Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition


August 22, 2017
Business Intelligence (BI) ________ uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical
techniques to perform what-if analyses, to make predictions, and to facilitate decision
Michael Porter includes procurement in his list of ________ activities.
Using SQL commands, multiple tables can be queried so that all the values from one
table appear in the results, regardless of whether they have one or more corresponding
values in the other table, by using the SQL ________ command.
A key that contains two or more attributes is called a(n) ________ key.
SQL Server 2014 Express requires that ________ be installed.
What is a trigger?
If the Web server and the DBMS are running on the different servers, the system has
a(n) ________ architecture.
What is the NetBeans IDE?
What is SQL Developer?
Distinguish between entity identifiers and keys.
Objects have ________, which are computer programs that perform some task.
In a common form of RFM analysis, customers are sorted into ________ groups and
given an associated score depending on their group.
When using Microsoft Access and IIS, a good basic ASCII text editor for producing
HTML is ________.
________ constraints are rules that the DBMS enforces to ensure that data values in one
table have corresponding values in another related table.
What are "business rules" and what is their role in database design?
Explain the process of representing an entity using the relational model.
In relational databases, query requests use a language called ________.
What is a data warehouse?