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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition


July 31, 2017
You use a ____ selection structure when more than one decision must be made before
the appropriate action can be taken.
When a variable is declared in a(n) ____ statement at the beginning of a procedure, it
has procedure scope and can be used by the entire procedure.
To unlock all of the controls, ____-click the form, and then click Lock Controls on the
context menu.
a. double
b. triple
c. left
d. right
Program bugs are typically categorized as syntax errors, logic errors, or ____ errors.
a. debug
b. run time
c. compiler
d. program
Applications rarely need to manipulate (process) string data.
A text box can have ____, which allow you to view any information not currently
showing in the control.
A ____ is text that is enclosed in double quotation marks.
The format specifier ____ does not include a dollar sign, and negative values are
preceded by a minus sign.
A variable that has ____ scope can be used anywhere within the procedure.
In a nested structure, the instructions in both the true and false paths should be ____
within the outer selection structure.
The ____ in a two-dimensional array specify the variable's row and column positions in
the array.
Suppose that a user wants to see his new weekly pay displayed on the screen. In this
context, the words new and weekly are ____.
An empty array is declared using an empty set of ____.
The ____ statement is used when you know the exact number of times the loop
instructions should be processed.
Similar to the condition in If"Then"Else and Do"Loop statements, the ____ clause
specifies a requirement that must be met for a record to be selected.
To display minutes values from 0 through 5 type the following: ____.
a. For MinutesInt As Integer = 0 To 5
b. For intgMinutes As Integer = 0 To 5
c. For intMinutes As Integer = 0 To 5
d. For Minutes As Integer = 0 To 5
A(n) ____ is a set of Visual Basic instructions that are processed only when the event
The syntax of the trim method is ____.
Connecting an object to a control is called ____.
It is a common practice to begin a procedure name with a verb and to enter the name
using ____ case.
The sub procedure's header and footer contain the ____ keyword.
A ____ is defined as a sequence (stream) of characters followed by the newline
A Web application has a Web user interface and runs on a ____.
Windows applications in Visual Basic are composed of ____.
You refer to a member variable by preceding the member's name with the name of the
____ variable.
Files that are read by the computer are called ____ files.
In the If"Then"Else statement, the programmer must supply the ____ that the computer
needs to evaluate before further processing can occur.
The syntax of the insert method is ____.
a. string.Insert(value,startIndex)
b. Insert(startIndex,value).string
c. string.Insert(value).startIndex
d. string.Insert(startIndex, value)
The ____ provides a code template for every event procedure.
A form automatically includes a title bar that contains a default ____.
a. data
b. caption
c. application
d. instructions
The instructions in a pretest loop will be processed at least once.
The Code Editor detects most syntax errors as you enter the instructions.
A label control is used to display text that the user is not allowed to edit while the
application is running.
The Get block in a Property procedure contains the Set statement, which begins with
the keyword Set and ends with the keywords End Set.
To avoid confusion, it is important that the algorithm is consistent when referring to the
input and output items.
An event procedure is a set of Visual Basic instructions that are processed when a
specific event (such as the Click event) occurs.
The loop condition is represented by a parallelogram in a flowchart.
The Trim method automatically removes any spaces from the original string.
When an application instantiates an object, only the Public members of the object's
class are made available to the application.
You invoke a function that you create in exactly the same way as you invoke one of
Visual Basic's built-in functions.
You can invoke a Sub procedure using the Invoke statement.
More unintentional errors occur in applications when the variables are declared using
the minimum scope needed.
A TableLayoutView control displays data in a row and columnar format, similar to a
Any code containing a priming read must also include a matching update read within
the loop.
You instruct the computer to perform a calculation by writing an arithmetic expression
that contains one or more arithmetic operators.
When concatenating strings, you must be sure to include a space before and after the
The most commonly used arrays in business applications are one-dimensional and
You create a user interface by adding objects (such as buttons, check boxes, and list
boxes) to the form.

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