Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition


July 20, 2017
Which of the following is an example of an emergency notification system?
A.radio stations' occasional tests of the national alert system
B. wireless alerts for promotional discounts
C. text messages from your local grocery store
D. All of these are correct.
What is a facility used to house management information systems and associated
components, such as telecommunications and storage systems?
A. delivery base
B. central center
C. call center
D.data center
Which of the following represents the categories for ebusiness models?
A. email, instant messaging, podcasting, content management systems, and video and
web conferencing
B. content providers, infomediaries, online marketplaces, portals, service providers,
transaction brokers
C. B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B
D. advertising fees, license fees, subscription fees, transaction fees, value-added
services fees
Erik is the president and owner of Watch Out, a local website development company
that helps clients create and build unique websites. Many of his daily tasks are heavily
technical in nature and require a high level of computer programming and Internet
knowledge. Which of the following would Erik primarily use when performing his
daily tasks?
A. source code
B. brick-and-mortar
C. information reach
D. explicit knowledge
Which of the following questions can procurement help a company answer?
A. What is the quickest way to deliver products to our customers?
B. What is the optimal way to place items in the warehouse for picking and packing?
C. What is the optimal path to an item in the warehouse?
D.How can we guarantee that our raw materials meet production needs?
What can present the results of large data analysis, looking for patterns and
relationships that monitor changes in variables over time?
A. informing
C. data visualization
D. business intelligence dashboards
Which of the following uses a variety of techniques to find patterns and relationships in
large volumes of information that predict future behavior and guide decision making?
A. data analysis tools
B. electronic analysis tools
C.data-mining tools
D. data integrity tools
What is administrator access?
A.performs functions such as resetting passwords, deleting accounts, and shutting down
entire systems
B. refers to the varying levels that define what a user can access, view, or perform when
operating a system
C. refers to the time frames when the system is operational
D. refers to how quickly a system can transform to support environmental changes
What is the largest and most important network that has evolved into a global
information superhighway?
B. intranet
C. extranet
Who are the primary users of SCM systems?
A. sales, marketing, customer service
B. accounting, finance, logistics, and production
C. customers, resellers, partners, suppliers, and distributors
D. All of these are correct.
What are the four main types of ebusiness models?
A. business-to-borrower, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, and
B. business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, and
C. business-to-business, business collaboration, collective business, and
D. ebusiness-to-ebusiness, e business-to-ebusiness, econsumer-to-ebusiness, and
What sends massive amounts of email to a specific person or system that can cause that
user's server to stop functioning?
A. mail bomb
B. spam
C. intellectual spam
D. junk mail
What is a type of CPU that can recognize as many as 100 or more instructions, enough
to carry out most computations directly?
A. megahertz
B. gigahertz
What is collective intelligence?
A. refers to the wisdom of the crowd
B. sources capital for a project by raising many small amounts from a large number of
individuals, typically via the Internet
C. collaborating and tapping into the core knowledge of all employees, partners, and
D. involves capturing, classifying, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing information assets
in a way that provides context for effective decisions and actions
Imagine you accidently mistype the URL for your bank and you are redirected to a fake
website that collects your information. What type of identity theft were you just a
victim of?
A. pharming
B. worm holes
C. phishing
D. insider hacking
What is Internet protocol TV (IPTV)?
A. uses IP technology to transmit telephone calls
B. a computer network that relies on the computing power and bandwidth of the
participants in the network rather than a centralized server
C.distributes digital video content using IP across the Internet and private IP networks
D. the integration of communication channels into a single service
Which of the following is not included in the top five companies that are expecting
future growth to be generated from new investments?
A. Johnson &Johnson
B. Sears
C. Dell
D. None of these are correct.
Which domain is reserved for accredited postsecondary institutions?
A. .mil
C. .biz
D. .org
What is a selfie?
A. a self-photograph placed on a social media website
B. the practice of sending brief posts to a personal blog
C. a web format used to publish frequently updated works
D. a magazine published only in electronic form on a computer network
What is a wireless network that provides communication over a short distance that is
intended for use with devices that are owned and operated by a single user?
A. professional area network
B. personal area service
C.personal area network
D. political area network
If you were thinking about a washing machine as a system, which of the following
represents the outputs?
A. the dirty clothes, water, and detergent
B. the clean clothes
C. the wash and rinse cycle
D. the light indicating that the washer is off balance and has stopped
What kind of attribute is assigned to an attribute when no other value applies or when a
value is unknown?
A. single-valued attribute
B. multivalued attribute
C. derived attribute
D. null-valued attribute
In a Gantt chart tasks are listed ________ and the project's time frame is listed
A.vertically, horizontally
B. horizontally, vertically
C. vertically, vertically
D. horizontally, horizontally
Which license enables anyone on the network to install and use the software?
A. single user license
B. network user license
C. site license
D. application service provide license
What is clean computing?
A.a subset of sustainable MIS, refers to the environmentally responsible use,
manufacture, and disposal of technology products and computer equipment
B. built using environment friendly materials and designed to save energy
C. reuses or refurbishes ewaste and creates a new product
D. a company's acknowledged responsibility to society
Fedex is a great example of a company that created a competitive advantage through
combining MIS and _______________.
A. traditional distribution and logistics processes
B. logistic processes and an As-Is process model
C. artificial intelligence and As-Is process model
D. swim lanes and logistic processes
Which reports provide an internal report that highlights situations occurring outside of
the normal operating range for a condition or standard?
A. internal reports
B. detailed internal reports
C. summary internal reports
D.exception reports
What is cloud computing services changing?
A. the way people access information
B. the way people deliver information
C. the way people use information
D.All of these are correct.
What is the system that consists of nonproprietary hardware and software based on
publicly known standards that allows third parties to create add-on products to plug into
or interoperate with the system?
A. management system
B. reputation system
C. knowledge system
D. open system
What is packet-switching?
A. the occurrence when the sending computer divides a message into a number of
efficiently sized units called packets, each of which contains the address of the
destination computer
B. an intelligent connecting device that examines each packet of data it receives and
then decides which way to send it onward toward its destination
C. a reference to the geometric arrangement of the actual physical organization of the
computers and other network devices in a network
D. a model for applications in which the bulk of the back-end processing, such as
performing a physical search of a database, takes place on a server, while the front-end
processing, which involves communicating with the users, is handled by the clients
The most secure procedures combine which of the following authentication and
authorization techniques?
A. something the user knows, such as a user ID and password
B. something the user has, such as a smart card or token
C. something that is part of the user, such as a fingerprint or voice signature
D. All of these are correct.
A wireless MAN (WMAN) is a metropolitan area network that uses radio signals to
transmit and receive data.
Buyers on eBay voluntarily comment to other users and sellers on the quality of service,
promptness of shipping, and their general satisfaction with the product. This is one of
the most popular examples of user-generated content and is called ________.
A. reputation system
B. knowledge system
C. explicit system
D. user-generated sales cycle
What computer is the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive type of computer?
A. supercomputer
B. mainframe computer
C. workstation computer
D. minicomputer
What are tasks performed by people that customers will buy to satisfy a want or need?
A. goods
B. services
C. production
D. productivity