Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMU 99829

July 4, 2017
Jenna believes that she doesn't have an aptitude for statistics, so doesn't put much effort
into her statistics class. She performs poorly in the class, supporting her initial belief.
This is an example of a(n):
a. reflected appraisal.
b. direct definition.
c. identity script.
d. self-fulfilling prophecy.
e. social comparison.
The clearest indication that a friendship is in the waning stage is:
a less quality and quantity of communication
b attempts to seek common ground during conflict
c involving others in activities and conversations
d relying more on general stereotypes and scripts
e working out rules for interacting
Chelsea does not enjoy the speaker's topic, but her goal is to gather and evaluate the
information being presented so she can write a report on the presentation. This is an
example of ____.
a. Adapting
b. Listening for information
c. Listening for pleasure
d. Being mindful
e. Carefully selecting
Ngoc and Nikole have been friends for many years and share a high level of trust. Their
friendship is best described as being in the ____ stage
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
All of the following are examples of families except:
a a heterosexual man and woman who have been married for 12 years and have 2 kids
b two gay men who have cohabitated for 20 years and have one adopted son
c A single woman who adopted a daughter from China and works outside the home
d A 27 year old single mom whose mother just moved in with her
e A single male who works inside the home
Tabitha and her partner respond to their tension by deciding to spend part of the
weekend together and part of it engaged in separate activities. This response to
relational dialectics is called:
a separation
b neutralization
c voice
d neglect
e reframing
This communication confirms the worth of others and our concern for them. An
examples is "I can understand why you feel that way."
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
As soon as Barton finishes speaking, Matt jumps in and says, "Ha! I knew that's what
you'd think and I can tear holes in your reasoning." He then proceeds to refute much of
what Barton said. Matt has engaged in:
a. defensive listening.
b. pseudolistening.
c. selective listening.
d. ambushing.
e. literal listening.
Studies on ____ show that people eat faster when fast music is played in an eating area.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. environmental factors
Women tend to provide more ____ emotional support for their friends than men
a diversionary
b humorous
c instrumental
d nonverbal
e verbal
The counterpoint to evaluation is ____
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
They commitment is not the goal. Instead, they like to play the field and enjoy falling in
a eros
b storge
c ludus
d pragma
e agape
"Friends of the heart" are friends
a who stay friends in spite of time and distance
b who mean a great deal to us at a particular time in our life and then remain in our
hearts, but not as part of our lives
c with whom we do activities together
d from the past whom we remember fondly
e who we love more than other friends
When Mark and Cindy fight, Mark knows when Cindy is really upset. Because every
time Mark will ask if something is wrong, Cindy will scream "Everything is fine!"
Mark knows that because she is screaming, her ____ indicates that she is mad.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. kinesics.
e. paralanguage.
All of the following are reasons why we may not express emotions except:
a. social expectations
b. vulnerability
c. protecting others
d. communication problems
As a rule, women assume most of the ____, which involves remembering, planning,
and scheduling family life
a second shift
b marital stability
c family stability
d psychological responsibility
e physical responsibility
Zach says to his friend, "I meant that as a sarcastic remark, not as a comment on you at
all." Zach's statement is an example of:
a. metacommunication.
b. emoticons.
c. conveyors.
d. illustrators.
e. distortion.
Before marriage, only ____% of Japanese say they have closer friends of the opposite
a 90
b 70
c 20
d 30
e 5
While listening to the lecture, Carlos begins to think about the things he needs to do
after class, but stops himself and consciously focuses himself on the information being
presented in the lecture and takes in as much as he can. This is an example of ____.
a. being mindful
b. selecting
c. interpreting
d. diverting
e. perceiving
Jen and Mark are happily married. Recently, Mark had an affair. He tried to tell Jen
about his infidelity. She is completely hurt by his actions. It doesn't matter what Mark
says to her, she is very upset and can not get over his betrayal. This is indicative of how
a. communication is unintentional
b. communication is irreversible
c. communication is transactional
d. communication is unrepeatable
e. communication is not a panacea
All of the following are conflict management skills except:
a attend to the relationship level of meaning
b communication supportively
c listening mindlessly
d take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and issues
e check perceptions
The nature and dynamics of friendships change throughout life. All of the following
statements are supported by research about these dynamics EXCEPT:
a toddlers may grieve when a friend moves away
b adolescent females tend to define their friends as groups of people
c friendships in middle adult years tend to be difficult to sustain
d elderly people tend to value long term friends with whom they can relive memories
e adolescent males have closer relationships with fewer friends
The author of your text argues that:
a. self-actualization needs are the most important ones that we fulfill through
b. self-esteem needs are influenced by individuals' interpersonal communication skills.
c. belonging needs are not essential to everyone, as some individuals don't need others
to enjoy life.
d. physical needs cannot be met by communicating with others.
e. safety needs must be met through activities such as installing new locks for our
homes and purchasing weapons for self protection.
In this stage, in unproductive conflict this involves meeting proposals with
counter-proposals, in constructive conflict people continue to collaborate
a early
b middle
c later
d exit
e dual
The views of ____ comprise the generalized other.
a. our family of origin
b. society as a whole
c. our peers in school
d. a person with whom we have an I-It relationship
e. the persons with whom we have the closest relationships
Marge says to Homer, "I don't want to hear it, you can no change my mind". These
statements illustrate:
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e certainty
Mr. and Mrs. Miller is a couple who is highly autonomous. Mr. and Mrs. Miller give
each other plenty of room and they share less emotionally than the other marital types.
The Millers would be best categorized as which of Fitzpatrick's marital types?
a mixed
b traditionals
c independents
d separates
e interdependents
Specific communication behaviors that contribute to unproductive interpersonal conflict
include all of the following EXCEPT:
a disconfirmation
b hostile mindreading
c asking questions for clarification
d self-summarizing
e offering counterproposals
Randy says, "I am really bummed out about not getting any job offers." His roommate,
Lance, responds, "Sounds as if you're feeling pretty low about the response so far."
Lance's communication is an example of:
a. using minimal encouragers.
b. relying on mnemonics.
c. paraphrasing.
d. listening for pleasure.
e. listening for complexity.
____ language provides concrete descriptions of behaviors we dislike without directly
blaming the other person for how we feel.
a. I
b. You
c. We
d. They
e. Me
Lawrence is having trouble listening effectively in his advanced philosophy course.
Usually he listens well in class, but the professor in this case is so full of information
and he presents such complicated ideas that Lawrence has difficulty following and
retaining the lectures. Lawrence is experiencing a listening obstacle known as:
a. message overload.
b. preoccupation.
c. message complexity.
d. prejudgment.
e. noise.
An example of this phase is: After class, Jean makes a comment about the teacher to
Paula. If Paula responds with her impressions of the teacher, she conveys the
relationship-level message that she's interested in interacting
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
Co-workers might be very closed about all topics. This is an example of ____ when
negotiating with dialectical tensions
a neutralization
b separation
c selection
d reciprocal
e aggression
Management of what we feel inside ourselves is called:
a. surface acting.
b. emotional intelligence.
c. cognitive shaping.
d. deep acting.
e. feeling rehearsal.
Little Timmy did not get a toy from the supermarket that he really wanted. He refuses to
sit near his mom or even hold her hand when he walks to the car. He is using his ____
to indicate his anger.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
Verbal communication tends to be perceived as more believable.
Women are more likely than men to use coercive tactics, both verbal and physical, to
avoid discussing problems and to force their resolutions on others
Women and men tend to occupy different social locations in some senses, although they
clearly share other social locations
A friend who learns you are studying interpersonal communication asks for your
opinion on what reallyholds a relationship together. Your friend says, "Some people I
know tell me it's taking care of the big things like getting a home and celebrating
anniversaries and stuff. But other people say the big things don't matter as much as the
day-to-day stuff. Who is right?" Write out your response to your friend's question. In
your response, be sure to not only state your opinion, but also to cite research findings
(no need to footnote specific sources) that support your opinion
Teachers, peers, and family members are all examples of particular others.
Emotional intelligence is not linked to well-being.
According to a nationwide poll, a majority of people perceive communication problems
as the number one reason marriages fail.
What happens in the early, middle, and later stages of unproductive conflict?
Your textbook states that respecting what others say about what they feel is a
cornerstone of effective interpersonal communication. Describe some strategies for
respecting what others say and feel.
European mothers were more likely than African American mothers to characterize
adolescent daughters as "best friends"
Distinguish between love and commitment. Then explain how each is communicated
and how it affects relationships between people
Given what you know about the culture in which you grew up, speculate about what
aspects of the generalized other would be similar if you grew up in a different culture.
What aspects of the generalized other do you think would be different if you grew up in
a different culture? Why? In defining the culture in which you grew up, consider the
type of family, region of the country, size of community, and religious affiliation as well
as the race, class, gender, and sexual preference/orientation mentioned in the text.
Explain the differences between defensive and supportive communication
The hypothesis that the United States is classless has been disproved by the fact that
most people seek romantic partners of their own social class or above it
Marriage is also occurring later than it once didtoday, half of Americans in the 25- to
29-year-old age range are unmarried
Researchers found that people who are highly anxious about attachments are less likely
to have relationship problems in collectivist cultures.
Nonverbal communication is rule-guided.