Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 71424

August 6, 2017
What does a Compact Privacy Policy do?
a. Blocks a company from installing cookies on your computer.
b. Describes how cookie data is used by a Web site.
c. Encrypts credit card information in a secure connection.
d. Acts as a contract between a consumer and a business for e-commerce purchases.
____ analytics focus on anticipating future probabilities and trends.
a. Data cubing c. Classification
b. Predictive d. OLAP
Which of the following is NOT true about USB ports?
a. Most computers only have one.
b. Mice, scanners, and joysticks can be used in USB ports.
c. USB ports can support storage devices.
d. Windows recognizes most USB devices when they are plugged into the port.
Which of the following is NOT considered one of the biggest computer
hardware-producing countries by dollar value?
a. U.S. c. India
b. Japan d. Singapore
The arrangement of fields, tables and relationships is called the database ____.
a. layout c. format
b. structure d. hierarchy
An input device called a(n) ____ has a flat surface used to turn a paper-based line
drawing into a vector graphic.
a. scanner c. digitizing tablet
b. rasterizer d. ray tracer
Describe some of the methods for retrieving images from a digital camera.
In the figure above, a(n) ____ backup is performed and restored.
a. full c. differential
b. incremental d. registry
____ memory makes the biggest difference in a computer system's operations.
a. CMOS c. RAM
b. ROM d. virtual memory
Which of the following is NOT an example of a program used to create server-side
a. ASP c. ERD
b. CGI d. PHP
A(n) ____________________-generation computer used vacuum tubes to store
individual bits of data.
Where is data saved permanently?
a. Memory
b. Storage
c. CPU
d. Printer
A(n) ____ is data generated by a Web server and stored in a text file on your computer.
a. HTML form c. cookie
b. click-through d. ID card
Utilities purchased from a vendor to enhance operating system features are called ____
a. desktop c. third-party
b. FTP d. system
A virus ____ is a file that your antivirus software uses to identify and eradicate viruses.
a. signature c. checksum
b. definition d. patch
In the above figure the item labeled 3 is called the ____.
a. read-write head
b. magnetizer
c. laser
d. solid state storage
____ testing is the process of trying out various sequences of input values and checking
that the results are correct.
a. Unit c. Application
b. Integration d. System
The program flow shown in the figure above is determined by the ____ command.
b. FOR...NEXT d. IF....THEN...ELSE
In the above figure, which number indicates the folder name?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4
Using ____ technology, a processor can begin to execute a second set of steps before it
completes the first instruction.
a. pipelining c. CISC
b. serial processing d. cache
A ____ is a touch-sensitive surface on which you can slide your fingers in order to
move the on-screen pointer.
a. joystick
b. trackpad
c. trackball
d. TrackPoint
Which of the following is NOT true about cache?
a. L1 and L2 cache are located on the processor chip.
b. Cache capacity is typically measured in kilobytes.
c. A processor can access data from its cache faster than from elsewhere on the system
d. The amount and location of cache memory both affect performance.
The Windows ____ is a file that stores configuration information about the devices and
software installed on a computer system.
a. root directory c. Registry
b. backup d. Explorer
____ testing is used to verify that a system works as required.
a. Application c. Acceptance
b. Unit d. System
Most Prolog compilers provide a(n) ____ feature that allows you to track through each
a. trace c. walkthrough
b. debugger d. backtrack
____ is a type of code used to represent character data.
b. Unicode d. All of the above are examples
In a network database, a(n) ____ is the rough equivalent to a child record type.
a. root c. owner
b. node d. member
Which of the following would most people consider to be the best example of a
peripheral device?
a. keyboard
b. scanner
c. printer
d. mouse
A(n) ____card carries data to speakers or headphones.
a. sound
b. audio
c. ISA
d. volume
An HTTP command that helps browsers communicate with Web servers is called a(n)
a. image map c. socket
b. method d. status code
In a Prolog program, words in parentheses are called ____________________.
Windows Explorer is a Windows OS utility that helps you search the Internet.
Wireless networks are great for computers such as notebooks and tablets that do not
need to be constantly plugged into an outlet.
Describe three of the disadvantages to wireless networks.
Early IT industry pioneers located their businesses in ____________________ Valley.
A pointing stick is usually used with a notebook instead of a PC.
Organizations that focus on political, social, or charitable goals are called
____________________ organizations.
When you receive a storage medium, typically you must format it before using.
Most application software allows you to perform some file management tasks, such as
designating a storage location for a saved file.
List four measures you can take to protect your computer from threats.
SSL protocol encrypts the text of an HTTP message before it is sent.
Bookmarks are the list of sites you have visited in previous Web sessions.
To set your resume apart when searching for a job online, use a distinctive e-mail
address, such as [email protected], instead of your name.
Video editing systems, calculators, and flight simulators are all examples of computers.
Having a mouse is one difference between PCs and laptop computers.
A video capture device can convert analog video into digital format.
Describe ways to find information on computer-related degree programs or
A(n) ____________________ virus infects a miniature program used to automate
document and worksheet production.
____________________ storage stores data as microscopic light and dark spots on the
disc surface.

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