Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

COMP 96186

July 20, 2017
A videoconference allows people at two or more locations to interact via two-way video
and audio transmissions simultaneously as well as share documents, data, computer
displays, and whiteboards. Point-to-point videoconferences connect two people, and
multipoint conferences connect more than two people at multiple locations.
A megabyte (MB or M or Meg) is roughly 1 million bytes.
A standardized set of activities that accomplish a specific task is called a supply chain
A wireless access point (WAP) enables devices to connect to a wireless network to
communicate with each other.
Up-selling is selling additional products or services to an existing customer.
Companies can establish direct private network links among themselves or create
private, secure Internet access, in effect a private tunnel within the Internet, called an
The manipulation of information to create business intelligence in support of strategic
decision making is referred to as OLTP or online transaction processing.
MIS support systems rely on models for computational and analytical routines that
mathematically express relationships among variables.
If a business could produce the same hamburger with less expensive inputs it would
probably see a decrease in profits.
A content creator is the person responsible for updating and maintaining website
Estimation determines values for an unknown continuous variable behavior or
estimated future value.
Personal information management software contains course information such as a
syllabus and assignments and offers drop boxes for quizzes and homework along with a
grade book.
Relational databases offer many advantages over using a text document or a
spreadsheet, which include decreased flexibility and decreased scalability and
Pirated software is software that is manufactured to look like the real thing and sold as
Communication turns a computer into a terminal for transmitting data to and receiving
data from distant computers through the telephone system.
A supply chain execution system might electronically route orders from a manufacturer
to a supplier using electronic data interchange (EDI), a standard format for the
electronic exchange of information between supply chain participants.
Utility software provides additional functionality to the operating system. Utility
software includes antivirus software, screen savers, and anti-spam software.
Wireless, on the other hand, refers to any type of operation accomplished without the
use of a hard-wired connection.
Development Testing assesses if the entire system meets the design requirements of the
An input device is equipment used to capture information and commands.
A project objective is any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that
is produced to complete a project or part of a project.
A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a computer network that relies on the computing power
and bandwidth of the participants in the network rather than a centralized server.
Incident management is the process responsible for managing how incidents are
identified and corrected.
A business process is a standardized set of activities that accomplish a specific task,
such as processing a customer's order.
Cryptography is the science that studies encryption, which is the hiding of messages so
that only the sender and receiver can read them.
It is not uncommon to find stakeholders' business strategies have conflicting interests
such as investors looking to increase profits by eliminating employee jobs.
Inventory cycle time is the time it takes to manufacture a product and deliver it to the
A web service is an open-standards way of supporting interoperability.
If you want to support the environment, you will focus on building a strong, sustainable
MIS infrastructure, which identifies ways that a company can grow in terms of
computing resources while simultaneously becoming less dependent on hardware and
energy consumption.
Drones are unmanned aircraft that can fly autonomously, or without a human.
An iPod has a single-purpose embedded operating system.
Adaptive computer devices are input devices designed for special applications for use
by people with different types of special needs.
Source code is software made available free for any third party to review and modify.
Best practices are the most successful solutions or problem-solving methods that have
been developed by a specific organization or industry.
Timely information asks if each transaction and event is represented only once in the
There are only two main primary traits that help you determine the value of information
including timeliness and quality.
The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the overall process for developing
information systems, from planning and analysis through implementation and
IT consumerization is the blending of personal and business use of technology devices
and applications.
If you were thinking about a washing machine as a system, which of the following
represents the process?
A. the dirty clothes, water, and detergent
B. the clean clothes
C.the wash and rinse cycle
D. the light indicating that the washer is off balance and has stopped
What is equipment used to capture information and commands?
A. input device
B. output device
C. magnetic tape
D. magnetic medium
What provides real-time information in response to query requests?
A. real-time information
B.real-time systems
C. information level
D. information quality
What focuses specifically on prioritizing the order for restoring hardware, software, and
data across the organization that best meets business recovery requirements?
A. technology failure
B. incident record
C. incident management
D.technology recovery strategy
What is the science of fact-based decision making?
A. analytics
B. structured decisions
C. unstructured decisions
D. semistructured decisions
What is information secrecy?
A. the category of computer security that addresses the protection of data from
unauthorized disclosure and confirmation of data source authenticity
B. a technique to gain personal information for the purpose of identity theft, usually by
means of fraudulent emails that look as though they came from legitimate businesses
C. a masquerading attack that combines spam with spoofing
D. a phishing expedition in which the emails are carefully designed to target a particular
person or organization
What is the method or system of government for information management or control?
A. information management
B. information compliance
C.information governance
D. information secrecy
Who is the person or group who provides the financial resources for the project?
A. project manager
B. project stakeholders
C.executive sponsor
D. communication plan
Which activities belong in the sales department?
A. records, measures, and reports monetary transactions
B. tracks strategic financial issues, including money, banking, credit, investments, and
C. supports the sales by planning, pricing, and promoting goods or services is
D. relies on information from operations to understand inventory, place orders, and
forecast consumer demand
What uses the Internet to reassemble buyers, sellers, and other partners in a traditional
supply chain in new ways?
A. content providers
B. intermediaries
C. reintermediation
D. cybermediation
What must managers be able to do to compete in today's global marketplace?
A. make decisions to gain competitive advantages
B. make decisions that can help forecast future business needs
C. make decisions that can help forecast future business requirements
D. All of these are correct.
What is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)?
A.allows dynamic IP address allocation so users do not have to have a preconfigured IP
address to use the network
B. converts IP addresses into domains, or identifying labels that use a variety of
recognizable naming conventions
C. the efficient coexistence of telephone, video, and data communication within a single
network, offering convenience and flexibility not possible with separate infrastructures
D. the integration of communication channels into a single service
Why were data warehouses created?
A. Numbers and types of operational databases increased as businesses grew.
B. Many companies had information scattered across multiple systems with different
C. Completing reporting requests from numerous operational systems took days or
D. All of these are correct.
What is a social networking analysis?
A. represents the interconnection of relationships in a social network
B. maps group contacts identifying who knows each other and who works together
C. describes the collaborative activity of marking shared online content with keywords
or tags as a way to organize it for future navigation, filtering, or search
D. a keyword or phrase used to identify a topic and is preceded by a hash or pound sign
Your boss has asked you to analyze the music industry using Porter's five forces model.
Which of the following represents the threat of substitute products or services in the
music industry?
A. established record labels like EMI, Sony, Universal
B. independent record labels
C.game systems like Wii, social networks like Facebook
D. Taylor Swift, Beyonc, The Beatles, The Stones
Which license enables any qualified users within the organization to install the
software, regardless if the computer is on a network?
A. single user license
B. network user license
C. site license
D. application service provide license
What is a computer crime where a competitor or disgruntled employee increases a
company's search advertising costs by repeatedly clicking on the advertiser's link?
A. cyberbullying
B. cybervandalism
C. click-fraud
D.competitive click-fraud
What is a new ransomware program that encrypts your personal files and demands
payment for the files' decryption keys?
A. sniffer
B. spyware
C. spoofware
D. simplelocker
Which of the following provides Internet access using a cable television company's
infrastructure and a special cable modem?
A. ISP cable box
B.Internet cable connection
C. satellite cable box
D. satellite cable connection
What is a dynamic website?
A. the person responsible for creating the original website content
B. includes data that change based on user action
C.information stored in a dynamic catalog, or an area of a website that stores
information about products in a database
D. an interactive website kept constantly updated and relevant to the needs of its
customers using a database
What measures how well the solution will be accepted in a given opportunity?
A.political feasibility
B. operational feasibility
C. schedule feasibility
D. legal feasibility
What is operational feasibility?
A. measures the cost-effectiveness of a project
B.measures how well a solution meets the identified system requirements to solve the
problems and take advantage of opportunities
C. measures the project time frame to ensure that it can be completed on time
D. measures the practicality of a technical solution and the availability of technical
resources and expertise
What is a cellular telephone with a keypad that runs programs, music, photos, email,
and includes many features of a PDA.
A. tablet
C. ebook
D. smartphone
What is productivity?
A. material items or products that customers will buy to satisfy a want or need
B. tasks performed by people that customers will buy to satisfy a want or need
C. the process where a business takes raw materials and processes them or converts
them into a finished product for its goods or services
D. the rate at which goods and services are produced based upon total output given total
What interprets software instructions and literally tells the other hardware devices what
to do, based on the software instructions?
B. control unit
D. primary storage
What links documents, allowing users to move from one to another simply by clicking
on a hot spot or link?
A. hypertext markup language
B. web browser
C. hypertext transport protocol
D. universal resource locator
What stores, manages, and processes data and applications over the Internet rather than
on a personal computer or server?
A. clean computing
B.cloud computing
C. upcycle
D. corporate social responsibility
How would the insurance industry use business intelligence?
A. analyze popular vacation locations with current flight listings
B. understand customer credit card usage and nonpayment rates
C. compare the demographics of patients with critical illnesses
D. predict claim amounts and medical coverage costs
What is information richness?
A. a global public network of computer networks that pass information from one to
another using common computer protocols
B. refers to the depth and breadth of details contained in a piece of textual, graphic,
audio, or video information
C. refers to the number of people a business can communicate with, on a global basis
D. occurs when those with access to technology have great advantages over those
without access to technology
What is software?
A. any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and support the
information and information-processing needs of an organization
B. the set of instructions that the hardware executes to carry out specific tasks
C. consists of the physical devices associated with a computer system
D. an electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own
memory that can accept, manipulate, and store data