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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition


July 31, 2017
The combination of the user interface and the program's code is referred to as a(n)
a. device
b. application
c. operating environment
d. user interface
A programmer determines whether a problem's solution requires a nested loop by
studying the problem ____.
a. specification
b. syntax
c. control
d. resource allocation
The basic syntax to use the LINQ to select and arrange records in a data set is ____.
a. Dim variableName = In dataset.table From elementName
b. Dim variableName = From elementName In dataset.table
c. Dim In dataset.table From elementName = variableName
d. Dim From elementName In dataset.table = variableName
The term ____ refers to the fact that the programmer reviews the algorithm while seated
at his or her desk rather than in front of the computer.
a. desk-checking
b. program-checking
c. desk-tracing
d. hand-checking
You can use the ____ menu to close and also open an existing Web application.
An application must use a ____ property to either assign data to or retrieve data from a
Private variable in a class.
The function Val(txtSales.Text) returns the number ____ when the txtSales control is
You can use the ____ menu to open an existing solution.
A ____ is a predefined procedure that you can call (or invoke) when needed.
To sort a one-dimensional array in descending order, you first sort the values in
ascending order, and then use the ____ method to reverse the array elements.
A control's ____ event occurs each time the user presses a key while the control has the
With the ____ operator, only one of the conditions needs to be True for the compound
condition to be True.
If you need to move a control after you have locked the controls in place, you can
change the control's ____ property setting in the Properties window.
A text box's ____ event occurs whenever a change is made to the contents of the text
You can use the ____ statement to code both a pretest loop and a posttest loop.
A(n) ____ is used to assign a value to something (such as the property of a control)
while an application is running.
a. assignment statement
b. loop statement
c. selection statement
d. decision statement
Programmers use ____ to help them while they are planning an algorithm.
When you declare a variable in the For clause, the variable has ____ scope and can be
used only within the For...Next loop.
You code a posttest counter-controlled loop using the ____ statement.
The instruction "Do homework problems until done" is an example of the ____
The ____ property specifies how an image is displayed.
The syntax of the Remove method is ____.
a. Remove.string(startIndex[, numCharsToRemove])
b. string.Remove(numCharsToAccess,startIndex)
c. string.Remove(startIndex[, numCharsToRemove])
d. string.Remove([numCharsToAccess],startIndex)
The ____ operator allows you to use pattern-matching characters to determine whether
one string is equal to another string.
a. Similar
b. Comparable
c. HasSimilarity
d. Like
When the computer processes the expression 12 > 0 AndAlso 12 < 10 * 2, it evaluates
the ____ operator last.
Memory locations declared in the form's Declarations section have ____, which means
they can be used by any of the procedures in the form's Code Editor window.
You can create your own data types in Visual Basic using the ____ statement.
The ____ in a flowchart is called the decision symbol.
A ____ item represents an intermediate value that the algorithm uses when processing
the input into the output.
The result of forgetting to enter the update read is a(n) ____ loop.
Control structures or ____ structures control the flow of a program's logic.
Elements located in the first row in a two-dimensional array are assigned a row
subscript of ____.
Multiple-alternative selection structures or ____ selection structures can choose from
several alternatives.
a. complex
b. staged
c. extended
d. control
A ____ error can occur for a variety of reasons, such as forgetting to enter an instruction
or entering the instructions in the wrong order.
A counter-controlled loop can be either a pretest loop or a posttest loop.
While you are designing a Web page, you can periodically view the page in full screen
view to determine how it will appear to the user.
You refer to the Backspace key on your computer keyboard using the
ControlChars.Back constant.
The value in a named constant can change during run time.
To accumulate the values stored in an array, you need to access each array element.
In most cases, you will find it easier to work in an IDE if you either close or auto-hide
the windows you are not currently using.
Some logic errors occur as a result of calculation statements that are correct
syntactically, but incorrect mathematically.
Class-level variables retain their values and remain in the computer's internal memory
until the application ends.
The oval in a flowchart is called the selection/repetition symbol.
Most input and output files are composed of lines of text that are both read and written
You can add an image to a Web page using the Picture tool in the toolbox.
When the KeyPress event occurs, a character corresponding to the pressed key is sent to
the KeyPress event's e parameter, which appears between the square brackets in the
event's procedure header.
A file is a container, but it stores only the projects associated with that particular file.
Every numeric data type in Visual Basic has a TryText method that can be used to
convert text to that numeric data type.
The data type of the expressions in a Select Case statement does not need to be
compatible with the data type of the selectorExpression.
Arithmetic operators are evaluated after any comparison operators in an expression.
You can also use Visual Basic to create applications for tablet PCs and smart phones.
Although not identical to viewing in a browser window, full screen view provides a
quick and easy way to verify the placement of controls and text on the Web page.
The syntax for LINQ requires you to specify the variable's data type.
The diamond that represents the condition appears at the top of the loop in the flowchart
of a posttest loop.

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