Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 61142

August 6, 2017
A small program stored in ROM that supplies the instructions to start the operating
system is called a(n) ____________________ program.
A vertical stack of tracks on a hard disk platter is called a cylinder.
A person-to-person payment is often used to pay for items won in an online auction.
The instructions for loading an operating system are stored in the bootstrap program.
A keyboard ____________________ is a combination of a modifier key and another
key to perform a task.
A(n) ____________________-side script is a statement that accepts and processes data
submitted by a form and generates a custom HTML document.
When you use graphics software to reduce the resolution of an image, part of the image
is cropped out.
FTP utilities are used to manage files on a PC.
Mozilla Firefox is a popular HTML editor.
The size of the video window depends on the size of the monitor on which it is viewed.
RAM is ____________________, which means that data in RAM can be easily lost.
The best place to store your backup disks is right next to the computer.
Each storage medium contains its own index file.
A(n) ____________________ tag specifies the basic setup for a Web page.
CMOS is more permanent than ROM.

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