Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition


August 22, 2017
SQL Server 2014 uses ________ authentication by default.
Explain how to run an SQL query in Microsoft Access.
To create a 1:1 relationship between two tables in Microsoft Access, the Indexed
property of the foreign key column must be set to ________.
User interviews are conducted during the ________ step.
Given the table
CUSTOMER(CustID, Name, PhoneNumber, AccountBalance)
write the standard SQL query to retrieve the Name and Phone Number of customers
whose name begins with 'S'.
The SQL command used to add new data to a table is ________.
Information systems must be both ________ and ________ to help businesses reach
their goals and objectives.
Use the database below to answer the following question.
What is an SQL view, and what is it used for? Include an example based on the
CUSTOMER table of the General Sales Database.
How is maximum cardinality expressed in crow's foot E-R diagrams?
Describe how to create and run an SQL script in Oracle Database Express Edition 11g
Release 2.
Distributed databases can be distributed by partitioning and ________.
Specify the four categories of NoSQL databases used in the text, and give an example
of each.
In crow's foot style E-R diagrams, an entity class is represented by a(n) ________.
In a common form of RFM analysis, customers with an F score of ________ are in the
20% of customers who have the most frequent orders.
Discuss Microsoft Access 2013 security administration.
What activities take place during the component design step of the systems
development life cycle (SDLC)?
The purpose of a database is to help people ________.