Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMU 34471

July 4, 2017
Explain the five principles of conflict
Individualism is a key value in Western cultures.
Understanding communication climates will give you insight into why you feel relaxed
and comfortable in some of your relationships and uneasy and defensive in others
Baxter (1990) has identified four ways partners handle the tension generated by
opposing needs. Name and give an example of each way partners negotiate dialectical
Compared to friendships sustained through face-to-face contact, friendships sustained
via e-mail or the Internet are less personal and committed
The cognitive labeling view of emotions regards emotions as instinctual responses to
external stimuli.
Explain and illustrate the continuum of communication climates
The informal style of writing common in e-mail, text messages, and social network
postings is beginning to affect writing in more formal contexts.
Communication does not reflect cultural values and perspectives.
In interpersonal relationships it is as important to affirm and accept yourself as to affirm
and accept others
Regulative rules do not vary across cultures and social groups, so what is acceptable in
one context may be regarded as inappropriate elsewhere.
According to the discussion in Chapter 10, members of the working class are less likely
to sustain friendships over long distances. Explain why this is so. Your answer should
integrate previously studied information about how class affects identity, lifestyle, and
Discuss how nonverbal communication reflects culture and provide examples.
What are some ways for handling workplace conflict effectively?
Briefly describe each of the three models of communication discussed in the text and
identify the strengths and limitations of each model.
A person who controls outward expression of his or her feelings but does not control the
inner feelings is engaging in deep acting.
It is important to gain access to information in our blind and unknown areas. One way
to do this is to expand our experiences by entering unfamiliar situations, trying novel
things, and experimenting with new kinds of communication.
The later bonds we have with others shapes how comfortable we feel getting close to
others and how secure we feel in others' acceptance and commitment to us.
Language is a primary tool that social movements use to change cultural life and
Discuss how listening can be influential in the workplace and how listening may
influence career advancement.