Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition


August 22, 2017
Normalization is the process of removing all functional dependencies from a relation.
There is usually only one instance of an entity in an entity class.
Microsoft Access 2013 databases are stored using the file extension .accdb.
To create a new MySQL Workbench EER model, you can use the File | New Model
Dimensional databases are used for analytical data processing.
Market basket analysis is a data mining technique for determining which sets of
products customers tend to purchase at the same time.
BI reporting systems summarize the current status of business activities and compare
that status with past events but not with predicted future activities.
A complex element must have more than one simple element.
The classic systems analysis methodology is called the Analysis Development Life
Cycle (ADLC).
NoSQL really stands for "Not only SQL."
Only large database systems have a need for database administration.
Report delivery is more important for data mining than it is for reporting systems.
For a Web server running the Linux operating system, the most commonly used Web
server is IIS.
The purpose of concurrency control is to ensure that one user's work does not
inappropriately influence another user's work.
To create an OLAP report for an Access 2013 database, use the PivotTable tool in
Access 2013.
A subquery is appropriate only if the final result contains only data from a single table.
The simplest and most feasible means of recovering a database is through reprocessing.
ODBC only works with Microsoft products.
Two-phase locking can be used to ensure that transactions are serializable.
The MySQL Workbench EER models are data models.
SQL stands for Structural Question Language.
Data mining is the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to find
patterns and relationships that can be used to classify and predict.
Oracle Database XE 11.2 is a Web-based Oracle Database administration utility.
The Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Management Studio is included with Microsoft SQL
Server 2014 Express Advanced.
To create a well-formed relation through normalization, every determinant must be a
candidate key.
The TOP built-in function in SQL is used to find the maximum value in a numeric
To create a new SQL query, click the New Query button.
One of the four categories of NoSQL databases used in the text is the Graphical
SQL triggers use the SQL keywords BEFORE, INSTEAD OF, and AFTER.
A Microsoft Access 2013 switchboard provides application menuing capabilities in
Microsoft Access 2013.
The Oracle Database ODBC Client is automatically installed when Oracle Database
Express Edition 11g Release 2 is installed.
A business process is a set of activities that transforms materials into products.
Rollback requires the use of logs, but rollforward does not.
In supervised data mining, statistical techniques are used to estimate the parameters of
the model.
DBMSs associated with the NoSQL movement use ________ databases.
A) Key-Value
B) Document
C) Column Family
D) Graph
E) All of the above
What is the least restrictive isolation level that will prevent nonrepeatable reads?
A) Read Committed
B) Serializable
C) Read Uncommitted
D) Atomic Read
E) Repeatable Read
The classic systems analysis methodology is called the:
A) Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
B) Analysis Development Life Cycle (ADLC).
C) Component Development Life Cycle (CDLC).
D) Information Development Life Cycle (IDLC).
E) None of the above is correct.
MySQL Community Server 5.6 requires the prior installation of:
A) the .NET Framework version 3.0.
B) the .NET Framework version 3.5.
C) the .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1.
D) the .NET Framework version 4.5.1.
E) None of the abovethe .NET Framework is not required.
Which of the following SQL commands would be used to remove both the data and the
table structure of a table named STUDENT?
When distributed databases create copies of the database on different servers, this is
known as:
A) replication.
B) partitioning.
C) disbursing.
D) distributed two-phase locking.
E) None of the above
To arrange the PivotTable columns and rows in Excel 2013, we use the:
A) PivotTable Control.
B) PivotTable dialog box.
C) PivotTable Field List.
D) PivotTable Wizard.
E) PivotTable command tab.
XML documents that conform to an XML Schema are validated against that schema.
The document type declaration for an XML document begins with the keyword
Business Intelligence (BI) systems obtain their data by which of the following means?
A) Read and process data from an operational database
B) Process extracts from operational databases
C) Process data purchased from data vendors
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
Microsoft Visio 2013 can be used to create:
A) data models.
B) data designs.
C) database models.
D) database designs.
E) A and D
Which of the following is a function of the DBMS in a database system?
A) Create and transmit queries
B) Control applications
C) Create and process forms
D) Perform backup and recover
E) Process Web page requests
Which of the following is a common supervised data mining technique?
A) Cluster analysis
B) Regression analysis
C) RFM analysis
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
A point of synchronization between the database and the transaction log is called a(n):
A) before-image.
B) after-image.
C) recovery.
D) checkpoint.
E) None of the above
After a 1:1 relationship has been created between two tables in Microsoft Access, the
Relationship Type of One-To-One appears:
A) in the Relationship Type property of the primary key column in table Design View.
B) in the Relationship Type property of the foreign key column in table Design View.
C) in the table object in the Relationships window.
D) in the Show Table dialog box.
E) in the Edit Relationships dialog box.
In the normalization process, if you find that every determinant in a relation is a
candidate key then you have determined that:
A) the relation is well formed.
B) the relation needs to be broken into two or more new relations.
C) surrogate keys in the relation may not be correctly linked to other relations.
D) the relation needs to have foreign keys added in order to be correctly linked to other
E) referential integrity constraints concerning the relation need to be established.
A Business Intelligence (BI) reporting system that uses extensions to SQL is:
A) cluster analysis.
C) regression analysis.
D) RFM analysis.
E) All of the above
An ID-dependent entity is:
A) a special type of weak entity.
B) an entity in which the identifier of the entity includes the identifier of another entity.
C) a strong entity.
D) an entity with a maximum cardinality of one.
E) Both A and B
For a Web server running the Linux operating system, the most commonly used Web
server is:
A) the IIS Web server.
B) the Apache Web server.
C) the Tomcat Web server.
D) the ASP.NET Web server.
E) the JSP Web server.
Slowly changing dimensions are handled by a(n):
A) operational database.
B) dimensional database.
C) structured storage.
D) Either A or B
E) All of the above
As far as Microsoft Access is concerned, there are no:
A) 1:1 relationships.
B) 1:N relationships.
C) N:1 relationships.
D) N:M relationships.
E) recursive relationships.
When using an ODBC data source with IIS and Microsoft Access, we should use:
A) a file data source.
B) a system data source.
C) a user data source.
D) a LAMP data source.
E) a WAMP data source.
The reports generated by a reporting system can be delivered in which of the following
A) Paper
B) Web portal
C) Digital dashboard
D) E-mail
E) All of the above
Which of the following is not true about primary keys?
A) Primary keys cannot be null.
B) Primary keys must be unique.
C) Primary keys must be a single attribute.
D) Primary keys are used to represent relationships.
E) Primary keys can be defined using an SQL CONSTRAINT phrase.
Which of the following is not true of database recovery through reprocessing?
A) Reprocessing makes use of a database save.
B) Reprocessing takes the same amount of time as did processing in the first place.
C) Reprocessing will always return the database to its exact previous state.
D) Reprocessing requires a record of all transactions since the last time the database
was saved.
E) All of the above are true of reprocessing.
Which of the following terms is synonymous with "tuple"?
A) Attribute
B) Table
C) Field
D) Row
E) Relation
A database may be used to help people:
A) track which student is assigned to a particular advisor.
B) know the current inventory levels of products their company sells.
C) check on the estimated arrival time of an incoming flight at an airport.
D) look up their checking account balance over the Internet.
E) All of the above
Which of the following is not true of surrogate keys?
A) They are meaningful to the users.
B) They are numeric.
C) They are usually generated by the DBMS.
D) They are unique.
E) They are usually hidden on forms and reports.
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards use ________ as part of the switchboard.
A) text labels
B) report labels
C) Wizard labels
D) database design labels
E) All of the above
Which of the following is a function performed by the driver manager in ODBC?
A) Submit SQL statements to the data source.
B) Determine the type of DBMS that processes a given ODBC data source.
C) Load the appropriate ODBC driver into memory.
D) Convert data source error codes into ODBC error codes.
E) Both B and C
Which of the following is true about a relation?
A) The order of the columns in a relation must go from largest to smallest.
B) All entries in any column must be of the same kind.
C) A relation may have duplicate column names.
D) A relation may have duplicate rows.
E) A relation may have multiple names.
The values of existing data can be removed from a table using the SQL ________
command, which can even be used to remove all the data in the table at one time.
Microsoft Access 2013 database files can be easily ________ to create multiple copies
of a database.
Serializable transactions are created by having a(n) ________ phase, in which locks are
obtained, and a(n) ________ phase, in which locks are released.
When Microsoft Access 2013 uses user-level security with an Access 2003 database
file, it stores the database in a(n) ________ file.
To be a well-formed relation, every ________ in the relation must be a candidate key.
Distinguish between reprocessing and rollforward as database recovery techniques.
Explain the concept of a surrogate key.
Briefly describe the function of an application program in a database system.
How are one-to-one recursive relationships addressed using the relational model?
Transaction results are kept in a(n) ________, which contains records of the data
changes in chronological order.
A(n) ________ is similar to a computer program subroutine or function, but it is stored
within the database.
Database administrators must make sure that ________ measures are in place and
enforced so that only authorized users can take authorized actions at appropriate times.
What is the NetBeans IDE?
Identifiers of an entity that are composed of two or more attributes are called ________
In Microsoft Access, referential integrity constraints are created in the ________.
A(n) ________ is a collection of data that addresses a particular component or
functional area of a business.
Distinguish between the primary key and a candidate key.
What is the difference between authentication and authorization?
Describe the MySQL Connector/ODBC and how to install it.
What is a reporting system?