Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

COP 72204

August 22, 2017
Conditions in an SQL INSERT command and after the SQL ________ keyword require
single quotes around values for Char and VarChar columns, but not around values for
Integer and Numeric columns.
The relationship between two attributes that denotes that if the value of the first
attribute is known, then the value of the second attribute can be determined, is called
a(n) ________.
How is minimum cardinality expressed in crow's foot E-R diagrams?
An SQL data type of ________ would indicate a variable-length character string with
maximum length 75.
Using SQL commands, multiple tables can be queried using either subqueries or
Database objects are displayed in the ________ window in the MySQL Workbench.
What additional permissions must be assigned before a user can work with files on the
IIS Web server?
In practice, why would tables that have duplicate rows be allowed?
Graph databases are composed of ________.
Describe how to create a new database design in the MySQL Workbench.
Problematic data are called ________.
Use the database below to answer the following question.
Using the CUSTOMER.Balance column as the column providing the data, create a
view to display the results of a computed column. Specifically, assume that all
customers are required to maintain a minimum balance of 100, and use the view to
display customer name and a number named BalanceOverMinimum that calculates
(Balance - 100) for all customers in the GENERAL SALES DATABASE.
What problems with storing data on two themes in a list are addressed by database
In a database system, the ________ creates and processes forms.
A(n) ________ is a set of components that interact to achieve some purpose or goal.
In Microsoft Access, the default method of creating and running a query is ________.
The first step of database design is to define a table for each ________.
A rule that requires every value in a foreign key to match values in the corresponding
primary key is called a(n) ________ constraint.
Describe how to create relationships in a MySQL Workbench database design.
Explain the essential format of the CREATE TABLE statement.