Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

COSC 17522

August 22, 2017
Explain two methods for defining a primary key using SQL.
To run an SQL script, click the ________ button on the Query Toolbar.
Problematic data are called ________.
Briefly describe the function of the DBMS in a database system.
Michael Porter includes inbound logistics in his list of ________ activities.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, how do we format line ends in data models to represent the
symbols used in the IE Crow's Foot notation?
Database objects are displayed in the ________ window in the SQL Server
Management Studio.
Business Intelligence (BI) ________ uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical
techniques to perform what-if analyses, to make predictions, and to facilitate decision
Describe how to create a new database in MySQL 5.6 Community Server Edition.
Explain the possible interpretations of a null value.
What is "metadata," and how does it relate to the definition of a database?
The SQL keyword ________ can be used with SELECT statements retrieving view
instances to sort the results of the SELECT.
Define and discuss an information system.
An entity that must logically depend on another entity is called a(n) ________ entity.
Downloading and installing the MySQL connector/ODBC means that the ________
(name and version) driver will be available in the ODBC Data Source Administrator.
What does NoSQL stand for, and what does it mean?