Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition


July 20, 2017
A worm is a form of malicious software that infects your computer and asks for money.
3D printing is a process that buildslayer by layer in an additive processa
three-dimensional solid object from a digital model.
Top managers use predictive analytics to define the future of the business, analyzing
markets, industries, and economies to determine the strategic direction the company
must follow to remain profitable.
An iPod has a single-purpose embedded operating system.
Megahertz is the number of billions of CPU cycles per second.
An appliance is a computer dedicated to a single function, such as a calculator or
computer game.
The threat of substitute products or services refers to the power of customers to
purchase alternatives.
Topology includes peer-to-peer networks and client/server networks.
With the power of a wireless network, business professionals can take advantage of
mobility allowing them to work from anywhere, at any time, using many different
Attributes (also called columns or fields) are the data elements associated with an entity.
3D printing supports materials management.
Speech analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls to gather information; brings
structure to customer interactions and exposes information buried in customer contact
center interactions with an enterprise.
RFID systems are used to create the digital designs and then manufacture the products.
Random access memory (RAM) is the computer's primary working memory, in which
program instructions and data are stored so that they can be accessed directly by the
CPU via the processor's high-speed external data bus.
Inbound logistics distributes goods and services to customers.
Mass customization occurs when a company knows enough about a customer's likes
and dislikes that it can fashion offers more likely to appeal to that person, say by
tailoring its website to individuals or groups based on profile information,
demographics, or prior transactions.
The analysis phase establishes descriptions of the desired features and operations of the
system including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudo code, and
other documentation.
The oldest and the best known is the waterfall methodology, a sequence of phases in
which the output of each phase becomes the input for the next.
A warm site is a separate facility that does not have any computer equipment but is a
place where employees can move after a disaster.
The network access technologies include VoIP, UC, and IPTV.
Organizational information comes at the same level, formats, and granularities.
A disk image organizes information on a hard disk in the most efficient way.
Crash-proof software helps save information if a computer crashes.
Backdoor programs open a way into the network for future attacks.
Relationship integrity criteria are rules that enforce basic and fundamental
information-based constraints.
The three primary areas of support provided by information infrastructure are backup
and recovery, disaster recovery plan, and the business continuity plan.
A joint application development session is where employees meet, sometimes for
several days, to define or review the business requirements for the system.
Memory stick is an older secondary storage medium that uses a strip of thin plastic
coated with a magnetically sensitive recording medium.
MIS infrastructure is a communications system created by linking two or more devices
and establishing a standard methodology for communication.
Unstructured data do not exist in a fixed location and can include text documents,
PDFs, voice messages, emails, and so on.
Supply chain event management applies technology to the activities in the order life
cycle from inquiry to sale.
A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a local area network that uses radio signals to transmit and
receive data over distances of a few hundred feet.
An ethical computer use policy contains general principles to guide computer user
Relational integrity constraints are rules that enforce basic and fundamental
information-based constraints.
Which of the following is not a characteristic of Business 2.0?
A. encourages user participation
B. technical skills are required
C. eliminates entry barriers to publishing on the Web
D. provides an exciting and vibrant virtual environment
What has only a single value of each attribute of an entity?
A.single-valued attribute
B. multivalued attribute
C. null-valued attribute
D. All of these are correct.
What is eintegration?
A.the use of the Internet to provide customers with the ability to gain personalized
information by querying corporate databases and their information sources
B. the integration of data from multiple sources, which provides a unified view of all
C. the translation of information between disparate systems
D. it packages commonly used applications together, reducing the time needed to
integrate applications from multiple vendors
Which of the metrics below represents the time it takes to manufacture a product and
deliver it to the retailer?
A. back order
B.inventory cycle time
C. customer order cycle time
D. inventory turnover
What is a type of CPU that can recognize as many as 100 or more instructions, enough
to carry out most computations directly?
A. megahertz
B. gigahertz
A passive RFID tag is ________.
A. an electronic identification device that is made up of a chip and antenna
B. a transmitter/receiver that reads the contents of RFID tags in the area
C.a device that does not have a power source
D. a device that has its own transmitter and a power source (typically a battery)
What is a utility application that monitors the network path of packet data sent to a
remote computer?
B. standard packet
C. packet header
D. packet footer
Porter identified three generic strategies that a business could follow after identifying a
market it wanted to enter. Which of the following is not included as one of Porter's three
generic strategies?
A. broad differentiation
B. supplier cost differentiation
C. focused strategy
D. broad cost leadership
What provides nonvolatile memory for a range of portable devices including
computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs?
B. a memory stick
C. a memory card
D. flash memory
Which of the following is the primary reason why companies outsource?
A.tap outside sources of expertise for a low cost
B. concentrate resources on core business
C. reduce headcount and related expenses
D. better manage the costs of internal processes
Which of the following encompasses all organizational information, and its primary
purpose is to support the performing of managerial analysis tasks?
A.analytical information
B. transactional information
C. statistical information
D. targeted information
Cheryl is the operations manager for Nature's Bread Company, which specializes in
providing natural products for health conscious individuals. Cheryl is responsible for
compiling, analyzing, and evaluating daily sales numbers to determine the company's
profitability and forecast production for the next day. Which of the following is an
example of a piece of data Cheryl would be using to successfully perform her job?
A. Craig Newmark is customer number 15467.
B. compare the costs of supplies including energy over the last five years to determine
the best-selling product by month
C. best-selling product by day
D. Best-selling product changes when Tony the best baker is working.
What is an ISP?
A. Instant service provider is a company that provides access to the Internet for a
monthly fee.
B. Internet service provider is a company that provides access to the Internet for a
monthly fee.
C. Internet sales provider is a company that provides access to the Internet for a
monthly fee.
D. Instant sales provider is a company that provides access to the Internet for a monthly
Which of the following is considered a good?
A. cars
B. teaching
C. waiting tables
D. All of these are correct.
What does reliability ensure?
A. the system has the ability to operate in many different operating systems
B. the system is easy to learn and efficient and satisfying to use
C.the system is functioning correctly and providing accurate information
D. the time frames when the system is operational
Which of the following represents the relationship between functional areas in a
A. independent
B. autonomous
D. self-sufficient
What is the ebusiness model that represents 80% of all online businesses and are
typically more complex requiring greater security needs?
A. consumer-to-consumer
B. business-to-consumer
C. consumer-to-business
D. business-to-business
What is pivot?
A. involves the aggregation of information and features simple roll-ups to complex
groupings of interrelated information
B. rotates data to display alternative presentations of the data
C. enables users to get details, and details of details, of information
D. finds the inputs necessary to achieve a goal such as a desired level of output
Examples of third-generation high-level programming languages are C+ and Java.
What executes business strategy?
A. SWOT Analysis
B. The Five Forces Model
C.Value Chain Analysis
D. Three Generic Strategies
To combat disasters, a company can create a ________ that would detail the process for
recovering information or a system in the event of a catastrophic disaster.
A.disaster recovery plan
B. database lookup initiative
C. management recovery plan
D. tornado threat plan
Your boss has asked you to analyze the soft drink industry using Porter's five forces
model. Which of the following represents supplier power in the soft drink industry?
A. Pepsi requires stores that carry Pepsi products to commit to minimum orders of
1,000 cases.
B. Walmart negotiates a lower cost per bottle from Coke in exchange for premium shelf
space in every Walmart store.
C. Zevia Natural Diet Soda begins selling directly over the Internet.
D. vitamin water, fruit juice, coffee
Some of the serious business consequences that occur due to using low-quality
information to make decisions are all of the following except
A. inability to accurately track customers.
B. inability to identify selling opportunities.
C.the success of the organization depends on appreciating and leveraging the
low-quality information.
D. lost revenue opportunities from marketing to nonexistent customers.
What is the electronic defacing of an existing website?
A. information bullying
C. cookie
What is a way of monitoring the entire system in a company, by viewing the multiple
inputs being processed to produce outputs?
A. feedback thinking
B. systems thinking
C. output management
D. operational thinking
Which of the following is considered the input in the systems thinking example of a
B. what-if
C. optimization
D. forecasts
Where do organizations typically place firewalls?
A. between a personal computer and the server
B. between a personal computer and a printer
C. between the server and the content filtering software
D. between the server and the Internet
Which of the following encompasses all of the information contained within a single
business process or unit of work, and its primary purpose is to support daily operational
A. targeted information
B. analytical information
C. productive information
D. transactional information
What is a wireless PAN technology that transmits signals over short distances among
cell phones, computers, and other devices?
A. laptop
D. camera
Which of the following include the three forms of primary network convergence?
A. DSL, Cable Modem, Broadband
What are the five elements that are needed to create a connected world or a network?
A. categories, programs, alternatives, people, and core philosophy
B. program, providers, access, mechanics, and teachers
C.categories, providers, access technologies, protocols, and convergence
What is accessibility?
A. performs functions such as resetting passwords, deleting accounts, and shutting
down entire systems
B.refers to the varying levels that define what a user can access, view, or perform when
operating a system
C. refers to the time frames when the system is operational
D. refers to how quickly a system can transform to support environmental changes
What is upcycle?
A. a subset of sustainable MIS, refers to the environmentally responsible use,
manufacture, and disposal of technology products and computer equipment
B. built using environment friendly materials and designed to save energy
C.reuses or refurbishes ewaste and creates a new product
D. stores, manages, and processes data and applications over the Internet rather than on
a personal computer or server