Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMU 84342

July 4, 2017
All of the following are similarities between verbal and nonverbal communication
a. Nonverbal communication is symbolic
b. Nonverbal communication is rule-guided
c. Nonverbal communication may be intentional or unintentional
d. Nonverbal communication reflects behavior
e. none of these
The most activeand interpersonally constructiveresponse to relational conflict is:
a exit
b voice
c loyalty
d neglect
e ambush
Concerning the typical life cycle of families with children, the second stage is usually:
a establishing a family
b enlarging a family
c developing a family
d encouraging independence
e adapting to children
A key foundation for improving your self-concept is:
a. setting difficult goals to attain.
b. recognizing that the self is easy to transform.
c. keeping ideas about change vague and abstract.
d. knowing that you're the best you can be.
e. accepting the self as in process.
Which of the following is NOT a constitutive rule of communication?
a. not turning off a cell phone before class starts is rude
b. using ALL CAPS in e-mails comes across as 'shouting"
c. business email must be answered within 24 hours
d. speaking on a cell phone during a movie is inconsiderate
e. wearing a suit is essential to demonstrating professionalism
The paralanguage is communicated through:
a. tone and pitch
b. rate
c. pauses and disfluencies
d. all of these
e. tone and pitch only
In the ____ phase of romantic relationship deterioration, relational partners may begin
to consider alternatives to the relationship
a social support
b intrapsychic
c grave dressing
d dyadic
e dyadic breakdown
This kind of love sees love as a game
a eros
b storge
c ludus
d pragma
e agape
This describes the intensely positive feelings and fervent desire for the other person. It
is not restricted to sexual and sensual feelings
a eros
b romance
c commitment
d passion
e intimacy
"One day, I won't have to worry about being single. One day, I'll be married." These
statements illustrate how symbols allow for:
a. arbitrary thought.
b. loaded language.
c. hypothetical thought.
d. symbolic organization.
e. symbolic evaluation.
As after taking cooking lessons, Thelma bakes a cake for her friend Louise's birthday.
When Louise sees the cake, she says, "Wow, that's so sweet. My mom always made a
special cake for my birthday, and she would decorate it so elaborately." Thelma replies,
"Well I'm sorry that I didn't decorate the cake extravagantly. I guess I still have a lot to
learn about cooking." Thelma's response illustrates
a. defensive listening.
b. pseudolistening.
c. selective listening.
d. ambushing.
e. literal listening.
According to your text, the author states that it is important to gain access to
information in our blind and ____ areas
a. blind
b. open
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
During the ____ phase of romantic relationship deterioration, individuals try to make
sense of what the relationship meant, why it didn't work out, what it meant, and how it
affected them
a social support
b intrapsychic
c grave dressing
d dyadic
e dyadic breakdown
The ____ area contains information that others know about us but we don't know about
a. open
b. blind
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
As the meeting stretches to three hours, Julie starts to experience a listening obstacle
that involves fatigue, hunger, and having trouble summoning the energy needed to
listen closely. This is an example of ____.
a. lack of effort
b. disremembering
c. reacting to emotionally loaded language
d. imposing preconceptions
e. not adapting to diverse listening styles
Actors will have to learn diction and elocution of words when taking on a new role.
They really must pay close attention to ____.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
These lovers are likely to self-disclose early in a relationship, be very sentimental, and
fall in love fast
a eros
b storge
c ludus
d pragma
e agape
The ____ response to interpersonal conflict is both destructiveand passive
a exit
b voice
c loyalty
d neglect
e ambush
____ in interpersonal relationships involves believing in another person's reliability and
emotionally relying on that person
a Climate
b Investment
c Love
d Commitment
e Trust
Responses to invasions of ____ also reflect power with men likely to respond more
aggressively than females when it is invaded.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
Frank says he wants to go out to dinner and suggests a pizza at Mario's. His best friend
Stan replies, "Ah, that's where we always go. I'm bored with Mario's. Let's go
somewhere different tonight." Frank says, "But I feel really comfortable at Mario'sit's
so familiar." According to your book, Frank and Stan should do all the following
a engage in dual perspective
b communicate honestly
c grow from differences
d don't sweat the small stuff
e engage in stereotyping behaviors
According to the perceptual view of emotions, what occurs second?
a. external event
b. physiological response
c. label for response
d. interpreted emotion
e. perception of event
Desi and Consuela are arguing about how to spend the tax refund they received. He
says they should get the car fixed; she says they should first go on a vacation; he then
suggests they fix the car and use any money left to vacation; she suggests they sell the
car and be rid of the problem. Desi and Consuela are engaging in which pattern of
unproductive conflict?
a excessive metacommunication
b kitchensinking
c counterproposals
d cross-complaining
e self-summarizing
This is the most intuitive and spontaneous of all love styles, and it is also the fastest
a eros
b storge
c ludus
d pragma
e agape
Which is the most abstract term in the following examples?
a. Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters
b. textbook
c. reading matter
d. literature
e. book
Nikki believes that she is lovable and that people are loving and can be trusted. Nikki
has a(n) ____ attachment style.
a. secure
b. fearful
c. dismissive
d. anxious-ambivalent
e. none of these
Using ____ language allows you to own your own feelings while explaining to others
how you interpret their behaviors.
a. I
b. You
c. We
d. They
e. Me
This type of communication does not evaluate others of what they think or feel
a defensive
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
This psychologist first described a hierarchy of human needs.
a. Wilbur Schramm
b. Claude Shannon
c. Abraham Maslow
d. Warren Weaver
e. Julia Wood
Devin is surprised when his friend burps and belches after their dinner together. Devin
says, "Burping and Belching is so rude." Devin's perception of his friend's behavior is
based on a(n) ____ rule.
a. intuitive
b. constitutive
c. comparative
d. regulative
e. constructive
According to Mead, because of the ____ we can set goals for becoming the person we
want to be.
a. Me
b. I
c. symbolic self
d. true self
e. affective self
The dimensions of trust include:
a a willingness to invest
b natural spontaneity
c emotional reliability
d intimacy
e positive regard
Which of the following comments would likely be made during the invitational stage of
romantic relationships?
a "Are you also a communication studies major?"
b "My parents divorced when I was 5 years old, so it's difficult for me to bond with
c "I'm really afraid of getting involved with anyone."
d "How would you describe your views on organized religion?"
e "Let's spend this weekend hiking in the redwoods."
In reference to her love life, Mary says, "I like to shop around. It's a challenge to try to
get someone interested in me, but I'm not looking for anything permanent." Mary seems
to have which style of loving?
a eros
b storge
c ludus
d pragma
e agape
The counterpoint to superiority is ____
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
Research has shown that forgiveness is a major influence on how or whether
relationships progress
A common form of covert conflict is passive aggression, which is acting aggressively
while denying feelings or acting aggressive
Sex and gender also affect the endurance of long-distance friendships
Women are more likely than men to perceive companionship as a goal for a first date
When friendships deteriorate or suffer serious violations, communication changes in
unpredictable ways
The early linear communication models were faultless.
Relationship researchers have identified six stages of development for progressive
intimacy in romantic relationships. Identify all six stages and describe the
characteristics of each. Feel free to use a real or hypothetical example to illustrate the
general developmental path
Couple counselor Aaron Beck (1988) reports that overly general language distorts how
partners think about a relationship.
Perceptions are subjective
Most of us have attitudes about conflict that reflects scripts we learned in our families
Why is it important that we don't have to be aware of communication rules to follow
Conflict exists if people have differences
Feeling rules define the emotional meaning of situations.
William Schutz (1966) developed the interpersonal needs theory.
Marriage counselors say that trying to change people you love seldom works
Men are more likely than women to feel a relationship is breaking down if they and
their partners don't really communicate well