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Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition


August 6, 2017
Access time for a personal computer's storage device is measured in ____.
a. gigabytes
b. megabytes
c. milliseconds
d. nanoseconds
In a Prolog program, a(n) ____ is a general statement about the relationship between
a. attribute c. statement
b. rule d. argument
A(n) ____ cable is high capacity, and is the type used for cable television.
a. fiber-optic c. USB
b. coaxial d. twisted-pair
In an HTML document, the head section includes: ____.
a. information that will appear at the top of the page c. a
navigation bar
b. HTML tags for formatting text d.
the global properties of the document
In the above figure, which number indicates the document name?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4
Direct memory access (DMA) technology does which of the following?
a. Allows for sequential access of data.
b. Uses wireless technology to transfer data.
c. Allows a computer to transfer data directly from a drive to RAM
d. Positions the read-write heads to locate data.
A ____ worker is hired as a consultant for a project or length of time.
a. telecommuting c. CIO
b. contract d. security expert
As shown in the above figure, where are the results sent before they are output or
a. registers c. RAM
b. accumulator d. control unit
A(n) ____ virus deletes the files containing virus descriptions from your antivirus
a. bot c. retro
b. ransomware d. spam
A(n) ____ is a group of people who communicate in real time over the Internet by
typing messages.
a. Internet telephony
b. listserv
c. chat group
d. blog
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of telecommuting?
a. Decreased productivit c . Distractions
b. Security risks d. Reduced utility costs
A(n) ____ captures and transmits live video over the Web.
a. Web cam
b. digital camera
c. DigVid
d. scanner
____ storage stores data in nonvolatile, erasable, low-power chips.
a. Optical
b. Magnetic
c. Solid state
d. Floppy disk
Utilities that help you find information in your files and folders are called ____ search
a. Windows c. desktop
b. File management d. Spotlight
Browsers create a list of sites you have visited in the past, called a ____ list.
a. bookmark
b. Favorite
c. History
d. Search
A(n) ____ is software that establishes communication between a peripheral device and
a computer.
a. application
b. port
c. driver
d. operating system
Which of the following is NOT a way to create a bitmap graphic?
a. Using a scanner c. Using a digital
b. Creating each part as a separate object d. Drawing using paint
Which of the following is true about first-generation computers?
a. They used transistors.
b. The IBM 360 is an example.
c. They did not have operating systems.
d. They used programming language compilers.
E-mail is based on ____ technology.
a. RSS feed
b. POP
c. peer-to-peer
d. store-and-forward
In a spreadsheet, a ____ is a number you will use in a calculation.
a. label
b. cell
c. field
d. value
Which of the following graphics file formats is the native format for Microsoft
a. TIFF c. PNG
b. JPEG d. BMP
Bitmap graphics can be saved in all of the following file formats EXCEPT ____.
a. BMP c. MIDI
b. TIFF d. PNG
An HTTP ____ code indicates whether or not the browser's request can be fulfilled.
a. resource c. update
b. operational d. status
A ____ is a sharp rise and fall in stock values of a particular industry.
a. hot air balloon c. surge
b. bubble d. spike
Which of the following is NOT a way to express an algorithm?
a. Flowcharts c. Problem statements
b. Object Definitions d. Structured English
Which of the following is NOT a category of preventative countermeasures against
computer threats?
a. deterrents c. corrective procedures
b. detection activities d. botnets
Which of the following is NOT true about URLs?
a. They are not case sensitive.
b. They do not contain spaces.
c. Every Web page has a unique URL.
d. All of the above are true.
Protocols are rules that ensure accurate and orderly transmission and reception of data.
The ____ operating system is often used with mainframes.
b. Linux
c. Mac OS
d. Symbian OS
A decision structure is another term for a ____ control structure.
a. sequential c. procedural
b. repetition d. selection
Optical storage stores data in ____.
a. solid state
b. pits and lands
c. read-write heads
d. magnetized particles
A(n) virus ____________________ is an e-mail with drastic instructions to take to
protect yourself against a virus threat.
A(n) ____________________ is an abrupt and unwanted variation of signals traveling
over the Internet.
The item numbered 2 in the figure above is an example of a SmartMedia card.
Describe the roles of members of a system development project team: IS department,
CIO, systems analysts, and end users.
A power spike is another term for power surge.
Data is information presented in a format people can understand and use.
A Web resource is any data file that contains a URL.
The most widely used PC operating system is Microsoft ____________________.
Payroll software is an example of vertical market software.
A conversion routine brings data into a database.
The technology-focused sector of the stock exchange is called the
What are some steps to ensure that you are creating a good desktop video?
Any text in a(n) ____________________ graphic is stored on the Web as text, so it can
be found using search engines.
Integer data types are whole numbers.
Information used for OLAP queries can be represented as a data
Color monitors display colors based on the intensity of red, blue, and yellow signals it
A(n) ____________________ file uses a uniform format to store data for each item in
the file.
Digital Satellite Service involves installing a sattelite dish in order to provide two-way
Internet access.
Multitasking allows two or more programs to run simultaneously.

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