Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COSC 14194

August 6, 2017
Beta versions of software are often buggy.
On average, a programmer can write, test, and document a maximum of 100 lines of
code per day.
A configuration file is the main executable file for a computer program.
Modulation means changing the characteristics of a signal, such as from analog to
Color and black & white printouts typically take the same amount of time to output.
____________________ refers to the symbols a computer uses to represent facts,
objects, and ideas.
HTML is a case-sensitive language.
A(n) ____________________ system controls all of the activities on a computer.
A CD-RW drive can be used to record CDs, but not play audio CDs.
The figure above is an example of an HTML form.
In Windows Explorer, the minus-sign next to a folder means that it does not contain any
A gateway is used to connect two similar networks.
A browser is the client half of the client/server relationship between a computer and a
Web server.
A standard ____________________ disk has a capacity of 1.44MB.
Creating an IS from scratch can take years to program.
Most Internet connections have a faster upstream than downstream transmission rate.
90% of the personal computer operating system market is controlled by the company
The way you query an XML database depends on how it was created, where it is stored,
and whether you have authorization.
If project team members do not know what hardware and software are needed, they can
use an RFP to describe the problem and ask vendors how they would solve it.

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