Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

COP 44444

August 22, 2017
To create a 1:1 relationship in Microsoft Access, the Indexed property of the foreign
key column must be set to Yes (No Duplicates).
During the design phase of developing a database system, the users are asked about the
need for changes to existing forms and reports.
NetBeans is an IDE.
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards use text labels as part of the menu.
The primary key is used both to identify unique rows in a relation and to represent rows
in relationships.
In the normalization process, if you find that every determinant in a relation is a
candidate key, then you have determined that the relation is well formed.
Excel 2013 cannot import Access 2013 data directly into a PivotTable report, but must
first place the data into a worksheet.
Every DBMS product has an application programming interface (API).
The Oracle Database GUI tool used for application development is the Oracle SQL
In market basket analysis, lift is confidence divided by support.
Michael Porter includes manufacturing operations in his list of primary activities.
Stored procedures have the advantage of greater security, decreased network traffic,
SQL optimized by the DBMS compiler, and code sharing.
Null values can cause problems because they are ambiguous.
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is becoming a standard means for defining the
structure of documents and for transmitting documents from one computer to another.
A computer-based information system has four components.
In unsupervised data mining, a model or hypothesis is created ahead of time.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, the arrow end of the Dynamic connector object points to the
table containing the primary key.
Any table that meets the definition of a relation is said to be in second normal form.
XML documents that conform to their DTD are said to be type-valid XML documents.
In order to create MySQL EER diagrams, users must log into MySQL using the
Connect to Database and the Connect to MySQL Server dialog boxes.
A trigger is an event stored in a database that is invoked by the DBMS when specified
events occur.
The number of entity classes involved in a relationship is the cardinality of the
In Microsoft Visio 2013, both data models and database designs are created using the
Crow's Foot Database Notation template.
In SQL, the NOT keyword can be combined with the IN keyword to form the NOT IN
condition for selecting values.
When using Microsoft Access and IIS, there is no need for an ODBC data source.
Although Excel 2013 will create a PivotTable report using Access 2013 data, it does not
have formatting tools that can be used with the report.
By default, the identifier of the entity becomes the foreign key of the corresponding
In a common form of RFM analysis, a score of 1 is "high" or "good" while a score of 5
is "low" or "bad."
Report management defines who gets the report, how often, and how it is to be
Big Data is the name given to the enormous datasets generated by Web 2.0 applications.
JSON stands for Jason Script Object Notation.
A possible problem with keeping data in lists is that if you delete a row of data from a
list, you may also delete some data items that you want to keep.
SOAP was originally an XML-based standard for providing remote procedure calls
over the Internet.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, for a Relationship object relationship that is one-optional on
the child side of the relationship, the correct setting in the Symbol menu is:
A) 1 and only 1.
B) 1 or more.
C) Zero or 1.
D) Zero or more.
E) Range [At least][At most].
Which of the following is not a basic element of the E-R Model?
A) Identifiers
B) Entities
C) Cardinalities
D) Use cases
E) Relationships
In the MapReduce process, the first step is the ________ step.
A) column
B) super column
C) column family
D) map
E) reduce
The purpose of concurrency control is to:
A) ensure that each form has a corresponding report.
B) ensure that ASPs do not duplicate JSPs.
C) ensure that one user's work does not interfere with another's.
D) ensure that stored procedures do not invoke triggers.
E) ensure that triggers do not invoke stored procedures.
Which of the following terms is synonymous with "relation"?
A) Attribute
B) Table
C) Record
D) Row
E) Tuple
A BI reporting system:
A) creates meaningful information from disparate data sources.
B) delivers information to users on a timely basis.
C) uses statistical procedures to predict future events.
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
The first section of an XML document might be a ________.
A) Document Definition Section (DDS)
B) Document Type Declaration (DTD)
C) Data Type (DTYPE)
D) Document Type (DOCTYPE)
E) Type Declaration (TYPEDECL)
The creation of a database and its tables is a function of which component of the
database system?
A) Users
B) Application
D) Database
E) Web server
Additional DBA responsibilities include:
A) problem and error reporting.
B) requests of changes to existing systems.
C) controlling database configuration.
D) maintaining appropriate documentation.
E) All of the above
In database/ XML applications, it is a recommended practice that ________.
A) elements carry data, and attributes carry metadata
B) elements carry metadata, and attributes carry data
C) elements and attributes carry data, and the XML Schema carry metadata
D) elements and attributes carry metadata, and the XML Schema carry data
E) either A or B
Which of the following is not true about representing subtypes in a relational database
A) One table is created for the supertype and one for each subtype.
B) All of the attributes of the supertype are added to the subtype relations.
C) The key of the supertype is made the key of the subtypes.
D) A subtype and its supertype are representations of the same underlying table.
E) An instance of the supertype may be related to one instance each of several subtypes.
The Microsoft Access 2013 data type of AutoNumber is used when there is a specific
need for a:
A) foreign key.
B) primary key.
C) surrogate key.
D) spare key.
E) secondary key.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, the Crow's Foot Database Notation stencil objects include:
A) an Entity object.
B) a Relationship object.
C) a Dynamic connector object.
D) A and B
E) A, B, and C
Which of the following is true about identifiers of entities?
A) Identifiers must be unique.
B) Identifiers are not normally used in a naming role.
C) The value of an identifier may identify a set of entity instances.
D) Identifiers may not be more than two attributes.
E) An identifier in the E-R model is equivalent to a key in the relational model.
Which of the following is true about a shared lock?
A) It is more restrictive than an implicit lock.
B) It allows only two transactions to update a record simultaneously.
C) It locks the item from all access.
D) It allows reads to the locked item.
E) It must use a two-phase locking scheme.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, the data models in this book are created using:
A) the Chen's Database Notation template.
B) the UML database Notation template.
C) the IDEF1X Database Notation template.
D) the Crow's Foot Database Notation template.
E) the Wireframe Database Diagram template.
To open a new Microsoft Access Query window:
A) click the New button on the Home command tab.
B) click the New Query button on the Home command tab.
C) click the Create Query button on the Create command tab.
D) click the New Query in Design view button on the Create command tab.
E) click the Query Design button on the Command tab.
Dimensional databases use the star schema.
Which of the following is not a type of trigger that can be invoked before DBMS insert,
update, or delete actions?
A) BEFORE triggers
B) PREVIOUS triggers
C) AFTER triggers
D) INSTEAD OF triggers
E) None of the above
In PHP, any programming language statements that are to be processed on the server
must be enclosed in:
A) <!-- and --!>.
B) [php and php].
C) (php and php).
D) <?php and ?>.
E) <server> and </server>.
Which type of join, although not included in standard SQL, was created to allow
unmatched rows to appear in the result of a join operation?
Data mining applications are used to accomplish which of the following tasks?
A) Perform what-if analysis
B) Make predications
C) Facilitate decision making
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
OLAP provides the ability to sum, count, average and perform other simple arithmetic
operations on groups of data.
We have obtained access to the company's operational data. In one record, we find that
a customer's age has been recorded as "337." This is an example of:
A) dirty data.
B) inconsistent data.
C) non-integrated data.
D) a "wrong format" problem.
E) a "too much data" problem.
Which of the following is the correct technique for representing a M:N relationship
using the relational model?
A) An intersection relation is created, and the key of either entity is placed as a key in
both the intersection relation and in the other relation.
B) An intersection relation is created with a surrogate key, which is placed in each of
the parent entities.
C) An intersection relation is created, and the keys of both parent entities are placed as a
composite key in the intersection relation.
D) The key from either relation is placed as a foreign key in the other relation.
E) None of the above
XML Schema is used to define ________.
A) document content and structure
B) XQL queries
C) DOM-compliant parsers
E) XPath searches
Apache Cassandra is an example of a(n) ________ non-relational DBMS.
A) Key-Value
B) Document
C) Column Family
D) Graph
E) Object-Oriented
To run an SQL script or SQL command in SQL Server 2014:
A) click the Execute button on the SQL Editor Toolbar.
B) click the Execute button on the Browser Toolbar.
C) click the Run button on the Query Toolbar.
D) click the Run button on the Browser Toolbar.
E) click the Results button on the Query Toolbar.
When using Microsoft Access and IIS, we can create Web pages that access the
database using the popular ________ scripting language.
Which of the following tasks can be done using the Oracle SQL Developer?
A) See the structure of a table
B) Add and remove columns from a table
C) Insert and delete data from a table
D) A and B
E) A, B and C
Data that the database keeps about its own structure is called ________.
Data models are created during the ________ step.
Microsoft Access SQL allows table structures to be modified by using the standard SQL
________ command.
Discuss SQL data types.
An SQL virtual table is called a(n) ________.
What are the common differences between a Web database processing system running
on the Windows operating system and one running on a Linux operating system?
Business Intelligence (BI) systems obtain data in ________ different ways.
What are the five steps or stages of the systems development life cycle (SDLC)?
A(n) ________ is one or more columns of a relation that is used to identify a row.
A(n) ________ is a unique, numeric value that is appended to the relation to serve as
the primary key.
To run an SQL script, click the ________ button on the MySQL Workbench toolbar.
What Microsoft Access file format is used by default in Microsoft Access 2013?
It is almost always best to design a table in a database so that it contains data on
________ theme.
By default, when Microsoft Access creates a relationship between two tables it creates
a(n) ________ relationship.
What is data mining application?
A(n) ________ is a working demonstration of selected portions of the future system.
Explain the representation of a many-to-many strong entity relationship in a relational
database design.
Explain maximum cardinality.
Distinguish between a data model and a database design.