Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 70990

August 6, 2017
MP3 is a type of audio editing software.
A text editor, as shown in the figure above, is a generic word processing tool that can be
used to type in program code.
Describe three considerations for a project team that is evaluating hardware solutions.
A Zip disk is an example of a storage device.
The audio clips in the figure above show different ____________________ rates of a
sound file.
A Web server runs separate software for each service it offers.
Data stored in RAM is erased when the computer's power is turned off.
In the context of a Prolog program, a(n) ____________________ is a statement that
provides the computer with information to solve a problem.
Information engineering methodologies focus on data that has been processed by an
information system.
All viruses have .exe file extensions.
A(n) ____________________ mouse uses an onboard chip to track a light beam as it
bounces off a surface.
A(n) ____________________ is the primary input device for most computers.
Describe the uses and benefits of solid state storage.
A good place to store your backup software is on your backup disks.
Any software that can autonomously execute a task when commanded to do so is called
a(n) ____________________ agent.
The figure above demonstrates Static Web publishing.

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