Book Title
Business Data Networks and Security 10th Edition

COSC 57100

July 19, 2017
In a four-step close, which side transmits a FIN segment?
A) the side that initiates the close
B) the other side
C) either side
D) neither side
If your subnet part is 8 bits long, you can have ________ subnets.
A) 64
B) 128
C) 256
D) 254
CSMA/CA+ACK usually is ________.
A) mandatory
B) optional
C) not important
D) efficient
1 Watt represents a dBm value of about ________.
A) 10
B) 20
C) 30
D) We cannot say because only one power is given.
Which of the following can be done today without the target's knowledge?
A) iris scanning
B) face recognition
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
Vulnerabilities are occasionally found in even the best security products. Consequently,
companies must ________.
A) have comprehensive security
B) have defense in depth
C) do risk analysis
D) only give minimum permissions
An Active Directory domain ________.
A) has only a single domain controller
B) makes all servers domain controllers
C) must have its servers organized as a tree
D) none of the above
Which of the following is more efficient and faster?
C) Both are about equally efficient and fast.
________ is used for supervisory messages at the internet layer.
When a packet travels through an internet, there are usually ________.
A) more data links than routes
B) exactly the same number of data links and routes
C) approximately the same number of data links and routes
D) more routes than data links
Modal dispersion limits transmission distance in ________.
A) multimode fiber
B) single-mode fiber
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
In distributed DoS attacks, the attacker sends messages directly to ________.
A) bots
B) the intended victim of the DoS attack
C) a command and control server
D) DOS servers
Deregulation is the highest for ________.
A) customer premises equipment
B) local telephone service
C) long-distance telephone service
D) All of the above are deregulated to about the same degree.
Which of the following provides end-to-end encryption?
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
Ethernet addresses were formerly called ________ addresses.
B) EUI-48
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
For the transport layer, VoIP uses ________ for transport transmission.
20,000 bits per second is ________.
A) 20 Kbps
B) 20 Mbps
C) 20 Gbps
D) none of the above
In ADSL, the customer should have ________.
A) splitters
B) an ADSL modem
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
In QAM, if you have eight possible amplitudes, you have ________ possible states.
A) 4
B) 8
C) 16
D) none of the above
In a coffee shop hot spot, the rated speed is 10 Mbps. Throughput is about half of the
rated speed. There are ten people using the hot spot. You and three others are
transmitting or receiving at a particular moment. What speed should you expect to get?
A) 0.5 Mbps
B) 1 Mbps
C) 1.25 Mbps
D) 2.5 Mbps
An internal router only connects different IP ________.
A) subnets
B) networks
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
Which of the following is an advanced carrier telephone service?
A) voice mail
B) caller ID
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
Fiber that has a core diameter of 8 microns is ________.
A) multimode fiber
B) single-mode fiber
C) full duplex fiber
D) exceptionally fast
Data link layer standards govern ________.
A) switch operation
B) frame organization
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B is an ________.
A) IPv4 address
B) IPv6 address
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
2500 is in the range for ________ port numbers.
A) well-known
B) ephemeral
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
If a company uses 802.11i for its core security protocol, an evil twin access point will
set up ________ 802.11i connection(s).
A) one
B) two
C) four
D) 16
Who are the most dangerous types of employees?
A) financial employees
B) manufacturing employees
C) IT security employees
D) former employees
The SNMP manager stores the information it receives from Get commands ________.
A) in the MIB
B) on the agent
C) on the managed device
D) in the cloud
Which of the following already runs to nearly all customer premises?
A) 4-pair UTP
B) 1-pair VG UTP
C) 1-pair DG UTP
D) none of the above
In the TJX breach, attackers first got into the network through ________.
A) spear phishing
B) an inside conspirator
C) the use of weak wireless encryption
D) all of the above
To transmit data very rapidly, you would want a ________ channel.
A) narrowband
B) broadband
C) single-frequency band
D) none of the above