Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 28983

August 6, 2017
Most businesses hire computer programmers to write programs specific to their needs
in order to save time and money.
The item labeled 3 in the above figure reads and writes the particles that represent data
in magnetic storage.
A hard drive storage device includes a circuit board, called a ____________________.
The first phase of software testing is called the ____________________ test.
A(n) ________________________________________ is a tool for programming
software applications for graphical environments, such as Windows
Safari is a popular Windows browser software program.
A(n) ____________________ backup makes a copy of every file in the folders on your
Data ____________________ is the process of interpreting information to discover
trends and patterns.
Integrated circuits are not connected to the motherboard.
Mac OS uses a file management tool called Explorer.
Floppy disks store data the same way as CD-ROMs.
Describe the purpose and elements of a System Requirements Report.
A Web page ____________________ is a grid of cells used as a layout tool for text and
HTML is called a ____________________ language.
A(n) ____________________ card is an expansion card that allows data to transmit
over phone lines.
The Apple 1 was sold as a kit.
A systems ____________________ performs backups and data recovery, and
troubleshoots operational problems.
The ____________________ paradigm describes a problem without specifying how to
solve it.

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