Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMM 54904

July 4, 2017
The opposite or unproductive communication of frequent interruptions is:
a infrequent interruptions
b cross-complaining
c excessive metacommunication
d validation of each other
e kitchen-sinking
This involves perceiving personal attacks, criticism, or hostility in communication that
is not critical or mean-spirited.
a. defensive listening.
b. pseudolistening.
c. selective listening.
d. ambushing.
e. literal listening.
Maya Angelou has expressed the idea that:
a. communication is reversible.
b. individuals must learn how to be different together.
c. people from around the world are more dissimilar than they are alike.
d. globalization has had a negative effect on individual cultures.
e. the world is more monocultural than multicultural.
Girls and women are expected to be caring, whereas boys and men are expected to be
a. independent
b. supportive
c. cooperative
d. self-assertive
e. both independent and self-assertive
Linnea's parents praise her for earning high marks in her first year in college. Linnea's
parents are addressing her ____ needs.
a. self-actualization
b. safety
c. belonging
d. self-esteem
e. physical
____ models of communication highlight the dynamic nature of interpersonal
a. Transactional
b. Linear
c. Relational
d. Interactive
e. Metacommunicative
The strategy doesn't evaluate others or what they think and feel
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
Ego boundaries refer to:
a. ways we satisfy our needs for belonging.
b. where an individual stops and the rest of the world begins.
c. social standpoints such as race, class, and gender.
d. parenting patterns that teach us who we are and how to approach relationships.
e. communication styles we use in our relationships with others.
Substantial research shows that women and minorities take up less space than white
men in Western society. This is related to ____.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
Edmund is very attentive and supportive to his son Mylan when he is sober, but when
Edmund drinks he often ignores his son and sometimes verbally abuses him. Mylan
never knows which way his father will act. If the father is Mylan's primary care giver,
Mylan is likely to develop which attachment style?
a. fearful
b. secure
c. anxious-ambivalent
d. dismissive
e. defensive
All of the following are forms of unproductive communication EXCEPT:
a poor listening
b cross-complaining
c excessive metacommunication
d validation of each other
e kitchen-sinking
____ were the first to use the term "white" to describe a racial group in the area that is
now the United States.
a. Europeans when they colonized the United States
b. Native Americans when they first encountered white people
c. Slave owners in the eighteenth century
d. Africans in the eighteenth century when they were brought to the U.S.
e. Historians writing in the nineteenth century
This soothes seriously ill babies. Hospital intensive care nurseries have found that
special headphones that block noise reduce the stress caused by the sounds of
respirators, ventilators, and other hospital machinery.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
Chris says he loves Betsy, but he's not sure they have a future together. Chris's feelings
toward Betsy indicate he:
a loves her but isn't committed
b loves her and is committed but unsure of himself
c loves her but is philosophically opposed to marriage
d is just out for a good time
e is interested in other women he might date
According to the perceptual view of emotions, what occurs right before the response?
a. external event
b. physiological response
c. label for response
d. interpreted emotion
e. perception of event
Natalie will always ask her roommate, what she is doing this weekend, because she
wants her roommate to help her with her schoolwork. After a while, her roommate
realizes that she is using this strategy
a description
b strategy
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
It is standard practice to have to wait, sometimes a good while to see a physician or
attorney, even if you have an appointment. This conveys the message that the
physician's ____ is more valuable than yours.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
Nonverbal communication do not reflect cultural values.
In Chapter 9, Julia Wood discussed the concept of grace. Define this concept and
explain under what conditions and in what relationships showing grace is appropriate
and inappropriate
Couple satisfaction seems especially affected by equity in housework and childcare
How do friendships vary around the world?
The likelihood of sustaining a long-distance friendship also depends on other factors,
such as socioeconomic class and sex
Explain and describe feeling rules.
In the U.S. the prototype of love focuses on passionate feelings and qualities
Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to allow same-sex couples to
Commitment is the determination to stay together despite trouble, disappointments,
sporadic restlessness, and lulls in passion
Discuss the influence of Particular Others and the Generalized Other in creating
individuals' senses of identity. Incorporate concrete examples into your response.
All of our relationships are very complex and are shaped by numerous factors
In some cultures, kisses on both cheeks are the standard mode of greeting and bidding
goodbye to business contacts.
What are the dimensions of attributions?
Discuss mindfulness and its pertinence to effective listening in interpersonal
communication. In your discussion, indicate whether mindfulness is a technique or an
attitude and explain how we express our mindfulness to others with whom we are
According to a study conducted by Bachen and Illouz (1996), most Americans'
prototype of enduring romance reflects media emphasis on acquisition of material
goods to support a leisure lifestyle