Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

COP 50732

August 6, 2017
Increased security features is an important reason to upgrade your browser.
During ____________________ program execution, the computer performs each
instruction in the order it appears.
VBScript allows a Web designer to embed simple program instructions into the text of
an HTML document.
A host computer is any computer that provides services to network users.
Because they store your files remotely, a Web site offering fee-based backup storage is
a good place to store all of your backup files.
Describe the following online threats: fake storefronts, clear GIFs, and ad-serving
The Linux operating system allows programmers to develop software and
enhancements through a General Public License.
Describe some of the measures you can take to manage files on your computer
Upgrading your computer's processor is an inexpensive and easy way to enhance your
computer's performance.
ISPs can provide services that allow your computer to function as an Internet server.
What are some reasons to upgrade to the latest version of your Web browser?
A(n) ____________________ network simulates the way a brain learns and processes
A(n) ____________________ is an organization's goal or plan.
PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant.
Support programs often have the file extension .exe.
COBOL is an example of machine language.

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