Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

COMU 72740

December 8, 2016
_____ refer to a number of pages that come before the actual report itself and are
included when the situation is formal and the report is long.
A. Appendices
B. Prefatory pages
C. Proposal notes
D. First-pass pages
E. Supplements
Which of these phrases most effectively presents the idea in a cover message for a
marketing job?
A. Studied marketing for three years
B. Took several courses in marketing
C. Studied buyer behavior and marketing analysis
D. Enrolled in three marketing courses this semester
E. Completed a course in marketing last fall
When composing a transmittal letter, you should begin the message by _____.
A. stating the attached report's topic and purpose
B. emphasizing the key points of the report
C. highlighting the findings presented in the report
D. providing a friendly or forward-looking comment
E. reiterating the recommendations in your report
Which of the following is true about the informal network of an organization?
A. The informal network consists of organized, well-established channels for
information exchange.
B. The informal network can be controlled by the manager's network.
C. The informal network carries insignificant information.
D. Use of the informal network should be discouraged.
E. The informal network follows no set pattern and is usually a complex relationship of
smaller networks.
Which of the following elements should be included when concluding a speech?
A. A statement to engage the audience right away
B. A human-interest story
C. A statement that builds up the case
D. A restatement of the subject
E. A statement that clearly defines the topic
Which of the following is the most appropriate beginning for a typical routine inquiry
A. An explanation of a problem or situation
B. A buffer designed to set up persuasive efforts
C. A persuasive opening using the indirect approach
D. An off-subject, friendly introduction
E. A brief statement to orient the reader
The automation of tasks by smart machines _____.
A. improves the average social intelligence of employees
B. enables employees to spend more time on tasks that require strong interpretive skills
C. offers employees the opportunity to develop visual literacy and ethical reasoning
D. develops a high level of information literacy in employees
E. improves the technological competence of employees
Once a job has been secured, which of the following activities should be avoided?
A. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the job market
B. Updating a résumé only when applying for a new job
C. Keeping up on one's professional reading
D. Assessing and acquiring different skills required for the job
E. Staying alert to better job opportunities
The _____ is the best approach to use when a message is likely to evoke a positive
response from the reader.
A. practical approach
B. direct approach
C. indirect approach
D. active approach
E. passive approach
Which of the following sentences is an example of an incomplete construction?
A. As far as time management, he is a master of multitasking.
B. The majority of the jury voted against the defendant.
C. A number of students were absent for the test.
D. The committee is meeting today to decide on a salary increase for the employees.
E. Neither of them likes to cook.
When identifying appropriate jobs, which of the following factors deserves the most
A. The projected job market
B. Work experience in your major field
C. Your education
D. Your personal qualities
E. Your special interests
In the context of order acknowledgements, which of the following illustrates the most
positive way of handling a vague order?
A. You failed to mention the number of chairs that you need.
B. The expected delivery date was not mentioned in your order.
C. You did not specify the details of the requested products.
D. If you had specified the exact make, we would've shipped your order immediately.
E. Once you let us know which of the two models you would like, we will send it to
you immediately.
When organizing the body of a presentation, it is important to _____.
A. use time, place, or quantity as the basis of dividing the message into parts
B. avoid dividing the body into comparable parts
C. choose an opening that steers away from the topic of the speech
D. avoid stressing on the shift from one section or subtopic to another
E. emphasize the transitions between the divisions When presenting the body of the
presentation, it becomes necessary to emphasize the transitions between divisions
because, unlike the reader who can see them, the listener may miss them if they are not
stressed adequately.
Which of the following statements is true about letter reports?
A. Letter reports should avoid headings.
B. Indirect-order letter reports open with the main point or recommendation.
C. Indirect-order letter reports tend not to use a subject line.
D. Direct-order letter reports generally avoid using personal pronouns.
E. Direct-order letter reports are generally longer than indirect-order letter reports.
When preparing a résumé, the logical next step after your information is organized is to
A. include contact information
B. include a statement of objective
C. construct the headings
D. include a goodwill ending
E. select the background facts
Rewards that fulfill a reader's desire to gain prestige or have more freedom are called
_____ rewards.
A. intangible
B. measurable
C. concrete
D. quantifiable
E. materialistic
Which of the following is the ideal posture to assume when presenting an oral report?
A. An erect and stiff body posture
B. A slouched and relaxed posture
C. A comfortable and limp posture
D. A naturally poised and alert posture
E. A constantly changing body posture
Which of following is the best way to begin a message refusing a request for the free
use of equipment for a charity?
A. We have already loaned our equipment to other charitable organizations.
B. We wish we could help you because the youth are clearly benefiting from your
C. This is to inform you that our equipment cannot be loaned at this time.
D. Thank you for letting us know about the important work your center is doing for our
E. Although we would like to grant your request, we are not able to do so at this time.
Identify the best guideline to be followed when writing a negative announcement.
A. You should avoid ending the announcement on a positive note as this can mislead
the reader.
B. You should reserve forward-looking closings for external announcements.
C. You should avoid expressing gratitude as this can contradict the announcement.
D. You should begin the announcement with complimentary or cordial talk.
E. You should use a blunt or aggressive approach when making the announcement.
The following statement was used as an opening for a presentation on the benefits of
the industrial revolution: "In 1920, two men envisioned a garment store where the
goods were manufactured entirely by machines, and they went on to make their vision a
reality." Which of the following techniques has been used to engage the audience in this
A. Beginning the presentation with a quotation
B. Beginning the presentation with a human-interest story
C. Beginning the presentation with a humorous anecdote
D. Beginning the presentation with a shocking statement
E. Beginning the presentation with a question
A test that helps match a person's interests to those of others successful in their careers
is known as _____.
A. a personality test
B. an intelligence quotient test
C. a reference sheet
D. Myers-Briggs test
E. an interest inventory
Which section of a cover letter requests action such as an interview and provides
contact information that makes a response easy?
A. The introduction
B. The body
C. The conclusion
D. The reference sheet
E. The salutation
Possible explanations for or solutions to a problem are termed as _____.
A. bases
B. mission statements
C. hypotheses
D. purpose statements
E. problem statements
Marco is in the process of preparing an internal report to explain the recent increase in
the number of product returns at ZenMark Fashions. Marco's survey reveals that the
returned products are of inferior quality and do not meet ZenMark's regular standards.
This increase in product returns is found to coincide with the switch to a different raw
materials supplier. Marco's suggestion is to revert to the original raw material supplier
despite the costs involved being 30% higher. In this scenario, Marco should probably
A. present the report in casual or informal language
B. include all the prefatory elements in his report
C. write his report in the indirect order
D. write his report in the direct order
E. place the recommendations and conclusions at the beginning of the report
Which of the following is true about collaborative writing projects?
A. It is best to collaborate only through face-to-face meetings.
B. You should have at least two face-to-face meetings; one at the start of the project
and another near the end.
C. The bulk of the collaborating should not take place by email.
D. The bulk of the collaborating should not take place by discussion board.
E. You should not use a live-meeting application to converse with each other.
Which of the following is the best way to begin a message refusing an adjustment on an
electric mixer?
A. Thank you for informing us about your problems with your electric mixer.
B. You should not have experienced problems with your electric mixer.
C. You are right to expect your electric mixer to withstand normal kitchen use.
D. Your message dated December 16 has been received.
E. I am pleased to receive your request for an adjustment dated December 16.
Choose the transitional word that best fits the following sentence.
Alice's grades have to be high; _____ she will not get the scholarship.
A. otherwise
B. however
C. moreover
D. therefore
E. likewise
It is best to organize persuasive messages using the _____ because you will be writing
to potentially uncooperative readers.
A. mixed construction
B. unstructured order
C. indirect order
D. we-viewpoint
E. nonlinear order
The Boolean operator NOT is primarily used to _____.
A. add variations to the basic search term
B. eliminate citations with a particular term
C. expand a search
D. segregate synonymous citations
E. broaden the scope of the search
When organizing the information in a résumé, which of the following is true of a
functional or skills layout?
A. It features a "Highlights" or "Summary" section that includes key points from the
three conventional information groups: education, experience, and personal qualities.
B. It is particularly good for those who have had many jobs, have taken nontraditional
career paths, or who are changing fields.
C. It presents your education and work experience from the oldest to the most recent.
D. It is particularly good for those who have progressed in an orderly and timely
fashion through school and work.
E. It is the most common strategy for organizing the information a résumé.
Which of the following is true about secondary research?
A. It primarily involves gathering data through methods of direct observation.
B. It uncovers information firsthand.
C. It uses material that someone else has published.
D. It includes user testing.
E. It primarily involves gathering data through experiments.
Which of the following is true about external-operational communication?
A. It includes the ongoing discussions that the senior management undertakes to
determine the goals and processes of the business.
B. It includes all of the business's efforts at selling, from sales letters and emails to ads,
tradeshow displays, and customer visits.
C. It includes the orders and instructions that supervisors give employees, as well as
written and oral exchanges among employees about work matters.
D. It includes company reports that employees prepare concerning sales, production,
inventories, finance, maintenance, and so on.
E. It includes the messages that employees write and speak in carrying out their
assignments and contributing their ideas to the business.
Which of the following is a good practice in framing questions for routine inquiry
A. Combining two or more questions to form a compound question
B. Avoiding the use of bullets or numbering to order questions
C. Placing all the questions in a single, concise paragraph
D. Avoiding simple yes or no questions unless required
E. Structuring questions in such a way that they merely hint at a need for information