Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

COP 47313

August 22, 2017
The Oracle Database FORMAT_DATE function can be used to make sure that Oracle
Database interprets date data correctly.
NoSQL really stands for "Not only SQL."
The default file extension for text files created for or within SQL Developer is .sql.
A data mart is a collection of data that addresses a particular component or functional
area of a business.
SQL views can be used to hide complicated SQL syntax.
Since surrogate keys are used to uniquely identify rows, their values are normally
displayed prominently on all forms and reports for the users to see.
The PRODUCT entity instance is the collection of all PRODUCT entity classes.
With ODBC, the driver manager serves as an intermediary between the application and
the DBMS drivers.
Report management systems include the ability to create associated user accounts and
Referential integrity constraints must be enforced by the application program.
If a server is using a Microsoft Windows operating system, it is usually running Internet
Information Services (IIS) as its Web server.
When using SQL to create a table, specifying a data type of Char(10) indicates a fixed
length field of 10 characters.
Usually, a database table containing both rows and columns is designed to store data for
exactly two themes.
In certain circumstances, there may be a preference as to which table in a 1:1
relationship contains the foreign key.
The SUM built-in function in SQL is used to total the values in a numeric column.
In the MySQL Workbench, a 1:N non-identifying relationship between two tables that
already contain the needed primary and foreign keys is created using the 1:N
Non-identifying Relationship button.
With ODBC, only a single driver is needed to handle all data source types, such as SQL
Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.
In the normalization process, it is not necessary to identify all the functional
dependencies in a relation.
From a pragmatic standpoint, the only important rule of normalization is that the
determinant of every functional dependency must be a candidate key.
SQL views can be used to hide columns.
Reports that do not change once prepared are called static reports.
Below installing the NetBeans IDE, we have to install the Java JDK.
In crow's foot E-R notation, the crow's foot indicates a maximum cardinality of one.
XML provides a standardized, non-customizable way to describe the content of a
Database objects are displayed in the Object Browser window in the MySQL
To log into a workspace connection in Oracle SQL Developer, use the username and
password you created for Application Express.
Data warehouses are populated with data prepared by Extract, Transform, and Load
(ETL) systems.
In the MySQL Table Editor, the abbreviation AI stands for AUTO_INCREMENT.
Graph databases are composed of three elements, one of which is the edge.
A key must be unique.
The final step of using a PHP connection to a DBMS is to:
A) open the connection.
B) test the connection.
C) query the database.
D) process the query results.
E) close the connection.
A surrogate key may be appropriate under which of the following circumstances?
A) The available candidate keys would produce a lot of data duplication when
representing relationships.
B) The primary key is numeric.
C) The available candidate keys would be prone to typographical errors.
D) The available candidate keys have little meaning to the users.
E) Both A and C
In crow's foot style E-R diagrams, a single entity together with a related set of entities
that each contain specific sets of attributes related to the single entity represent:
A) a strong entity relationship.
B) an ID-dependent weak entity relationship.
C) a non-ID-dependent weak entity relationship.
D) a supertype / subtype relationship.
E) a recursive entity relationship.
The first step in transforming an extended E-R model into a relational database design
is to ________.
A) create a table for each relationship
B) evaluate the entities against the normalization criteria
C) create a table for each entity
D) remove any recursive relationships
E) document referential integrity constraints
The ideal primary key is ________.
A) short
B) numeric
C) fixed
D) A and B
E) A, B, and C
SQL Server DBMS objects are displayed:
A) in the Navigation Pane.
B) in the Object Explorer.
C) in the tabbed database window.
D) in the tabbed document window.
E) in the command tab.
For a workstation running the Windows operating system, the user file system
permissions Modify and Write must be granted to ________ at the wwwroot folder.
A) the ISUR_{WebServerName} User
B) the IAPP_{WebServerName} User
C) the WebUsers group
D) the Users group
E) None of the above is correct.
Which of the following is not true about surrogate keys?
A) They are identifiers that are supplied by the system, not the users.
B) They have no meaning to the users.
C) They are nonunique within a table.
D) They can be problematic when combining databases.
E) The DBMS will not allow their values to be changed.
Microsoft Access does not create N:M relationships because:
A) Microsoft Access creates databases based on database designs instead of data
B) Microsoft Access creates databases based on data models instead of database
C) Microsoft Access cannot implement association relationships.
D) Microsoft Access cannot implement supertype/subtype relationships.
E) Microsoft Access cannot implement recursive relationships.
Which of the following is true about data mining applications?
A) They use sophisticated mathematical techniques.
B) They use sophisticated statistical techniques.
C) Their report delivery is more difficult than report delivery for reporting systems.
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
Which symbol is used in standard SQL as a wildcard to represent a single, unspecified
A) % (percent sign)
B) ! (exclamation mark)
C) _ (underscore)
D) ? (question mark)
E) ; (semi-colon)
Business Intelligence (BI) systems do which of the following?
A) Analyze current and past activities
B) Predict future events
C) Record and process transactions
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
Refer to the table above. What is the lift for Drug B being purchased given that Drug A
has been purchased?
A) .200
B) .250
C) .333
D) .500
E) .667
Whether a lock applies to data at the record level, page level, table level, or database
level is referred to as:
A) lock exclusivity.
B) lock sharing.
C) lock phasing.
D) serializable locking.
E) lock granularity.
SQL triggers can be used when the DBMS receives a(n) ________ request.
D) A and B
E) A, B, and C
SQL views are used:
A) to hide columns or rows.
B) to display the results of computations.
C) to hide complicated SQL syntax.
D) to layer built-in functions.
E) All of the above
Logging into the SQL Server 2014 Express DBMS is done using:
A) the Connect to Server command.
B) the Connect to Server dialog box.
C) the Connect to SQL Server Instance command.
D) the Connect to SQL Server Instance dialog box.
E) None of the above is correct.
Business Intelligence (BI) systems are information systems that help users analyze and
use data.
A stored program that is attached to a table or view is called ________.
A) a CHECK constraint
B) a view
C) embedded SQL
D) a trigger
E) a stored procedure
The SQL statement used to modify a view is:
D) DROP VIEW ViewName.
Conditions after the WHERE keyword require single quotes around the values for
columns that have which data type?
A) Char
B) VarChar
C) Integer
D) Numeric
E) Both A and B
Given the table
CUSTOMER(CustID, Name, PhoneNum, AcctBalance)
what is the standard SQL query phrase to retrieve data for customers with an account
balance greater than 50?
A) WHERE CUSTOMER-AcctBalance > 50
B) WHERE (CUSTOMER-AcctBalance > 50)
C) WHERE AcctBalance > 50
D) WHERE (AcctBalance > 50)
E) HAVING AcctBalance > 50
XML Schemas consist of ________.
A) elements
B) attributes
C) properties
D) A and B
E) A, B, and C
Which SQL keyword is used to eliminate duplicate rows in the results of an SQL
SELECT query?
Star schemas have a ________ at the center of the star.
A) fact table
B) dimension table
C) map table
D) reduce table
E) None of the above
SQL statements used to construct views cannot contain:
A) the SELECT clause.
B) the FROM clause.
C) the WHERE clause.
D) the ORDER BY clause.
E) the LIKE keyword.
SQL query results are displayed:
A) in a tabbed Resultset window.
B) in a tabbed Query Result window.
C) in a tabbed Document window.
D) in a tabbed Messages window.
E) in a tabbed Finished window.
A primary key is:
A) required to be unique.
B) used to represent rows in relationships.
C) a candidate key.
D) used to identify unique rows.
E) All of the above
An example of a key-value database is ________.
A) Dynamo
B) Couchbase Server
C) Bigtable
D) Neo4j
Given the relations:
STUDENT (SID, StudentName, Major, AdvisorID)
ADVISOR (AdvisorID, AdvisorName, Office, Phone)
such that each student is assigned to one advisor, which of the following is true?
A) SID is both a primary key and a foreign key.
B) AdvisorName is a determinant.
C) AdvisorID is a foreign key.
D) Phone is a candidate key.
E) Major is a candidate key.
To run an SQL script or SQL command in MySQL Server Community Edition:
A) click the Execute button on the Query Toolbar.
B) click the Execute button on the Browser Toolbar.
C) click the Run button on the Query Toolbar.
D) click the Run button on the Browser Toolbar.
E) click the Execute SQL Script button on the Toolbar.
The term ________ refers to the capability of seeing the data in smaller and smaller
________ is facts and numbers.
Compare the characteristics of an operational database and a dimensional database.
What is a data warehouse?
Business Intelligence (BI) systems obtain data in ________ different ways.
SQL was developed by ________ in the late 1970s.
Microsoft Access 2013 provides application menuing capabilities by means of a(n)
Explain the representation of a one-to-many strong entity relationship in a relational
database design.
Given the table
CUSTOMER(CustID, Name, PhoneNumber, AccountBalance)
write the standard SQL query to retrieve the Name and Phone Number of customers
with a balance greater than 50.
What program must be installed before the installation of the NetBeans IDE, and how
do you obtain and install this product?
Database administrators must make sure that ________ and ________ techniques and
procedures are operating to protect the database in case of failure and to recover it as
quickly and accurately as possible when necessary.
Describe how to create and run an SQL query in MySQL 5.6 Community Server
To create a new MySQL query, use the ________ command.
What database administration functions help bring order to the potential chaos of the
database processing environment?
In Microsoft Access, relationships between tables are built in the ________.
Why is operational data sometimes unusable for Business Intelligence purposes?
A complete table, including both the table structure and any data in the table, can be
removed from the database by using the SQL ________ command.
The ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server is installed ________ when SQL Server 2014 is