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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

COSC 43167

July 31, 2017
The Auto Hide button is a toggle button: clicking it twice activates it, and clicking it
again deactivates it.
Font sizes are typically measured in millimeters.
Using languages to code your algorithms into programs is the fourth step in the
problem-solving process.
It is helpful to use a desk-check table when desk-checking an algorithm.
When planning an algorithm, you need to create both a flowchart and pseudocode.
When used in a computer program, the selection structure alerts the computer that a
decision needs to be made, and it provides the appropriate action to take based on the
result of that decision.
You can only perform a desk-check using an algorithm's pseudocode.
The selection structure is also referred to as the decision structure.
The first step that programmers follow when they solve problems is to plan the
The syntax of the Val function is Val(text), where text is the characters you want treated
as a number.
Visio is a flowcharting program.
The first three steps in the problem-solving process are to analyze the problem, plan the
algorithm, and then desk-check the algorithm.
Most algorithms end with an instruction to print, display, or store the output items.
For simple algorithms, flowcharts work just fine.
In a form, the blue lines are called margin lines, because their size is determined by the
contents of the control's Margin property.
All computer programs, no matter how simple or how complex, are written using one or
more of three basic structures: sequence, selection, and repetition.
The final step that programmers follow when they solve problems is to rigorously test
the program using the computer.
Locking the controls on a form prevents them from being moved inadvertently as you
work in the IDE.
Pseudocode is standardized.
The Format menu has a Center in Form option that centers one or more controls either
horizontally or vertically on the form.
Programmers must use the repetition structure in every program they write.
The objects added to a form are called events.
A Windows application has a Windows user interface and runs on a desktop computer.
You distinguish one variable in a one-dimensional array from another variable in the
array using a unique number, called a(n) ____.
a. superscript
b. identifier
c. array identifier
d. subscript
You use the ____ method to convert a string to uppercase.
The ____ is the item or items needed to achieve the goal.
____ variables are recognized by every procedure contained in the form's Code Editor
The ____ operator returns the smallest value in the group.
A comment is referred to as ____ documentation.
If an expression contains logical operators, comparison operators, and arithmetic
operators, ____.
a. the comparison operators are evaluated first
b. the arithmetic operators are evaluated first
c. the logical operators are evaluated first
d. the operators are evaluated in order
The Enter key on your keyboard is represented by the ____ constant.
You ____ an algorithm to verify that it is not missing any steps, and that the existing
steps are correct and in the proper order.
The ____ tool verifies that a control contains data.
The instruction "If it is raining outside, then take an umbrella" is an example of the
____ structure.
a. control
b. repetition
c. selection
d. sequence
The ____ loop condition is evaluated before the instructions within the loop are
An expression that attempts to divide a value by the number 0 will result in a ____
If the outer loop of a nested loop controls the ____ subscript in a two-dimensional
array, the array is filled with data row by row.
The information is requested and subsequently viewed through the use of a program
called a ____.
A(n) ____ selection structure is contained within the outer selection structure.
You can use the BindingSource object's ____ methods to move the record pointer to the
first, last, next, or previous record in the dataset.
When debugging, to execute the highlighted instruction, you can use either the Debug
menu's Step Into option or the ____ key on your keyboard.
A(n) ____ is a computer that contains special software that "serves up" Web pages in
response to requests from client computers.
Programmers use the ____ structure when they need the computer to repeatedly process
one or more program instructions until some condition is met, at which time the
processing ends.
The ____ indicates the variable's position in the array.
You use the ____ keyword to declare a procedure-level structure variable.
If the file to be opened exists, the ____ method writes new data after any existing data
in the file.
You close a solution using the ____ option on the File menu.
Variables declared in a form's Declarations section are referred to as ____ variables.
a. global
b. local-level
c. class-level
d. program-level
A ____ is a computer that uses a browser to request information from a Web server.
The ____ instruction tells the computer to close the current form.
The syntax for the substring method is ____.
a. Substring.string(startIndex)
b. string.Substring(startIndex[, numCharsToAccess])
c. string.Substring(numCharsToAccess,startIndex)
d. string.Substring([numCharsToAccess],startIndex)
A game program uses the ____ loop to control the display of the menu, which must
appear on the screen at least once.
Before you can use the Format menu to make the picture boxes the same size, you first
must ____ them.
A(n) ____ is a word that has a special meaning in a programming language.
You should test an algorithm with invalid data because users sometimes make mistakes
when entering data.
You are given the following statement:
Do ... Loop Until intCounter > intNumTimes.
The Until intCounter > intNumTimes represents a ____.
The two most important components of any problem are the problem's output and its
The Delspace key is necessary for editing the text box entry.
When an interface is first created, the TabIndex values reflect the order in which each
control was added to the form.
The intersection of a row and column in a DataGridView control is called a cell.
In most applications, the code to fill a dataset with data belongs in the form's Fill event
When the computer processes the assignment statement, it first performs the calculation
that appears on the leftt side of the assignment operator.
If the application's code contains a selection structure, use values that will test each
To include scroll bars on a text box, you need to change the ScrollBar property's setting
from None to either Horizontal or Vertical.
The Web consists of documents called Web pages that are stored on Web servers.
To have the Audio object play an audio file, you use its Sound method.
The Peek method determines whether a file contains another character to read.
In most applications, you enter the Structure statement in the form's Declarations
You cannot override the order of precedence for arithmetic operators.
Many programmers use comments to document a procedure's purpose, as well as to
explain various sections of the procedure's code.
In most cases, the last statement within a function is Update expression.
A relational database can contain one or more tables.
Pascal case means capitalizing the first letter in the name and the first letter of each
subsequent word in the name.
To view a Web page in full screen view, you use the Open Screen option on the View
When naming the Private variables in a class, many programmers use the underscore as
the first character and then use camel case for the remainder of the name.

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