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Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 79403

August 6, 2017
Software that combines word processing and graphic design is called ____ software.
a. document production
b. desktop publishing
c. page authoring
d. Office productivity
A(n) ____ backup contains a copy of every program, data, and system file on a
a. restoration c. differential
b. bootstrap d. full
In the figure above, a(n) ____ backup is performed and restored.
a. full c. differential
b. incremental d. registry
A(n) ____ slot is used mostly for graphics cards.
b. ISA
c. USB
d. PCI-X
As shown in the above figure, which step happens first in the ALU?
a. Results are sent to RAM
b. Data is placed in the accumulator
c. Data is held in the registers
d. The control unit signals the operation to be performed
____ is a manual calculating device that consists of several positionable rods.
a. An abacus c. Napier's Bones
b. A slide rule d. The Hollerith Tabulating Machine
Populating data warehouses usually requires custom ____ routines.
a. conversion c. export
b. entry d. analysis
Digital cameras store images on removable solid-state storage media.
In 1984, the ____ computer was released, featuring a graphical user interface.
a. Mark 8 c. IBM PC
b. Apple Macintosh d. Apple II
Which of the following is NOT true about browsers?
a. Browsers allow you to select a home page.
b. You can create a list of sites you want to revisit.
c. Browsers allow you to print information from the Web.
d. Web pages are displayed exactly the same in different browsers.
____ color uses 4 inks to created thousands of color.
b. GUI
c. DPI
d. PCL
The pace for executing instructions is set by the ____.
a. system timer c. control unit
b. instruction set d. processor clock
The Figure above shows a(n) ____.
b. Data flow diagram d. System requirements report
If an ad specifies that a computer has these specifications: "3 GB 533 MHz SDRAM
(max. 5 GB)," you know that the speed is ____.
a. 3 GB c. SDRAM
b. 533 MHz d. 5 GB
Which of the following is NOT true about bots?
a. They are easier to detect than viruses. c. They can
perform good tasks, such as searching for available jobs.
b. They can be used to link together infected computers. d. They can
gain access through security holes in an operating system.
An expansion card may need to be added when the right ____ is not available to install
a peripheral device.
a. driver
b. port
c. reader
d. cable
____ is a process by which every possible solution is tried.
a. Backtracking c. Arguing
b. Instantiation d. Walkthrough
____ is a protocol that encrypts data that travels between a client computer and an
HTTP server.
a. S-HTTP c. SSL
b. HTTPS d. W3C
Which of the following is the format for commercial music CDs?
a. CD
b. CD-R
c. CD-RW
d. CD-DA
Which of the following is a disadvantage to networks?
a. increased software costs c. unauthorized access
b. increased hardware costs d. data sharing
Microsoft PowerPoint is an example of ____ software.
a. photo editing c. paint
b. computer-aided design d. presentation
Each of the following is considered one of the three most important Web elements
EXCEPT: ____.
a. .com c. URL
Which of the following does NOT fall under the classification of procedural languages?
a. Machine languages c. Third-generation languages
b. Assembly languages d. Natural languages
____ is the process of hiding the internal details of objects and methods.
a. Encapsulation c. Hierarchy
b. Private attribution d. Polymorphism
Which of the following is NOT one of the steps a worm makes when infecting a
computer system?
a. Propagates while looking for other hosts. c.
Creating a backdoor.
b. Entering the host computer through e-mail. d.
Invading unprotected hosts through e-mail
The term "computer system" refers to all of the following, EXCEPT: ____.
a. communication devices
b. input devices
c. output devices
d. storage devices
To use a dial-up Internet connection, you need a(n) ____ modem.
a. telephony
b. internal
c. voiceband
d. external
Which of the following storage technologies has the highest average capacity?
a. Jaz disk
b. Blu-ray DVD
c. SuperDisk
d. Fixed hard disk
The part of the keyboard that resembles a calculator is called the ____ keypad.
a. function
b. modifier
c. calculation
d. numeric
In the figure above, the worm enters the original host and other unprotected hosts using
a. infected files c. e-mail
b. a backdoor d. a packet
A(n) ____ IP address is permanently assigned.
a. dynamic c. logical
b. domain d. static
An expansion ____ is a connector that passes data in and out of a computer or
peripheral device.
a. unit
b. port
c. card
d. slot
Direct source input devices, including ____, collect data directly from a document or
a. bar code readers c. firewalls
b. biometrics d. surge strips
A(n) ____ tag specifies where and how to display connections to Web pages and e-mail
a. XHTML c. operational
b. media d. link
Utility software is a type of application software that performs tasks such as security.
A(n) ____________________ tag specifies how graphics, sound clips, and videos
display in a browser.
Waveform audio is a digital representation of sound.
The HTML code "<b> </b>" indicates the beginning of the Web page.
A(n) ____________________ topology connects devices through a common backbone
HTML documents contain no graphics.
Anyone who uses a computer for work is considered to have an IT-related career.
Tactical planning means anticipating needs for long-range goals.
E-mail messages that you have written but not sent are held in your
Copyright laws only apply to software that displays a copyright notice.
When you move a file or folder using a file management tool, it is placed in the new
location and a copy remains in the old location.
A single port on a Web server connects to one socket that carries requests from
The difference between Windows and Mac interfaces is that one uses icons and menus
and the other does not.
Feature ____________________ is when changes and additions are made to an IS
before it is implemented.
System ____________________ occurs when the old system is deactivated and the new
IS is activated.
Rewritable CDs and DVDs use "phase change" technology to create pits and lands.

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