Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMM 51092

July 4, 2017
Explain and describe the listening process.
A majority of lesbian couples create more egalitarian relationships than do either
heterosexuals or gay men
The first cognitive schema we use to organize perceptions is the script
What are the principles of interpersonal communication in regards to friendships?
When we perceive ourselves as investing more than our partner, we tend to be
dissatisfied and resentful. When we perceive our partner as investing more than we are,
we may feel guilty. Thus, perceived inequity erodes satisfaction and communication
According to your book, what are the three ways that men approach fathering and give
What is the process of human perception?
Another reason women and men differ in how likely they are to maintain long-distance
friendships is that the sexes tend to have different views of the nucleus of closeness
The majority of Mediterranean cultures regard lively conflict as normal, valuable part
of everyday life
How do friendships vary over time?
Listening skill is ranked as the single most important feature of effective managers.
Cultural training does not influence which emotions we express and how we express
Recall the story about Ramu (the wolf boy) that was discussed in Chapter 1. Was Ramu
human or not? Explain your answer in terms of George Herbert Mead's discussion of
how humans develop and what it means to be a human self.
Interaction punctuation can be objectively defined.
Reciprocity of self-disclosures is especially important after a relationship has become
Discuss some of the facts about kissing that you read in the book.
Men and women also tend to have dissimilar ideas about how men and women should
The book discusses four principles of nonverbal communication. Describe each of the
four principles of nonverbal communication and provide an example from something
you did this week.
When you talk with people who use a wheelchair or crutches, try to position yourself at
their eye level and in front of them to allow good eye contact
Describe the genesis of feminine and masculine speech communities and explain the
kinds of rules for communicating that each speech community instills in its members.