Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

COSC 52537

August 22, 2017
SQL statements can be run individually or as part of a related group of SQL statements
known as a script.
In SQL, the LIKE keyword can be combined with the NOT keyword to form the NOT
LIKE condition for selecting values.
Column family databases may use columns, super columns, column families and super
column families.
DTD stands for Document Type Declaration.
Generally, the more restrictive the transaction isolation level, the less the throughput of
database processing.
Because SQL stored procedures allow and encourage code sharing among developers,
stored procedures give database application developers the advantages of less work,
standardized processing, and specialization among developers.
SQL triggers can be used when the DBMS receives an INSERT request.
In a common form of RFM analysis, customers with an R score of 5 are in the 20% of
customers who have the most recent orders.
An entity needs to be examined according to normalization criteria before creating a
table from it in the relational database design.
PHP was most recently ranked as the 5th most popular programming language.
Graph databases are composed of three elements, one of which is the node.
The use of surrogate keys usually complicates application programming since most
DBMS products require the application program to generate surrogate key values.
In RFM analysis, R stands for "how recently", F stands for "how frequently" and M
stands for "how many months."
Graph databases are composed of three elements, one of which is the attribute.
SQL triggers can be used with SQL operations INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.
If the condition exists such that knowing the value of attribute X determines the value
of attribute Y, then attribute Y is functionally dependent on attribute X.
A report that is sent to users on a predetermined schedule is called a push report.
The ON DELETE CASCADE referential integrity constraint does not apply when rows
are deleted using the SQL DELETE command.
Surrogate key values have no meaning to the users.
The result for SELECT statements in SQL is a relation unless the result is a single
The SQL statement ALTER EXISTING VIEW ViewName AS is used to modify a view.
For a workstation running the Windows operating system, a commonly used Web
browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The ideal primary key is short, numeric, and fixed.
Table names are edited in the MySQL EER Component Editor.
A stored procedure is a module of logic normally written in a traditional programming
language like C++ and stored in the application program.
By default, Microsoft Access creates 1:1 relationships between tables.
The purpose of a database is to help people keep track of things.
A transaction in which all steps must be completed successfully or none of them will be
completed is called a durable transaction.
In the relational model, many-to-many relationships cannot be directly represented by
relations the way 1:1 and 1:N relationships can.
Use cases can be used to validate the data model, design, and implementation.
Since an SQL view is essentially a stored query, Microsoft Access queries can be used
to implement SQL view equivalents.
In general, the best type of ODBC data source that can be defined for a Web application
is a system data source.
Apache Cassandra is an example of a column family database.
SQL triggers can be used when the DBMS receives an UPDATE request.
A stored procedure is invoked automatically by the DBMS whenever certain events
When using SQL to create a table, a column is defined by declaring, in this order: data
type, column name, and optional constraints.
The DBMS receives data update requests from the application program.
The NextVal method provides the next value in a sequence.
For a Web server running the Windows operating system, the most commonly used Web
server is:
A) the IIS Web server.
B) the Apache Web server.
C) the Tomcat Web server.
D) the ASP.NET Web server.
E) the JSP Web server.
Which of the following is not true about null values?
A) A null value can mean that the value is unknown.
B) A null value is ambiguous.
C) A null value can mean that the value is known to be blank.
D) A null value can mean that no value for the field is appropriate.
E) Null values cannot be avoided.
The intermediary between the application and the DBMS drivers in the ODBC
architecture is the:
A) driver manager.
B) OLE DB interface.
C) ODBC driver.
D) data source.
E) database connector.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, which object can be formatted with the line end symbols
needed to create IE Crow's Foot notation?
A) Dynamic connector object
B) Relationship connector object
C) Category object
D) Parent to category connector object
E) Category to child connector object
Once a table has been defined, it should be examined according to ________ criteria.
A surrogate key should be considered when ________.
A) a relationship is M:N
B) a composite key is required
C) the key contains a lengthy text field
D) the key contains a number
E) an index needs to be created
The identifier of the entity becomes the ________ of the corresponding table.
A) primary key
B) foreign key
C) supertype
D) subtype
E) either A or B
User interviews are conducted during the ________ step of the SDLC.
A) system definition
B) requirements analysis
C) component design
D) implementation
E) systems maintenance
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboard command buttons are built using:
A) the Text Label Wizard.
B) the Command Button Wizard.
C) the All Button Wizard.
D) the Form Wizard.
E) All of the above
A reporting system does not maintain a database of metadata.
In relational database design, ID-dependent entities are used to ________.
A) represent 1:1 relationships
B) represent 1:N relationships
C) represent N:M relationships
D) handle recursive relationships
E) eliminate the need for weak entities being converted to tables.
A composite primary key can be defined using the CONSTRAINT phrase in which
SQL command?
In SQL Developer, DBMS objects are displayed:
A) in the Navigation Pane.
B) in the Object Browser.
C) in the Connections area.
D) in the tabbed document window.
E) in the command tab.
A key that contains more than one attribute is called a(n):
A) composite key.
B) complex key.
C) multi-key.
D) n-key.
E) candidate key.
What concurrent processing problem occurs when a transaction rereads data and finds
new rows that were inserted by a different transaction since the prior read?
A) Nonrepeatable reads
B) Phantom reads
C) Dirty reads
D) Serialized reads
E) Unlocked reads
Microsoft Access is a good tool for creating mock-ups of forms and reports because:
A) the form and report generators do not exist within Access itself.
B) Access forms and reports are very simplistic.
C) Access wizards make it easy to create the forms and reports.
D) Access has a version of Microsoft PowerPoint built into it to allow easy creation of
PowerPoint slide shows.
E) Access has a version of Microsoft Excel built into it to allow easy exporting of data
to spreadsheets.
To use Access 2013 data in an Excel 2013 PivotTable, we use the:
A) "To Excel" command on the Access Data command tab.
B) "To Excel" command on the Excel Data command tab.
C) "From Access" command on the Access Data command tab.
D) "From Access" command on the Excel Data command tab.
E) "Get Data" command on the Excel Data command tab.
For a workstation running the Windows operating system, the additional user file
system permissions ________ must be granted to the Users group at the wwwroot
A) Read and Write
B) Modify and Read
C) Modify and Write
D) Read and Execute
E) None of the above is correct.
Given the tables
STUDENT(StudentID, StudentName, AdvisorID)
ADVISOR(AdvisorID, AdvisorName, Office, Phone)
which of the following SQL statements would be used to implant a join between the
two tables?
The use of the XML Schema expression minOccurs="0" ________.
A) is an XML Schema default
B) is required as there are no defaults in an XML Schema
C) is similar to the SQL schema NULL constraint
D) A and C
E) B and C
The "R" in RFM analysis stands for:
A) rank.
B) recent.
C) relationship.
D) readiness.
E) random.
Which of the following is the easiest tool for creating a database with Oracle Database?
A) The Oracle Database XE 11.2 utility
B) The Oracle SQL*Plus command utility program
C) The Oracle SQL Developer
D) A and C
E) A, B and C
Microsoft Access can be used to prototype databases for which of the following DBMS
A) Microsoft Access
B) SQL Server
D) Oracle Database
E) All of the above
In Microsoft Access, relationships between tables are created:
A) by the Relationships button on the Create command tab.
B) by the Relationships button on the Home command tab.
C) in the Relationships window.
D) in the Table window of the table containing the primary key.
E) in the Table window of the table containing the foreign key.
When running the NetBeans IDE for the first time, use a default file workspace named:
A) NetBeans Workspace.
B) NetBeansProjects.
C) Documents.
D) My Documents.
E) My Workspace.
Which of the following activities is not performed during the implementation phase of
developing a database system?
A) Filling the database with data
B) Transforming the data model into a database design
C) Writing application programs
D) Creating forms
E) Creating reports
The recovery technique in which the database is returned to a known state and then all
valid transactions are reapplied to the database is known as:
A) reprocessing.
B) rollback.
C) transaction logging.
D) rollforward.
E) checkpointing.
SQL view instances are retrieved using the:
A) SQL CREATE statement.
B) SQL DELETE statement.
C) SQL INSERT statement.
D) SQL SELECT statement.
E) SQL UPDATE statement.
To create an OLAP report for an Access 2013 database, we can build a PivotTable in:
A) Microsoft Access 2013.
B) Microsoft Word 2013.
C) Microsoft Visio 2013.
D) Microsoft Excel 2013.
E) Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.
Refer to the table above.What is the definition of support for Drug A and Drug B?
A) The probability that Drug A will be purchased
B) The probability that Drug B will be purchased
C) The probability that both Drug A and Drug B will be purchased
D) The probability that Drug A will be purchased given that Drug B has been purchased
E) The probability that Drug B will be purchased given that Drug A has been purchased
When the primary key of one relation is placed into a second relation, it is called a:
A) field key.
B) referential integrity.
C) foreign key.
D) candidate key.
E) relocated key.
Breaking hardware, power outages, and human mistakes are all reasons that ________.
ODBC stands for ________.
________ constrain data values and the processing of the database.
Describe how to create an OLAP report for a Microsoft Access 2013 database in
Microsoft Excel 2013.
What is a conformed dimension?
Explain why it is important to learn SQL.
OLAP reports can be created using the Excel 2013 ________ tool.
The default cardinality for elements in an XML Schema is ________.
XML documents that conform to their DTD are said to be ________.
An important reason for using Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 is that it
has ________.
Briefly explain the strategy of two-phased locking.
A(n) ________ is a relationship among entities of the same class.
As far as Microsoft Access is concerned, there are no ________.
MySQL 5.6 Server Community Edition uses ________ authentication.
What are objects, and how are they related to the object-oriented DBMS (OODBMS)?
What is an SQL script, and why are SQL scripts useful?