Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMU 73324

July 4, 2017
The majority of college students think that men should initiate and plan dates and
control sexual activity
In I-It communication, we do not acknowledge the humanity of other people; we may
not even affirm their existence.
A friend learns you are taking a course in interpersonal communication and remarks,
"Wow, I'll bet you know all about how to read nonverbals. Tell me the rules." Write out
your response to your friend. Be sure to address the assumption behind your friend's
statement as well as what you might tell the friend about "rules."
Chapter 6 indicates it is important to be supportive when responding to people we care
about. Explain what supportiveness means by discussing its relationship to agreeing
with others (are the two the same?). Also, in your response describe specific
communication behaviors that can be used to demonstrate supportiveness.
A stereotype is an unscientific generalization applied to a person or situation
Although passion may come to mind when we think of love, it seems less central to our
prototype of love than companionship, caring, and a comfortable lifestyle
Discuss how nonverbal communication may be intentional or unintentional and provide
Investments are what we put into relationships that we could not retrieve if the
relationship were to end
People who have friends in their workplace are more likely to stick with a job
"A good education is the key to success" is an example of identity scripts.
A study by Victoria DeFrancisco (1991) revealed a clear pattern between spouses, in
which husbands interrupted wives and were unresponsive to topics wives initiated. Both
husbands and wives were unaware of the rules, but their communication nonetheless
sustained the pattern.
Women don't engage in instrumental activities such as doing favors with their friends
What are constitutive rules? How do they differ from regulative rules? Also, be sure to
give an example?
Discuss all the challenges of friendships discussed in your book
In constructive conflict communication, people use metacommunication to keep the
discussion on track
The interpersonal needs theory, which asserts that our tendency to create and sustain
relationships depends on how well they meet three basic needs, which are affection,
inclusion, and pleasure.
Men don't disclose personal feelings or vulnerabilities to their friends
Most of us take socialization for granted.
Define static evaluation and explain what Chapter 4 suggested as a method of avoiding
static evaluation in our thinking. Provide a concrete example of the method in a real-life
About 2/3 of people tilt their head to the right when kissing.