Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMU 59684

July 4, 2017
According to the process of human perception, the selection process includes all of the
following except:
a qualities of the phenomena
b self-indication
c culture
d both self-indication and culture
e rational judgment
Edwina feels a knot in her stomach when she received a low grade on her interpersonal
exam. She believes that she felt the knot because she had a lot of anxiety. Edwina seems
to be engaging in:
a. obsession with shoulds.
b. helplessness.
c. cognitive labeling view of emotions
d. perceptual view of emotions
e. emotional view of emotions
Mike was responsible for taking care of his two younger siblings while Mike was
growing up. As an adult, he is more nurturing and more attentive to others' needs than
most of his male peers. Mike's greater care-giving inclination is best explained by his:
a cognitive schemata
b standpoint
c selective perception
d prototypes
e abstraction
____ information is known both to us and to others. Your name, height, major, and
tastes in music probably are open information that you share easily with others.
a. blind
b. open
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
Verbal communication and nonverbal communication are similar in all of the following
respects EXCEPT:
a. both are symbolic.
b. both are rule-guided.
c. both may be unintentional or intentional.
d. both are shaped by culture.
e. both are perceived as equally believable.
In this stage of unproductive conflict tend to be marked by infrequent interruptions that
disrupt the flow of talk
a early
b middle
c later
d exit
e dual
During this state, interactions are often awkward and laced with uncertainty because
people haven't worked out patterns for relating to others
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
A cornerstone of effective interpersonal communication skills is.
a. ensuring that what we say is clearly heard by the listener
b. respecting what others say about what they feel and think
c. making certain to abide by the rules of all speech communities
d. assuming an understanding of how others feel and think
e. clearly telling others when their feelings are unacceptable or inappropriate
Love would be placed in which of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
a. Self-actualization
b. Safety and Protection Needs
c. Belonging Needs
d. Self-esteem
e. Physical Needs
Each of the following are Japanese styles of negotiation EXCEPT:
a avoid confrontation
b avoid explicit disagreement
c work to make sure that neither you nor the other person succeeds
d plan to spend a long time discussing issues before moving toward a decision
e understate your own initial position
The wife nags at her husband because he constantly withdraws from her. The husband
withdraws, because he feels that his wife is nagging all the time. The difference
between how the husband and wife see their communication behaviors is due to
differences in:
a. abstraction.
b. punctuation.
c. regulative rules.
d. constitutive rules.
e. ambiguity.
In these relationships, partners are polite, and they interact, but they typically deal with
superficial matters. This has been the norm for the partners since they married. For
partners, activities and interests outside the relationship are primary sources of pleasure
and satisfaction
a vital marriage
b total marriage
c passive-congenial marriage
d constructive marriage
e conflict-habituated marriage
Chase wants to have an environmental friendly campus. He is constantly trying to
change the recycling program on campus. He has been fixated on finding more efficient
ways to conserve energy that he won't sleep. Chase is suffering from which fallacy?
a. perfection
b. overgeneralization
c. helplessness
d. taking responsibility for others
e. obsession with shoulds
In 1995, the U.S. Department of Labor surveyed 60,000 household to lean what identity
labels different ethnic groups prefer. The survey revealed that members of various racial
a do not have uniform preferences
b have uniform preferences
c like stereotypes
d had no preference
e were sensitive to stereotypes
During this stage, a couple settles into marriage or a cohabiting relationship and works
out expectations, interaction patterns, and daily routines for their shared life
a establishing a family
b enlarging a family
c encouraging independence
d launching children
e adapting to children
Darryl says to his friend, "You must be so happy that you're about to become an uncle!"
Darryl's statement is an example of:
a Empathy
b Mind reading
c Sympathy
d Fundamentally attributing error
e Cognitive complexity
The opposite or unproductive communication of recognition of each other is:
a poor listening
b cross-complaining
c excessive metacommunication
d validation of each other
e kitchen-sinking
Ethnocentrism is one form of ____ communication
a certainty
b problem oriented
c effective
d strategic
e neutral
Corey thinks that people who are outgoing are also friendly, confident, and fun. Corey's
assumption that outgoing are also friendly, confident, and fun is inference based on his
____ of the qualities that accompany outgoingness
a standpoint
b self-serving bias
c stereotype
d implicit personality theory
e mind reading
Because nonverbal communication is ____ selective perception is likely to occur.
a. multichanneled
b. culture-bound
c. intentional
d. symbolic
e. continuous
The opposite or unproductive communication of useful metacommunication is:
a poor listening
b cross-complaining
c excessive metacommunication
d validation of each other
e kitchen-sinking
All of the following are forms of constructive communication EXCEPT:
a counterproposals
b sensitive listening
c compromises
d dual perspective
e asking for clarification
The counterpoint to neutrality is ____
a description
b provisionalism
c empathy
d problem orientation
e equality
This relationship is similar to the vital marriage except that partners are not so
continuously together. Each has separate interests and sources of satisfaction, yet they
look forward to being with each other and schedule their lives to maximize time
a vital marriage
b total marriage
c passive-congenial marriage
d constructive marriage
e conflict-habituated marriage
Jenema is walking in a mall and a homeless person approaches her and asks for money.
Jenema keeps walking without speaking to or looking at the person. The relationship
between Jenema and the homeless person is
a. I-You
b. I-Thou
c. I-It
d. I-ME
e. I-Us
The strongest level of confirmation is ____
a endorsement
b acknowledgment
c recognition
d evaluation
e description
During a student speech, the campus landscapers begin mowing the lawn, making the
student's presentation difficult to hear. The audience is experiencing ____, one listening
a. message overload
b. prejudgment
c. preoccupation
d. message complexity
e. noise
The counterpoint to strategy is ____
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
"Memorial Day parades are patriotic, yet sad events," is an example of a(n) ____ rule.
a. feeling
b. emotion
c. framing
d. cognitive
e. social
This kind of communication feels open, honest, and unpremeditated
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
Members of his project group at work consistently comment on Ervin's excellent
performance as team leader. Ervin begins to view himself as an effective leader and
considers moving into a higher level management position. The process through which
Ervin developed this sense of self at work is called:
a. reflected appraisal.
b. direct definition.
c. identity script.
d. self-fulfilling prophecy.
e. social comparison.
The resurrection process of relationship deterioration involves all of the following
a the two people move on with their lives
b the two people conceive of themselves as single again
c attempting to restore the deteriorating relationship
d the previous partner is no longer an intimate
e reorganizing their lives without the partner
An example of psychological noise is
a. poor health
b. being preoccupied with a problem
c. cigarette smoke in a crowded room
d. fatigue
e. poor sound
Of the many influences, four are particularly critical for building and sustaining
satisfying personal relationships: investment, commitment, trust, and comfort with
relational dialectics
The only guidelines in listening for pleasure are to be mindful and control distractions.
Nonverbal communication may be intentional or unintentional.
Chapter 6 states that effective listening varies according to listening purposes and
people with whom we interact. Explain how we adapt styles and behaviors of listening
to diverse situations and individuals.
Mothers are more likely than fathers to challenge children and encourage them to
achieve more.
Saying, "I've had a similar experience," is a way to respect others' experiences.
Psychological noise refers to qualities in us that affect how we communicate and how
we interpret others.
Half of all new STDs occur in people 15 to 24 years old
According to Judi Miller (1993), children begin to understand and follow
communication rules as early as 1 to 2 years of age.
People with high status and/or power tend to touch others and invade others' space more
than do people with less power and/or status.
According to your book, what makes a good marriage?
What is the chemistry of love?
Abraham Maslow identified five human needs. The author of your textbook added a
sixth need. Identify this sixth need and explain why this need is important to life in a
diverse society.
Women tend to be more willing than men to adjust schedules and priorities to make
time for friends
Bill Rawlins identified six developmental stages of how friends develop. Identify each
stage in sequence and discuss characteristics of each stage. Feel free to use a real or
hypothetical example to illustrate this general developmental path
The author of your text argues that language is arbitrary, ambiguous, and abstract.
Explain each of these terms and their implications for our communication with others.
In Korea, Japan, China, Nepal, and other Asian countries, chopsticks often are the
primary eating utensil.
Speech communities are not necessarily defined by geographic locations and
The costs of poor listening in the workplace are minimal.