
a. groupware c. accounting
b. statistical d. modeling
A ____ is a Web site that provides tools to help you locate information on the Internet.
a. browser
b. home page
c. keyword
d. search engine
Which of the following is an example of horizontal market software?
a. groupware c. payroll
b. personal finance d. patient management
To convert a printed image into a digital graphic, use a(n) ____.
a. imagizer c. scanner
b. raster d. digital camera
A ____ is one binary digit.
a. character c. byte
b. bit d. None of the above
Which of the following is NOT true about magnetic storage?
a. It is not very durable.
b. It uses a read-write head.
c. Hard disks are an example.
d. A laser is used to read data.
The higher the ____ of a video, the better the video image.
a. resolution c. color depth
b. density d. frame rate
A(n) ____ is a recruitment firm that a company hires when looking for upper-level
management job candidates.
a. employment agency c. human resource
b. job seeker d. head hunter
Which of the following is NOT true about filename conventions for the Windows
operating system?
a. Spaces and numbers are allowed
b. Any filename is allowed
c. Filenames cannot be longer than 255 characters
d. Filenames are not case sensitive
The ____ exams measure proficiency with software applications.
a. CPP c. MCSE
File size is usually measured in ____.
a. bytes c. megabytes
b. kilobytes d. Any of the above
In the above figure, the item numbered ____ represents the disk surface.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
The ____ system uses 1s and 0s to represent data.
a. Morse code c. ASCII
b. binary d. data representation
A communications network is the combination of hardware, software, and links that
transport data.
____ is malicious code that encrypts documents and files.
a. Keylogger c. Retro virus
b. Ransomware d. Trojan horse
A(n) ____ is a program that monitors data as it travels over networks.
a. cookie c. digital certificate
b. packet sniffer d. Web bug
A(n) ____ virus could infect different targets in order to escape detection.
a. Trojan horse c. multi-partite
b. polymorphic d. stealth
Which of the following is NOT true about first-tier companies?
a. Their market share is more than 2% of total sales.
b. They include start-up companies.
c. They have high overhead costs.
d. They are more likely to honor warranties.
A(n) ____ virus removes its signatures from a disk-based file and conceals itself in
a. Trojan horse c. stealth
b. multi-partite d. polymorphic
Which definition best describes DSL connections?
a. Proximity to a telephone switching station is required.
b. Offers access to military computers.
c. The top speed is 56 Kbps.
d. Requires a cable modem.
Most PC processors use ____ technology.
a. ALU c. CISC
Which of the following is NOT true about the maintenance phase of an IS?
a. It can continue for many years.
b. Costs peak in the middle of the phase.
c. It is over when the system is obsolete.
d. Changes continue to be made to the system.
The difference between a compiler and an interpreter is that a compiler converts
instructions one at a time.
Describe different methods for entering or bringing data into a database.
A computer's file location is defined by a file ____________________.
HTTP protocol allows for multiple requests for HTML documents during a session.
A record occurrence is sometimes called a table.
In the figure above, a computer system is infected by a worm.
Software developers often modify the main executable file in order to save time
developing and testing software.
____________________ light carries data signals for short distances and with a clear
line of sight.
An estimated 66% of spam circulating on the Internet is sent through botnets.
Bob Metcalfe first described a communications system model in 1948.
Peripheral devices are often connected to the motherboard through cables.
A ____________________ crash can occur when the hard disk is jarred while in use.
A(n) ____________________ is a series of characters used to verify a user ID in order
to access information online.
A drive ____________________ is a "parking space" for a storage device.
A(n) ____________________ is a graphical link that expands when clicked.

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