Book Title
Android How to Program 2nd Edition


July 17, 2017
An AlertDialog.Builder object helps you configure and create an AlertDialog. The
argument to the constructor is the ________ in which the dialog will be displayed.
Before uploading your app to a device, Google Play or other app marketplaces, you
must digitally sign the .apk file using a ________ that identifies you as the author of the
You"ll use Android's ________a data structure that stores Fragments in last-in-first-out
(LIFO) order-to provide automatic support for the Android system bar's back button and
to allow the app to remove Fragments in the reverse order from which they were added.
When you first switch your device to Spanish and enable TalkBack, Android will
automatically download the Spanish text-to-speech engine. Why might TalkBack then
not speak the Spanish strings?
To use in-app billing, you"ll need a ________ account and a Google Wallet merchant
account. Google pays you 70% of the revenue for all in-app purchases made through
your apps.
By default, a SeekBar's range is 0 to 100 and its current value is indicated by its
________ property.
If the resource ID ________ exists in MainActivity's layout, then the app is running on
a phone.
PrintHelper method printBitmap displays Android's print dialog, which allows the user
to choose whether to save the image as a ________ on the device or to print the image
to an available printer.
Interface Editable of package android.text allows you to modify the content and markup
of text in a GUI. You implement interface ________ of package android.text to respond
to events when the user changes the text in an EditText.
You call Fragment method setRetainInstance with the argument true to indicate that a
Fragment should be ________.
The ________ editor's toolbar contains various buttons that enable you to preview the
design for other screen sizes and orientations.
Why might you use downgrading on a SQLite database?
The PreferenceFragment property ________ specifies the name of a preference stored
in the app's SharedPreferences.
You can use a ListView to display a list of items that's ________ if the complete list
cannot be displayed on the screen.
________, a new Android IDE based on the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE, is
Google's preferred Android IDE of the future.
Canvas's drawRect method receives as arguments the rectangle's upper-left x-y
coordinates, the rectangle's width and height, and the ________ object that specifies the
drawing characteristics.
With web services, you can create ________, which enable you to rapidly develop apps
by quickly combining complementary web services, often from different organizations
and possibly other forms of information feeds.
Android uses a collection of ________, which are named groups of related, predefined
The Graphical Layout editor's Palette provides preconfigured TextViews named
________, ________ and _________ (in the Form Widgets section) to represent the
theme's corresponding text sizes.

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