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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

COMP 57454

July 31, 2017
You can use the ____ method to remove any spaces that appear before and after the data
in the variable.
Attempting to access an element with an invalid subscript results in a(n) ____.
The ____ statement can be used to code a multiple-alternative selection structure.
With the ____ operator, all conditions must be True for the compound condition to be
The rectangle in a flowchart is called the ____ symbol and is used to represent tasks
such as calculations.
You can change the number of elements in an array while the application is running
using the ____ statement.
The set of rules you must follow when using a programming language is called the
language's ____.
You can use a ____ to pause execution at a specific line in the code.
Specifying the number of decimal places and the special characters to display in a
number is called ____.
When used in a program, the ____ structure directs the computer to repeat one or more
instructions until some condition is met, at which time the computer should stop
repeating the instructions.
ASP stands for "____" and refers to the type of Web page created by the ASP
a. active server program
b. active service page
c. active server page
d. activate server page
The process of locating and correcting any bugs in a program is called ____.
You can use the ____ method to search a string to determine whether it contains a
specific sequence of characters.
Typically, you should never include the number 0 in test data.
The ____ property indicates whether any scroll bars appear on the text box.
Symbols in a flowchart are connected with lines, called ____.
a. chartlines
b. flowlines
c. pointers
d. connectors
The basic syntax for assigning a LINQ variable's contents to a BindingSource object is
a. DataSource.bindingSource = AsDataView.variableName
b. DataSource.bindingSource = variableName.AsDataView
c. bindingSource.DataSource = AsDataView.variableName
d. bindingSource.DataSource = variableName.AsDataView
You can use the txtType control's ____ event to prevent the text box from accepting the
space character.
a. Key
b. Pressed
c. KeyPress
d. StillPressed
The function's header and footer contain the ____ keyword.
Operators are called ____ operators because they are used to compare values.
A text box's ____ property specifies whether the text can span more than one line in the
The way Visual Basic saves changes to a local database file is determined by the file's
____ property.
a. Output Section
b. Copy to Production
c. Output Directory
d. Copy to Output Directory
In the Clock application, you have a(n) ____ loop display the number of minutes.
The ____ key allows the user to select a menu using the Alt key in combination with a
letter or number.
Which of the following statements increments the intNum variable's value by 2?
a. intNum = intNum " 2
b. intNum -= 2
c. intNum += 2
d. intNum ++ 2
The objects added to a form are called ____.
As is true in most programming languages, string comparisons in Visual Basic are not
case sensitive.
The value in a button's Text property appears on the button's face and is often referred
to as the button's title.
The names of solution files end with .sol.
The ScrollBars property indicates whether the text box has no scroll bars, a horizontal
scroll bar, a vertical scroll bar, or both horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
Every interface needs a control that allows the user to end the application.
If the selectorExpression matches a value in more than one Case clause, only the
instructions in the first match's Case clause are processed.
The RegularExpressionValidator verifies that an entry matches a specific pattern.
The For"Next statement is not appropriate when you do not know the exact number of
times the loop instructions should be repeated.
In order to maintain accurate records, most businesses store information about their
employees, customers, and inventory in Excel spreadsheets.
Another form of the If"Then"Else statement is called If/ElseIf/Else.
The value stored in the Text property is treated as alphanumeric text.
If you use the ReDim statement to reduce the size of an array, the values in the
truncated elements are saved.
When you define a class using the Class statement, you are required to use Pascal case
for class names.
Unicode assigns a unique numeric value to each character used in the written languages
of the world.
The Total operator returns the sum of the values in the group.
Only one path in a selection structure can include instructions that declare variables,
perform calculations, and so on.
The ReadLine method returns a string that contains the sequence of characters in the
current line, including the newline character at the end of the line.
One advantage of variables and named constants is that their use requires fewer lines of
The difference between pretest and posttest loops pertains to how the accumulator is
As the amount of code increases, so does the likelihood for errors.

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