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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

COSC 76669

July 31, 2017
Which of the following Case clauses specifies integers greater than 5?
In Visual Basic, you use a ____ object to write a stream of characters to a sequential
access file.
You connect or link strings using the ____ operator, which is the ampersand (&).
The value stored in a control's Text property is always treated as ____ text, even when
the value contains only numbers.
To have an application play an audio file while it is running, you use the syntax ____.
____ is called false code because, although it resembles programming language
instructions, it cannot be understood by a computer.
A(n) ____ is what sees and interacts with while using a program.
a. operating environment
b. interface environment
c. user interface
d. user environment
Label control names begin with ____.
The first variable in a one-dimensional array is assigned a subscript of ____.
The ____ operator returns the total of the values in the group.
a. Total
b. Sum
c. Calc
d. Add
To sort the values in a one-dimensional array in ascending order, you use the ____
A(n) ____ is a group of related fields that contain all of the necessary data about a
specific person, place, or thing.
You can use the Remove method to remove a specified number of characters located
anywhere in a string.
You also can include a range of values in a character list by using a(n) ____ to separate
the lowest value in the range from the highest value in the range.
In an array, another term for subscript is ____.
You pass a variable by ____ when the receiving procedure needs to know the variable's
contents, but the receiving procedure does not need to change the contents.
When entering the InputBox function in the Code Editor window, the prompt, title, and
defaultResponse arguments must be enclosed in ____.
You can delay program execution using the ____ method.
The ____ operator reverses the sign of a number.
If a run time error occurs, you can stop the application by clicking DEBUG on the
menu bar and then clicking ____.
The first row subscript in a two-dimensional array is ____.
The number of elements in a one-dimensional array is stored in the array's ____.
a. Load event
b. scope
c. highest subscript
d. Length property
Radio buttons and check boxes have a ____ event that occurs when the value in the
control's Checked property changes.
A(n) ____ procedure does not return a value.
The convention with structure statements is to enter structure names using ____ case.
b. Pascal
To declare a variable in an event procedure, where most variables are declared, you use
the Visual Basic ____ statement.
In the If"Then"Else statement, the condition must be a(n) ____ expression.
A counter-controlled loop uses a counter ____ to keep track of the number of times the
loop instructions are processed.
An error that occurs while an application is running is called a(n) ____.
A ____ under a variable in the Code Editor window indicates that it has not been
You create a named constant using the ____ statement.
When GetUpperBound is used with a two-dimensional array, the ____ in the dimension
argument represents the column dimension.
The "doc" filename extension is commonly used when naming sequential access files.
Each element in a two-dimensional array is identified by a unique combination of two
subscripts that the computer assigns to the element when the array is created.
In a sequence structure a condition can evaluate to either true or false.
A loop that has no way to end is called an infinite loop or an forever loop.
It is customary to enter the variable declaration statements at the end of the procedure.
A Dataset is a copy of the data that can be accessed by an application.
The easiest way to make two picture boxes the same size is to use the Size menu, which
provides several options for manipulating the controls in the interface.
If the outer loop of a nested loop controls the row subscript in a two-dimensional array,
the array is filled with data column by column.
Function procedures are referred to more simply as structures.
A procedure-level variable is removed from the computer's memory when the procedure
in which it is declared ends.
A run time error is an error that occurs while an application is running.
The only calculations that are performed using the LINQ aggregate methods are
Average and Count.
A condition can contain variables, constants, properties, methods, or operators.
In a sub procedure, a set of parentheses that contains an optional procedure name
follows the parameter list in the procedure header.
It is a good practice to save the current solution every few hours so that you will not
lose a lot of your work if the computer loses power.
You cannot use a nested selection structure when more than one decision must be made
before the appropriate action can be taken.

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